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  1. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Hopefully not spalted. SR
  2. Yep, that will do. SR
  3. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Except when it's red. SR
  4. I've always enjoined the "tonewood" discussions over the years. There are so many opinions and beliefs.... SR
  5. Yes. I think it has a nick name of Mexican Royal Ebony and seems to work similarly to ebony. It would probably make a great fretboard. I seem to remember @KnightroExpress made a whole neck from it at least once. SR
  6. Katalox is heavy isn't it? SR
  7. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    At which point it would be a bad idea to sneeze. SR
  8. Did you actually show Ewan this stage? SR
  9. ScottR

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Something about exotic offcuts that dogs can't seem to get enough of. My own dogs have been known to bomb a photo or two themselves. SR
  10. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    He'd be liable to burst a stitch or two trying to blast pass that... SR
  11. ScottR

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Ah. I cannot see that from the pix. The split will not be quite as easy to hide, but you will probably still get away with it. Carving will help. If it bugs you severely, you can inlay a center stripe over the top of it. I meant to ask, what kind of dog do you have? Dogs rock! SR
  12. ScottR

    JimF's First Build!

    For sure, ebony slots need to be cambered. The stuff is so hard and brittle, the barbs barely make an impression on it...unless you try to pull them out. Chips galore then. SR
  13. ScottR

    SG Respin

    Man, you nailed radioactive slime green with that one. Do you have white underneath a transparent neon green to get that look? SR
  14. Wow, you've had wookie parts for a long time. I forgot how nice that looks. And I forgot the accent lines you built into the body. Is Robo-Rad still running nicely? SR
  15. ScottR

    Hi - Starting building #6

    That is an awesome wood combination. I did tell you that ziricote often becomes possessed by evil spirits (demons). I see they did not wait long to take over your piece. I think you can get away with the glue and dust thing on that piece of wood. Also, it you are going to carve it, the carve will likely take at least part of it down below the gap. A word of caution when it comes finishing time. Ziricote will soak up oil and darken to the point that all the variations and striping will become difficult to see. Lacquer does not do that, and there may be other finishes that do not darken as well. Be sure to test on scrap, lest you lose everything that makes ziricote look so cool. SR