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  1. body: mahagony back, maple top neck: mahagony fretboard: palisander scale: 25" frets: 22 pickups: PRS Dragon II tuners: PRS bridge: PRS SE tremolo finish: polyurethane primer coating, polyurethane topcoat http://www.petercrowdesign.com/prs-blue-faded.html
  2. 8 s t r i n g m o n s t e r body: mahagoni and padouk back, maple top neck: wenge and rosewood fretboard: ebony scale: 27,5"-30" frets: 24 pickups: Sublime humbucker and sustainer tuners: Hipshot bridge: ABM finish: polyester primer coating, polyurethane topcoat http://www.petercrowdesign.com/8-string-prs-multiscale.html
  3. The painting was pretty complex. At first burned the maple, then returned polished, stained blue stain. The finish: polyester primer and polyurethane. Only the top of the head has been painted and the rest has been oiled.
  4. The roof Carving do it well, to many Sierra if you need info, you can feel free to contact look through, very good:http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/web-ikebe/prs_handcurving-seminar/index.html
  5. Neck: Walnut Fretboard: Rosewood Body: Cherry + maple top Machine Heads: Schaller Frets: 22 Scale: 25" Pickups: Kent Armstrong Custom Finish - Acryl, gray more picuteres: http://crowguitars.b...2012/09/sc.html
  6. The carbon fiber fabric moves without problems, but the carbon rod which seriously tackles the machine
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