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  1. If I remember correctly, @WezV used to send send his off to get them lacquered. He was in Burton on Trent....but I have no idea where he sent them. They were right well done though. SR
  2. Well, you guys just gave me a newbie moment. I have never run across toothed plane irons. A bit of research shows what useful little beasties they can be. Someone should apply the same principal to pattern following router bits. SR
  3. And you should do more. That's good stuff! SR
  4. Sweet! A good woman indeed. Your ideas about doing the sides in the darkest shades of the burst and continuing on the back is actually the way I've done several of my guitars. I quite like the way it looks. SR
  5. Lovely feathered crotch figure there. Is that black walnut? It almost is colorful enough to be claro. It is amazing difficult to make complementary comments about crotch figure without sounding creepy. SR
  6. From what I've seen, mandolins commonly have bursts on the sides in the interior curves to accent that curve. Also, is there a story behind the acquisition of that 1918 Gibson F-4? Is it as cool as it sounds like it would be? SR
  7. You've got one of the nicest colored poplar timbers I can recall seeing. Oiling poplar is not something you see every day....and it is going to look good! SR
  8. I found this Extrovert IPA from Left Hand Brewery in Colorado and my first impression was this is really really good. But it was the third new beer I had tried that night and I knew the first two might have influenced that impression. So I've had a couple more since then and I must say that this is mostly pretty good. It features barley, wheat and the malt is the headliner. I like my malt to be like a foundation, sturdy stable and a perfect platform to build upon, and firmly in the background. This unfiltered Sculpin on the other hand is excellent. It was exactly 30 days old when I got it and it tastes like regular Sculpin with a second handful of hops tossed in. Fine stuff! SR
  9. I spent a couple of days carving away at the parts that were not Cody. I didn't get them all, but I'm getting closer to finding my dog. SR
  10. That'll work too. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. SR
  11. Couldn't stare at it any longer could you? That wood was just calling to you and begging to be carved. the stuff can be quite insistent at times. SR
  12. Man, you've just got to love ziricote tops! They will tend to brighten things up a bit, though. Did you by any chance use ziricote for the fretboard too? SR
  13. Nice chunk of walnut there. SR
  14. Beats me. Other than to agree it is likely a grounding issue of some sort, I probably know almost as much as you do on this subject. I'm confident Andrew (curtisa) can get you going. Except I think it is the middle of tomorrow night where he is (I never know for sure) so it may be a bit before he sees the problem. He usually pops in around what is mid afternoon in our part of the world. SR