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  1. ScottR

    Ash neck-throuhg superstrat

    Ah, that's what threw me off. I was looking at the one you had on the neck, and on ly now noticed the ebony board off to the side. And I'll repeat it--this is a super clean build you have going here. SR
  2. ScottR

    Shielding and Grounding

    P-90s don't buzz. They bark and howl.....and hum sometimes like any single coil pickup. They typically come with very nice shielded wire, so even that is not particularly noticeable. On the other hand, I think mis-wired jacks may be the number one cause / fix for buzzing-humming squalling noise. Checking that ought to be at the top of the list for things to check....up there with "did you re-boot it, is it plugged in"? SR
  3. ScottR


    Thanks for that. Alas, it has already been parted out and now lives on in several guitars. SR
  4. ScottR

    Fret levelling

    How long is the stone and what grit is it? Many sharpening stones take very little material away and would take weeks to remove enough to change the height of a fret. SR
  5. ScottR

    Kemp Guitars 2019 Build Thread

    Nice! Very clever idea and procedure. Do you clip back the tangs a bit before hammering them in then? Or perhaps angle them back? SR
  6. ScottR

    Ash neck-throuhg superstrat

    That's some very clean work! Also, a very nice wood combination. What kind of ebony are you using for the fretboard? SR
  7. ScottR

    Grit for sanding out scratches?

    What Ash said. SR
  8. ScottR

    Customizing/restoring a Squire P Bass

    Nicely done, Goran! SR
  9. Your nut actually looks fine in this shot. I'd say your neck and bridge are just slightly out of alignment. with each other. If you have no adjustment left.....can you loosen the neck up a tad, push the headstock to the bass side a hair and re-tighten? If not, I'd just push the nut itself a little that way to center the strings up a little better. For the G-string, will a slight raising of the bridge saddle fix it? If not you can sand or file down the 22nd fret till the buzz goes away and then re-polish it. You don't have to worry much with the 22nd fret, there is no 23rd to buzz if you get it too low. SR
  10. ScottR

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    Yes. I've done this many times with nitro and an oiled neck/fretboard. The oil wipes right off the previous finish, and the transition between the two is invisible. SR
  11. "NQAT" Body-Ash Top- Zebrawood Neck-Osage orange - Katalox_Osage orange...Zebrawood HS cap Fretboard-Ebony Pickups-Klein '58 PAFs Tuners- Gotoh locking Bridge-Hipshot Nut-Graphtech Frets- jumbo SS Build thread: SR
  12. I'd fill it with CA and forget about it. When I think of all the various bridge constructions I've seen, particularly acoustics, I've got a lot of faith in the ability of a little wood handling the amount of stress in a guitar. SR
  13. ScottR

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    If you polish it up even higher, and oil the ebony, I expect it will show up quite a bit better. SR
  14. ScottR

    Not Quite A Tele...

    Hijack away! I'm happy to provide a forum () for irreverent remarks. If the uncontrollable acquisition of gear is GAS "wood" this not be WAS? Although WUPASS is too good to pass up. SR
  15. ScottR

    Not Quite A Tele...

    I've accused (justly) of having "wood envy" whilst looking a pile of logs, as well as while looking at all the goodies in the hardwood shop. SR