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  1. ScottR

    A Bitsa Dreadnought for me :)

    Yer' makin' it look mighty easy Andy. SR
  2. ScottR

    Recessed Mini Toggles

    That looks like a good plan. SR
  3. ScottR

    Recessed Mini Toggles

    I've not tried it, but see no reason it would not work as long as you figure out how to attach your mounting brackets without piercing the top. SR
  4. Under the proper lighting conditions, the resemblance is remarkable. Ask me how I know. SR
  5. Phew......I am so relieved! Thanks for the kind words guys. Carl, I'm trying to tiptoe along the razor edge of legal/illegal nice. SR
  6. It seems I knocked a saddle out of place and didn't notice before recording it for posterity. SR
  7. I thought I might finish up this weekend. Silly me. I discovered Sperzel tuners do not have near the shaft length of Gotohs. My headstock thinckness was fine for holding the tuners securely but after the washer and nut was in place, damn little shaft remained. And after checking, when I removed the tuner, the barrel hit the ground and ran. I spent a couple of hours yesterday hunting for it and a couple more this morning before I found it. I did get quite a bit of cleaning done during the search though. So I thinned the headstock and took the Osage orange back to yellow. It is not as obvious ion the pics as it is in person, but you can get an idea of how much it darkened so far, I did get all the hardware besides the tuners and nut strapped on and the wiring done, at least to the point of being ready to test.....if it only had strings. SR
  8. ScottR

    A Bitsa Dreadnought for me :)

    Damn, Andy. Your sawdust doesn't even have time to settle, and you're off to making a new flavor. SR
  9. ScottR

    Bent side ES style

    Substitute your she and you'd really have something there. SR
  10. ScottR

    SG Respin

    Oh my eyes! It hurts us Precious. It is so bright. SR That is damn near radioactive! sr
  11. They could replace the second half of the micromesh grits certainly. I doubt they'd do much good on deeper scratches or leveling. Indeed. And the guitar would be finished many hours sooner as well. SR