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  1. Tain't nuthin' I like more than a well oiled guitar vagina. Dude...that's beautiful, Scott.
  2. Looking good, Scott. Interesting how the machine heads are lining up on this one. I've got quilt envy for sure.
  3. Having had the unique opportunity to actually inspect and play every guitar that Scott has built, I can tell you that this one is by far the nicest. I haven't yet plugged this one in, but I expect it's pretty sweet. I'll have to talk him into letting me baby sit it one weekend. The carve...very sexy and comfy. And that shelf for the controls...brilliant idea. Although I never quite "got it" when he went there with the build, I totally get it now....moves the volume knob and switch out of he way just a little bit, but not so far that getting there is a chore. Cool idea. And the neck...yep. THIS one is very familiar to me. Reminds me of the neck on my Nuno - which I've always loved. Wide and thin...very cool. The headstock...always unique, but this one has a little more finess in it...a little more artistic movement in the way it was carved. Another fantastic instrument, Scott!
  4. You're a maniac. If I ever go hiking and a tree falls on me, I only hope I have enough battery left (and cell service) to call you in with that chisel and mallet. Fortunately, there is always cell service on the hike from my couch to the fridge. If I'm hiking any further than that, it means my bike broke. And if I have cell service when that happens, it means I'm doing it wrong. Either way, I know I'll be screwed, because I know you never answer your cell phone. Anyway...lookin' good, Riffle!
  5. Love the description on the website: "Sometimes, during the middle of the day, the urge to rock is so strong, it's almost unbearable....." Yes. Yes it is.
  6. I don't think it's polarizing in the least. I just think the people who don't think it's bad-ass are dead wrong! =o)
  7. I'm still not sure if this is a picture of a guitar or if it's some sort of subliminal way to get us to look at your "package".
  8. That was a happy accident to get the guitar you built me in the background of this shot. A few minutes earlier it was hanging on the opposite wall. I've been using that guitar A LOT lately in the new band I'm in, so she lives on the wall in the live room most of the time now. New guitar plays like a dream, by the way. Feels FANTASTIC! Looks really cool. The whole setup is absolutley awesome...nothing I'd change about it. Pickups sounded GREAT. Very focused....perfect midrange....not muddy or flabby on the neck position. VERY nice!
  9. Next time, I'll bring in a good solid blues player since that's what Scott REALLY wants for the audio files. My buddy, Joel, is in no way happy with ANY of the playing on the samples. He's an accomplished player, but I think he freezes up when it's time to improvise...which always surprises me, because I've seen him deliver the good live on many occasion. On these samples, I just had him lay down a bed track and then go back to improvise over it a couple of times. Nothing was perfected by any means. Laziness. Once again I simply picked out a couple of pre-recorded drum tracks (from a Mick Fleetwood sample pack) for these guitar samples. In the future, I'd like to get Scott back to the studio and lay down a complete song with real drums - using only the guitars Scott has built. We'll even have to get Scott's playing in there somewhere. I know I won't have to twist his arm for that. Since he likes working with wood so much, I suppose I should wait till he makes a bass and a drum set before we do that....haha... No pressure, Scott! All of the parts were played through a Fender Hot Rod Deville - 2x12. For the gear nerds: Mics: Beyer Dynamic M-160 on just one speaker, and another one in the room on the bluesy stuff. On the hard rock sample, I just used the one M-160 on the speaker. Preamps: Daking
  10. If it were me, I'd probably just stain that part with whiskey and cigarettes. Game on!
  11. Yep....that thing is looking ridiculous. As constructive criticism - or maybe a matter of personal choice - I'd be looking for bigger knobs or smaller divots around the knobs and switch. They look awfully big in the photos. BTW, as much as I love the front of that guitar, the back is just as breathtaking to me. LOVE that burst with the deep grain of the Mohogany. I sort of want one that looks like that on the front now....
  12. Wow.... I have an uneasy feeling about this guitar...like...when I get my hands on it, I'm just gonna get mad that it's not mine. This one's looking beautiful, Scott!!
  13. Gloss on front. Satin on back. I'll go warm up the tubes.....
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