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  1. Mine is always in my chair....just waiting for me to get back and sit on it. SR
  2. Before I read your explanation I was thinking what a cool little heel carve. You might want to add at least one more walnut accent to balance it out. Maybe a cavity cover? SR
  3. Excellent fretting tutorial Andrew. You gave us many excellent tips along the way too. And aren't old worn out T-shirts some of the most useful things on the planet? SR
  4. You think you like it? That's a flat fretboard, right? Did you use something a bit larger than mandolin frets for this? The fret wire that came with the kit was ridiculously small. There was next to nothing left after removing the tangs from the ends. SR
  5. I touch them up on the strop every twenty to thirty minutes or so. And they get a few strokes on a stone every hour or two. This would be for a gouge I'm using steadily. SR
  6. Likewise. And did you turn your fret board into a piano keyboard, or is that just me? Looks cool either way. SR
  7. Well that looks awesome. A Hitch Hiker from Good People Brewing in Birmingham Alabama found its way to my door and begged to be quaffed. Good thing too, because it was delicious! It made me think of a fresh Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA with a bit of Founders Centennial IPA and a dash of Jai-Alai for juiciness. Also a Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout. This is a 12.7% stout aged in bourbon barrels and coffee. This is one heavy beer. Almost oily in texture and mouthfeel and the bourbon is present at all times but only in the background like a mug of coffee with a dash of whiskey splashed in. I have not been a fan of bourbon barrel aged beers in the past because the bourbon has been strong enough to warrant a glass of its own. This one is done right. SR
  8. Actually, now that look more closely at the picture, it also has a lot of Les Paul characteristics. If you overlaid plans for both, I'd guess the pictured guitar's outlines would land somewhere in between the LP and Tele. If you have plans for any guitar really, you can change the lines of the body any way you please to suit your taste. SR
  9. I knew I should have double checked that..... So this pickup is going under the part of the fretboard beyond the 24th fret? Which makes perfect sense of course. SR
  10. It's probably a good thing there will be no frets in your fretboard.... I love watching you put these ideas together. This will without a doubt be one of the most unique builds we've had in some time. SR
  11. That has a lot of telecaster characteristics. A solid body tele or Les Paul Jr. are likely to be considered some of the simplest builds to do. SR
  12. Very clean lines indeed! SR
  13. Nice recovery, and even an improvement, I'd say. SR
  14. Likewise J. Geils RIP SR
  15. I'm working on finding Cody's front legs... SR