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  1. So I'm starting a new build right on the heels of Stripy. It's a commission and so it has a few rules. It will be a single cut based on a Les Paul outline. And it will be built from domestic--to the United States--wood. So it gets an ash body and a maple top. Neck woods are black walnut and Osage orange with a Bois-D'arc fretboard. I like the way the ash planks fit together prior to glue up. And whilst that was going on, some porn arrived by UPS. SR
  2. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Good looking countryside you have over there. How many hours of daylight are you getting these days? SR
  3. ScottR

    SG Respin

    Nice, I like it. SR
  4. You're welcome and thanks, Andy!
  5. Never! That is an amazing guitar. You are just going to have to build a new one. SR
  6. Over the last few years, I've been exploring the craft brews that are sooooo much better than the old American stand bys we grew up with. No wonder the Europeans made fun of our weak bland beer.....but we had so few options back then. Not so now. Earlier this year Maul got me on a search for Pliny the Elder. I have not found it yet. It does not come to Texas. It does come to Colorado, and I conducted a search in Crested Butte while I was there. It turns out only one place there gets it from time to time and it goes fast. They told me the keg ran dry two days before I got there. I did learn that there are many great brews out there waiting to be tried.....there are over 2000 craft brewers in the states now. So happily I am trying all that look appealing. I thought those of us that appreciate this sort of thing could post up the stuff we run across to share with the others. Maybe I've tried something you saw but hadn't checked out yet and pass on my thoughts if so asked....and vice versa. So here's the first few that I've collected: Stone IPA Stone Ruination IPA Odells IPA--one of my favorites! Lagunitas IPA SR
  7. ScottR

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    I recognize that sand. I'm so far behind on posting up new brews.....I'll make an effort to catch up soon. There's kind of been a guitar in the way. SR
  8. Thank you kind sir. I am rather pleased with it so far myself. SR
  9. IPA burst in the sun. Smokey gray burst in the sun. SR
  10. Straight up black to burst the back. Between coats of lacquer I sanded off the titebond experimental pore filler. I'd say 90% of the pores stayed filled. I mixed up a thinner batch and re-applied it. Then sanded that out with 400 and went on a polished it up. I've applied a couple of coats of Tru-oil and will continue that and then level and polish it and watch to see how more pores sink afterwards. In the meantime I finished shooting clear. I've done zero finish work to that but wanted to get it out in the sun and see how it looks. SR
  11. Spraying tints is done in the opposite order of dying and sanding back. First up is an amber base. Then add some orange to the amber. From here on in everything is sprayed heavier around the edges and lighter in the center to build up the burst. More orange, less amber. Add some burgundy to that. Add some more burgundy and a touch of blue to darken that up. This is just for the edges. Last two pics taken in a bit different lighting. SR
  12. I was thinking in terms of setting up a set screw in advance. It would have to be threaded through both sleeves and that would eliminate the usefulness of being able to slide them up or down to set the height. I suppose the height could be set first and then the hole drilled and threaded for a set screw. SR
  13. ScottR

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    Ohhh nice! SR
  14. These should be sharp looking and I like the inner-outer sleeve concept. Are you planning on using splined shafts on the pots? A set screw would be problematic... The tiny inlay work would make me crazy....I'm looking forward to seeing you pull it off. SR
  15. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I think that is a law of nature or something. SR
  16. ScottR

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    The original set of knobs didn't bother me at all, they appear to be camouflaged. As far as a detraction from the book-match, the look to be in the space occupied by the F-hole on the other side, so no problem for me along those lines either. Both sets blend in to my eye. I'm sure Neil will appreciate your thoughtfulness at giving him two sets to choose from. SR
  17. ScottR

    Telecaster for a friend

    Looking good Goran. It also looks like you are having a nice summer over there. Everything seems to be green and growing well. SR
  18. I've tried sanding sealer on some balsa wood rockets and it worked like a champ. Then I tried it on mahogany and never got it to quit sinking into the pores. That may have been the brand or my desire to fill only the pores and not cover the surface of the raw wood. CA is tricky and harsh to use and can unevenly stain your wood if you are not careful. Done correctly it does a fine job. My least problematic was Z-Poxy when I left a thin layer covering the surface. That still took significant time and a lot of thin applications. @Andyjr1515 once did an acoustic with egg whites. He said it worked well....but I haven't seen him do it again. SR
  19. I used that once and it did work. I wiped on a coat and let it dry, then rubbed it with a pad soaked in alcohol with the intention of forcing the the remelted slurry into the pores. I then leveled that with fine sandpaper and left the dust in the pores. Then another layer of shellac which remelts the shellac dust in the pores, then another wipe with alcohol.....rinse and repeat until the pores are filled. It was almost like a French polish. It was fairly labor intensive and took a while, and pores would occasionally open back up, so it was not frustration free. But it did work and ultimately left a very nice surface to lay a finish over. @Prostheta has spoken of a similar method using fine pumice with shellac prepping for a French polish, that he said filled pores nicely. Maybe I'll try that on the other three sides of my chunk of ash. SR
  20. Agreed. I have seen swelling and shrinkage both, but less so under a finish. I've seen the same with epoxy. Titebond turns an ugly yellow with age, but I'm thinking the dye may help combat that. Time will tell. I am surely tired of pore fillers that do not stay in all the pores... or sink forever. SR
  21. Thanks. I have never heard of Titebond as a pore filler either. But it certainly has done a fine job of filling pores that I didn't intend to fill at times. I 'll follow this experiment through with clear coat and report back on how it works out. SR
  22. ScottR

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Very cool Mike! SR
  23. Looking good! SR