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  1. And I've discovered during the chasing down and finding of new crafts I do like, that sometimes I can't go back to the stuff I used to like. SR
  2. I've seen a number of craft brewers go under because they did not keep up with the next hot thing. So many try to do so and put out a bunch of stuff that is only new, but not hot. On the other hand, I've seen any number of folks....usually much younger than I, drinking stuff I would pour out.....and acting like they like it. SR
  3. For sure! It sure is fun when you get some building time on your hands Luis. You are on fire! SR
  4. Thanks Mike. This has often been repeated, but I have just read that Michelangelo said it first: I just carved away the parts that weren't David. Oh, and you have to go way to the bottom for the drooly. That's where all the best ones are IMHO. Thanks Andy. I do try to make all the contours look like they belong together. This one still has a bit of bulk to lose, and quite a few lines to refine, but I think it is possible to see where it is going. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you have been inspired to do Ash. SR
  5. Most wheat beers just do not do it for me any more. SR
  6. Long ways to go yet, but it is starting to look like a guitar. SR
  7. Behemoth? Magnum? Pretty damn big guitar? SR
  8. Well hello sir, long time no see. Last I remember you were setting yourself up for some child rearing. I hope that has gone well. This burl may be the trickiest stuff lve ever carved. The complete randomness of grain direction in each chip cut out makes each cut react differently. Extreme tool sharpness is the only way to keep some consistency in the cuts. It sure is fun, though! SR
  9. If you use woods found elsewhere in your build it can look nice. Like repeating you neck lam or mimicking your pick guard. But using woods found nowhere else in the build will just look out of place. SR
  10. This time I used a new StewMac Z-file to crown and dress the ends. I also have a StewMac fret dressing file that gets use on the ends. While the fretboards is taped off, I use a micromessh foam pad to go through the sand paper grits and all the micromesh grits up to 12,000. it is turned on an angle so that the 90 degree angle of the edge stroke the frets going down the length of the fretboard and then turned and run up the length of the fretboard. You can bend the pad a bit to match the radius. and I always use a hard flat sanding block with each grit across the tops of the frets to keep them all on the same plane. That black will also get turned on edge and run at an angle up and down the edge of the fret board which helps round and polish the fret ends. SR
  11. Man, you do some detailed meticulous work. And you do it well! SR
  12. I like to have enough space in the control cavities to house the blade switch and still have room to carve the cavity cover. Once all the carving and contouring is done it won't look so thick. SR
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