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  1. Well, if Metalhead's guitar is Ginger, I guess I'll call mine Mary Ann. 25" Scale Maple/Claro Walnut/Padauk neck through Curly maple body wings. Claro walnut top and back, accent layers are Padauk/Maple/Black Veneer/Maple Ebony fretboard Evo gold fretwire Claro walnut pickup rings Claro walnut truss rod cover recessed Schaller roller bridge DiMarzio Air Norton and Air Zone pickups Graphtech nut Sperzel locking tuners. Walnut knobs with claro walnut cap and maple accent layer Claro walnut headstock veneers with maple/walnut accents Claro walnut binding with maple accent Continuous wood control cavity cover. Controls: 3 way switch plus Volume Volume Tone Tone The push/pulls on the volume pots give my system series and a phase switch. The tone push/pulls take care of my coil tapping. With both push/pulls down, the humbuckers are in series. With both up, they're in parallel. When just one of them is up, I get either the inner or outer single coils, depending on which one is up. Build thread: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=41317 Thanks to Woodenspoke on this one. Without his knowledge (and his power tools!) I couldn't have done a build like this any time soon.
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