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  1. That gives a whole 'nother meaning to "flamed top". SR
  2. He does bear a striking resemblance to Jeff Dunham's Jose Jalapeno.....on a steeek. SR
  3. My understanding is he's going to be suspended from the ceiling so that he can survey his kingdom from above. It's only fitting. SR
  4. ScottR

    Reshaping Pickup Cavities

    If you are planning on painting the body, that could work. If you are planning a finish that allows the wood to show through, the putty will probably be as noticeable as the gap. SR
  5. I'm pretty sure all spray adhesives stay tacky forever. They never cure....or they don't for a long time, months even. I used to buy the stuff in 55 gallon drums and spray it with paint spraying equipment. That stuff stayed sticky for years. SR We used to buy baby powder or corn starch and sprinkle that on the over spray. The fine powder coats the adhesive rendering it non tacky. You could actually sweep up a bunch of the excess that way. sr
  6. ScottR

    Not Quite A Tele...

    You should investigate that a little. My area is very similar in averages. But what happens is the mornings start in the mid 90%s and as the day warms up that very often drops to the 50%-60% range. same amount of moisture in the air, but since relative humidity is a percentage based upon the amount of moisture in the air versus the amount of moisture the air is capable of holding. As the air warms up its capacity for holding moisture expands greatly. I don't know if that expansion is linear or geometric....but I do know that many days you cannot safely shoot in the morning, become perfect for it in the afternoon. SR
  7. ScottR

    Not Quite A Tele...

    BTW, we had a front blow through yesterday that dropped the humidity down to 45%, I shot two fat heavy coats that went on and remained crystal clear! SR
  8. Will it be a derby? a pork pie? a trilby? maybe a Tam o' shanter? SR
  9. The Hand of Doom will do nicely. SR
  10. If you send me an awesome neck, I'll send you back an awesome neck. I should mention how impressive that bass is and how cool to get to see and handle one of the gems pictured in this forum. The craftsmanship in that bass was/is stunning. More impactful though, even though Andy pointed out that this was a main goal--is how light the silly thing is. I mean the thing is not silly, but how little it weighs certainly is. I mean basses are big! SR
  11. I did question the scale length initially, but convinced myself it was either perspective or camera angle. SR
  12. ScottR

    Project - RAD Unfinished Business

    You do realize you are making those of us lucky enough to have a set or two of your pick-ups quite jealous, right? SR
  13. ScottR

    Not Quite A Tele...

    It is starting to look like 65 % relative humidity is the beginning of the danger zone. Below 60% is better. I can tell you I didn't know those numbers before this project. We've apparently had a very wet winter this year. Behlen's Blush eraser does a wonderful job.....usually. Just spray it on and it disappears .Usually. Those first pics took one application and the blush magically went away. It may be worth taking note that it had been 4 or 5 days after spraying the lacquer. That last little bit showing in the last 4 pics is resisting the spray. I first sprayed the remover on it only one day after spraying the lacquer. So a little curing may be required. Another thing I've learned, is the blush appears to be very near the surface. The few times I've taken sandpaper to it, a very fine paper just knocking of the surface cleared the blush. That is not to say I believe I've learned all the lessons blush has to teach me. I will say it is teaching me all kinds of new ways to try my patience. SR
  14. Stop it Andy, if you pile it on any deeper, I may not be able to dig my way out. Listen y'all, Andy was a pleasure to work with even put in writing that he was responsible for any mistake I might possibly make before I ever started. And frankly, it wasn't that tough a job....it only took two beers to see it through. I will admit though, that I am right pleased with the way it came out. And I'm glad James and Andy were as well. SR