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  1. Why thank you kind sir. There is a strong urge to push for the finish line when you can finally see it isn't there? It is a constant battle for me to take my time at that point too. SR
  2. No, none to speak of. I use alcohol for the dye which supposedly doesn't raise the grain. It actually does just a hair, but it is early enough in the sanding regimen that those fibers are sanding back out well before the clear goes on. SR
  3. My Binding Nightmare

    Finding new and creative ways to screw up is the easy part. Finding effective ways to repair and disguise the screw-up is the mark of a true artist. Well done.......several times. SR
  4. Yeah, I figured that...and I love the way the zigzags in the middle come together. Unless the grain is running at crazy angles, wenge doesn't gain much from book matching. Doing what you did is often more interesting. I've done several book matched tops and then erase the effect on the bottom six inches with a deep carve. You, on the other hand, didn't book match and then you carve it and the carved parts looks book matched. SR
  5. looking for oversight... yeah it's me again...

    Good start and good score on the black walnut. SR
  6. 12-string Acoustic Rescue

    I commented on this in your other thread. Paraphrased it said: cool project! SR
  7. It's interesting how the wenge top does not look particularly book-matched along the glue line--until you get to the bottom where you carved it down to that point, where it looks quite book-matched. Usually it's the other way around. SR
  8. It's always good to have a fallback project for the times the current one goes stationary. The one you're proposing sounds fascinating. SR
  9. On the upside it is fun to hang out by the light with a racket ball racket and swat them as they come buzzing by. They make a very satisfying smack. SR
  10. I agree. That wenge is looking like a topographical map. Very Cool! SR
  11. Swift Lite 2

    And what a pretty 5 1/4 pounds it is, too! SR
  12. KEA 2017 builds

    Wow! That is some serious purple. How are you getting your little pinstriped edge of your veneer? Any dye bleed under a taped of edge would pretty much wipe the line out. SR
  13. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    It's good you found something from Breckenridge that you like. I have not done so yet. I mostly love Colorado beers....but none from Breckenridge so far. I do however love this porter from Coop Ale Works in OK City. This IPA from Denver was pretty good, a little heavy on the pine bitters but not bad. My east side connection sent me some Creature Comforts Loopulus and it is amazing as everything from this brewery hss been so far. Burial brewery Skillet donut stout! Coffee in the morning anytime of day! Brilliant, and just good. Awaken my love....great sentiment, but the beer did not do it for me. Too much cinnamon...does not belong in beer.. First negative for Creature Comforts. Stone Exalted IPA. Another of their rotating hop experiments and a damn fine one at that. SR
  14. On a much lighter note..... June bugs are attacking my porch light like kamikazees I swat them and stomp them until they pile up like black popcorn outside my back porch door. Why do they not call them March bugs? SR