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  1. Guitar Templates Yeah I know of those guys. Was hoping for one cheaper than $60...
  2. Avenger: Thick, "brown", and growly when ready is what I would describe off the top of my head. Yet also able to pull off some stratty tones ala Gilmour, SRV, and McCready. WezV: How did you "bleach" the wood?
  3. I am going to build a strat here in the next couple of months and I am trying to decide on a body wood. The guitar will be used in my cover band (REM --> Duran Duran --> INXS --> No Doubt --> Third Eye Blind --> Cake --> Led Zeppelin) Neck: -Maple shaft -Pau Ferro fretboard -25.5" Pickups: -P90's Bridge: -Top/flush mounted OFR Body: -Will have pickguard Ash, Alder, Maple? I want to finish it in a sunburst fashion like below, so that kinda throws mahogany out the window. I'm mainly looking for what tonal characteristics I should expect from P90's in each wood. Thanks
  4. Mint condition German made Original Floyd Rose. Locking nut and Arm included. $115 SHIPPED --------------------------- Duncan PATB-1 bridge model. Never installed. $75 SHIPPED
  5. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Overall excellent condition. A few paint chips around the sides of body (will post pics) Modifications (if any): Duncan JB+/DDlite + Screamin' Demon Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hard shell Case Location (City,State or City,Country): ATL, GA Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM References Required (eBay or other forum userid): Lots of feedback from this forum, Dean forums, ebay Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $750 SHIPPED Features: Body Type: Dinky Body Wood: Alder Scale: 25.5 Headstock Type: 3x3 Neck Joint: Bolt-on Neck Wood: Maple Fretboard: Maple Frets: 22, Jumbo Bridge: Original Floyd Rose Pickups: Seymour Duncan Distortion lite/JB+ ( Screamin' Demon (n) Controls: 1 volume, one tone. 5-way toggle switch Tuners: USA Jackson Hardware color: Chrome Finish: Black
  6. Hey guys. I will be starting two new builds here soon. One will be an Explorer for the other guitarist in my band and one will be a PRS clone for myself. Catch is, they will both be 27" scale. Will the bodies need to be enlarged to accommodate the longer scale? I do not want them to be neck-heavy....especially worried about the Explorer.
  7. o.k. ......... Why not ???? ( I don't get it ) Brian - the edging is automotive trim from the parts store. This application is a wide strip surrounded by 1/8" strips on the sides . More pics as they happen. Lol cuz Pine is so dang soft. How does it sound btw? edit: Well I guess that's what the chrome edging is for!
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