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  1. Methinks you take great delight in being a half-step sideways of conventional Andy. And I'm familiar with that sentiment. SR
  2. I get my eyes checked fairly regularly, as I've been getting corrective lenses for nearsightedness since second grade...that would be half a century ago. This year on the first day of spring I had a couple of bright flashes in my left eye and then immediately a bunch of large floaters appeared. Over the next few days they broke down into tiny pieces and for a week or so it looked like I was peering through a dense cloud of gnats with my left eye. It mostly cleared up within a few weeks. Even though the flashes can indicate a tear in the retina or some amount of ocular nerve detachment, I never really experienced any symptoms of that, beyond the original flashes. My vision did change over the next few months though and I went in for a new prescription and endured my eye doctor fussing at me for not coming straight in. She could find no damage at all though, and oddly enough the prescription change for my left eye (both actually, but more so for the left) actually led to less correction for nearsightedness. Apparently my vision got a little better last year. SR
  3. You guys know what floaters in in the eyes are right? I've had them all my life, as most of us do, but have experienced an increase in the last six months. I often see one floating by out of the corner of my eye, and thinking I've seen something move on the edge of my vision...because I have....I look around to see what it was out of reflex. Of course I don't see anything....because there is nothing there. What I saw was inside my eye. I'm pretty sure I've found the source of many ghost sightings....stories and rumors. SR
  4. SG Respin

    Also refers to the piece you are working on that just shot across the room. SR
  5. SG Respin

    Me too. The only thing I use it for any more is neck pockets, pickups and control cavities. SR
  6. SG Respin

    It hates us too Precious, it does. SR
  7. I actually have some of those. Will Tru-oil thin with mineral spirits? Alcohol? I have several things to test.... SR
  8. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Damn man, you did indeed lose some weight...about a third grader's worth. Well done. SR
  9. Fabric with a large roundover

    Probably the only way that is going to work with out bunching at the rollover is to use a fabric that stretches in both directions. Stretch it on a frame and push the guitar body up into it during the glue up. SR
  10. Fretless necktrough bass

    I take some pretty awkward stances, trying to keep my feet out. SR
  11. Thanks guys! It came right to life didn't it? I'm going to see if it is possible to make a tint with tru-oil and then consider a bit of transparent burst. SR
  12. In the bright sunlight. And with the first coat of Tru-Oil. SR
  13. It was interesting to see how much the zebra wood looked like sapele when its stripes were dyed over. Following the schedule I sanded the amber back with 400 and then went all the way through the micromesh grits. Every square inch of this face flips in changing light angles. SR
  14. I got a lot done this weekend....like I said smaller instruments go faster. In my last build I worked out a dye and sandback schedule for my myrtle burl: sand to 400 dye, sandback with 220, dye again, sandback with 320 and dye a final time. Then continue sanding with 400 and go all the way through the micromesh grits. This weekend I put it to the test. Sand to 400. Dye with bordeaux and mahogany brown in alcohol. Wow right? Sanded back with 220. Dyed with amber, bordeaux and mahogany brown in a more dilute solution of alcohol. I can hear Carl now...uh oh... Sand back with 320. Dye with amber. SR