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  1. Those dying pics are good to see as I will be dying my mini build - a black/bright yellow burst currently on the cards but I think I'll need to bleach the top before I do the dyes. Looking a great build . . . kind of amusing that I remember this thread from when I was on here before my time away from building!
  2. Latest Radius Router bit update - Quality control stopped them leaving the factory last week, shipped today will get Friday/Monday. Stay tuned!

  3. I've not posted on here in sometime but come on . . . people commenting on the IKKEENBACKER . . . please do a search for Rickenbacker 4004LK and see why it looks the way it does! Lemmy = Rock God! Got my vote!
  4. Say that a nice looking raduis router bit you've got there! Good to see it in action! I still think there is one 16" radius bit lying around in my house in Laos somewhere . . . starting to have withdrawal symptoms from building and I've only been out of Laos for just over 2 months Oh well I plan to get my foot in the pickup market over here and the 8 string t-o-m is still work in process. Nice looking V .. .. the Tele thread is good as well. Not actually had much time browse since my move . . .
  5. SJE-Guitars - the 8 String Monster Well I've got a vote already! woohoo . . . probably be the last but cheers to whoever voted! Metalhead28 - "INVADER" I have to say when I say the inlays and the overall plan with the arcade button etc. I thought this would be absolutely killer . . . however I have to say the theme is completely lost with just a natural wood finished body. I know the customer curtailed things on the budget but this was crying out for a full on airbrushed graphics finish on a solid black finish. Don't get me wrong here it's a great looking guitar but the theme deserved so much more! oblaty - I like it very reminiscent of an ESPs but it's just lacking something that just grabs my attention enought to get my vote avengers63 - Avenger mkIII I don't like the headstock, the colour, the tortoise shell . . . just ain't my thing. But body shape is nice enough and at least you've used black controls, bridge etc rather than the usual gold! guitarnut - The Texas Tele Got my vote. Great looking guitar and as per usual your normal excellent craftmanship - I echo the words of Killemall - I really aren't a tele man but this is nice! Sardine - OM-18 Exceptionally clean build with very classic lines and wood choices - however that for me is the problem to my eyes for an acoustic to grab me it has to be something different than stands out from the crowd. Mr Buttman - Gecko Very nice take on an explorer - it was a toss up between this and guitarnut who got my vote and the only reason this didn't was because of the control knobs . . for my some plain chrome knobs would of won it for me. killemall8 - Explorer Good looking build - but can't just put my finger on why it doesn't grab me as it should. Our Souls inc. - the Comicaster Fun looking thing but I just can't but help to thing how the coating will scuff up and look rough with use. I ain't a comic book person so I wouldn't even look at it twice in a shop - on that basis it could never get my vote.
  6. A nice bumper month this month with some great work. scottyd - Unique Redeemer 4 Vic Fantastic stuff as with all your basses. Got my vote. Jaden - Blue Jean Very clean work as usual but not keen on the control location with just a single control knob - I do like the F hole cavity covers . . I really liked the pink Paul Gilbert styled beastie previously with the fake F holes . . keep'em up! hooglebug - Tri-caster D #09005 Very nice looking and super clean work - however the controls just seem to be randomly placed - which is the only reason it didn't get my vote. eshuffle - Emerald Snakepit Can't say this does much for me - very ornate and a considerable amount of work has gone into it however I far prefer original unique designs to an exact recreation of an existing model. avdekan - Chambered Bass MKI I do like this - although I find the top wood is a tad plain for a natural finish - also how MANY control knobs! jaycee - "Dread-Niamh" A very nice looking and clean build but nothing really grabs my attention. Boggs - RockBeach CB-II Some nice looking woods and very clean build - however the shape . . just doesn't do it for me - the horn styles don't match the rest of the body. avengers63 - The Retrotron Ahhhhhhh formica . . . it's certainly a novel looking guitar however as my father has been a trade shop/kitchen/exhibition fitter for over the 35 years of my life and I've seen and worked with FAAAAAAAAAR too much formica in my time and the very last place I want to see it is on a guitar!! Also there is many more attractive formica designs around! The other gripe is why didn't you shape the upto the body rather than leaving it square - I understand you bough the neck but surely a bit of customising to improve on the original wouldn't of gone amiss. Quarter - Beauty's Sister Absolutely beautiful work . . I'd just want to hang it on the wall and look at it rather than play it! As I've never played one and ain't got a clue what to look for on one I can't exactly vote for it!
  7. Hmmm a batman rhoads replica! Certainly not for me - personally I can't think of any design that those bats would suit - maybe one of the large ones sidewards in the middle of the fretboard might look ok.
  8. OK, I were just thinking out loud. I remembered Mickguards Tele from waaayyy back were he inlayed some starts to cover up a goof, so that's were that question came from. I hope I didn't offend you as it wasn't my intention... Certainly no offense taken!
  9. I think you're right as there is no neck angle - but the neck has been left higher to try an compensate but doesn't look like it's quite enough . . .
  10. Well as I said in the my post I'll just make up the numbers as it was blatantly obvious who was/is going to be the runaway winner. Davee5 got my vote - regardless I'd never vote for my own work! Just to clarify the front inlay was just a moment of madness cum inspiration not a goof cover up - I have previous photos without the inlay dots. They were laid out on the body to kind of mimic the grain and also with the pattern I actually was considering putting a star in the centre between the HBs the dots being the tail but once I inlaid the dots I thought I like it as it is - so stopped at that point. As for the shape - it actually started out looking far different but the design was just done out of my head rather than copying the strat shape directly. How it compares dimension wise I really do not know!
  11. Go on then I'll make up the numbers and see if I can beat my previous nil pwaa! Name wise . . erm how about 'The lesser spotted ironwood superstrat' The specs are a solid bookmatched part flamed and figured Burmese Ironwood (Xylia Xylocarpa) body, the neck is a 1 piece quartersawn Afzelia Xylocarpa with a Laos Rosewood fretboard (also know as Burmese Blackwood - latin name Dalbergia Cultrata), the control knobs and the pickup rings are matching Laos Rosewoods. All inlay dots are Abalone. Pickups are neck Seymour Duncan APH-1 Custom (by me . . replacing the Alnico2 with an Alnico5) the bridge is a SD SH-3 StagMag, bridge is a recessed Gotoh T-o-M and the 5 way is a Megaswitch-E for coil tapping the Stag Mag, the tuners are Schaller Mini Compacts and the nut is solid sunbleached Lao Buffalo bone. Even the body is ironwood it has a very similar density to rosewood so have a very resonant tone and strumming the guitar unplugged you can feel the vibration through the body. It keeps the very bright StagMag well undercontrol and gives a real nice single coil quack tone when tapped. Finish wise - dye black & sanded back to pick out the grain, sanded to 2000grit, then several layers a hardening wax (kind of danish oil), each layer smoothed with sanding sponge then waxed, giving a natural and gloss finish. No build thread but the headstock was voted for in this thread: The Voting . . So without further ado . . pictures! Others: Full - from back Back of Headstock Close up Neck pickup and ring Back of body Difference angle of body Rosewood Knobs!
  12. You haven't lived until you've had an ironwood splinter - that always end up going in real deep! The other day I shaped up my Siam rosewood neck for my 8 string and the dust from that was EVIL! It actually stung on my skin . . and shaping the back of a neck it's pretty impossible to avoid creating dust. On the flip side of this thread on the thing I least like doing I think it would be shaping the back of necks . .
  13. Never noticed the toxicness . . . then again I've never sniffed it close enough to find out! It's does have a very BO type of smell when worked!
  14. Well that is just wierd...it takes me at least a couple of hours to do a body and another hour on a neck...and that is on soft woods...but I am very thorough... Agree! I could go from 80 to 2k in 30 minutes but it'd look like crap! I think in general some of the body woods I use are denser and harder than many woods used in the west - take Burmese Ironwood - it's a lovely timber with a great fully bodied tone and sustain however it's like sanding granite (and blunts carbide router bits double quick!)! It's takes nearly 2 days of sanding on the body to get it to a mirror finish graduating from 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 . . . in total approx 20 sheets of paper per body! Where possible I avoid 80 grit with it due to the deep scratches being a bitch to get rid of. In comparison an Afzelia Xylee or Red Padouk body would only take a day to get to 2000. The old saying repeated ad nasum by wood work teachers is "when you think you've finished sanding, you've only just begun!". Basically my aim at a 2000 grit finish is for it to be mirror finish and under whatever scrutiny of angling into light no scratching should be visible.
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