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  1. So true. Rather like desk top printers and ink. SR
  2. Sounds like you're getting excited about getting this going. Good on you! SR
  3. @Andyjr1515, I'm tempted to just keep quoting myself from here on out. I would be tempted to leave the fretboard square and flush with the sound hole with a roundover/slope that feeds down into the hole. And add a swift or two to the extra space, maybe one larger one.... SR
  4. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned how sexy that is. Remind me what the two switches and one knob do. On off for each pickup and a volume? SR
  5. Looks good to me. I'm not sure about the glue question, but would say to trust your judgement. It has proven to be solid as long as I've known you. SR
  6. Indeed. This is going to take a lot longer than it took for that picture to develop..... Now that I would find fascinating. Those things have always intrigued me. And the fact that are not real is one of the most captivating aspects. SR
  7. My first ever mod was similar to that.My buddy has a pearl white Guild with an HSS set up and a tremelo.. He wanted two humbuckers and a hardtail. I routed out the center and put in a half inch thick piece of cocobolo and matched the carve. It looked very similar to what you've depicted, and he loved it. SR
  8. I've got a 3'x4'x6' shelving unit that I stack pieces in edgewise. I usually get my pieces cut into three foot lengths before bringing them home. Still looks messy but they at least have their own spot. SR
  9. Also, if the slots were not cambered there is a small fillet (round over) where the tang joins the base of the fret that can keep it from seating flush. SR
  10. Screaming past rooftops keeps my tail feathers tightly closed as well. SR
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