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  1. Time for a Uke! SR
  2. It would be striking either way. Did you have enough of that top wood for two builds? SR
  3. The finish has 3 primary functions: seal the wood surface against moisture exchange which causes wood movement and to a degree decay; protect the surface against dings and abrasions; and to make it nice to look at. Necks and bodies are commonly finished with nitro, oil, polyurethane, paint, and many more. I'm not sure what you mean by "outcome", but you can finish it pretty much anyway you want (within reason...I wouldn't finish it in concrete) and it will still act like a neck and have so little effect on the sound as to be unnoticeable. so yes your box store clear will work. It may not last as long as you want, but it should meet at least two of the first three requirements. SR
  4. Yeah I saw that. I do not currently have any of that....but often do. SR
  5. I'm pretty sure killemall8 does as well. SR
  6. My god! The oil really loves that top doesn't it? Talk about coming to life! SR
  7. A little work with some sandpaper will make that invisible in no time. For nearly a year and a half. Talk about taking your time and getting it right. And the cool thing is it shows. It looks like it has been built lovingly and gently....and beautifully. SR
  8. So, I took measurements from the poles to the front of the bridge: neck....5.5", bridge....2.125" SR
  9. Why thank you kind sir! I appreciate you saying so. SR
  10. So using a 100k tone with a 500k volume, would be similar sounding to using a 500k tone with a much smaller cap on it? You guys that actually know what's going on with electronics are just like magicians! I feel like I know just enough to know where not to stick my bare finger. SR
  11. So both the volume and tone pots don't both have to be 500K for that to happen? I went with the 250K to get the warmer sound, and figured both pots needed to be the same value. I've never heard of anyone mixing values. What would be the result of a 250K volume with a 500K tone pot? Sr
  12. Oddly enough, this seems to have sorted itself out after a good nights sleep. Thinking about replacing it gave me another question for you Andrew. What would happen if I replaced the volume pot with a 500K and left the tone pot at 250K? SR
  13. Thanks Scott! I'll have to get back to you on the measurements but I can tell you they are not the same as that single-cut I did with P-90s a few years ago. Same 25"scale, but the single-cut is 22 frets and this is 23. And I purposely moved the bridge pickup further away from the bridge--roughly where the pole on the low E string is on a tele bridge. I wanted the bridge pickup to play a little warmer than normal. And that works quite well btw. And if you pick below that pickup, it sounds like a normally placed bridge pickup, and there is plenty of room to do just that. The P-90s on the single-cut were built by RAD and these are Klein high wind P-90s. The single cut used 500K pots and this one uses 250K pots. So while both guitars sound unmistakenly like P-90s, they have distinctly different tones. SR
  14. Did you see any sign of that cool red grain the elm sometimes gets? SR
  15. Cheers Mike! I'm looking forward to your Bo Diddleys as well! SR