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  1. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    I've net held an ash neck...but I've held ash baseball bats and they feel just great. I've got some I was considering making a neck from .... just because. SR
  2. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Is that an ash neck? SR
  3. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    I like to locate where the pickup routes will be before gluing the top to the body and screw the pieces together there. Back the screws out, then spread the glue and screw them back together. No more sliding around while adding clamps. And later you'll route away the screw holes when you route out your pickup cavities. You did find some very nice figure inside those boeards. SR
  4. It got all the way up to 37 here....which would be a veritable heat wave in Pori. At least we have about ten and a half hours of daylight. Carl's probably got half of that. SR
  5. Knightro Guitars 2018

    How did you find the katalox to work with? I've got a katalox center lam in the neck I'm working on right now. I found it super hard, and fairly heavy and it appears to polish pretty well. It was a very deep dark brown when I bought it, but once cut the inside was lighter and purplish. SR
  6. Bay Wood Any Good?

    I think it would be a good experiment to save some of it. When you think of all the punky spalted stuff and porous burls that we build guitars out of just about any wood can be used (doesn't mean should). When I think of the commercial companies that use basswood for bodies.....that stuff is only half a step up from balsa wood. I'd paint the ends or dip them in paraffin and stack them so they get good airflow around them and see what you end up with in a year or so. SR
  7. Bay Wood Any Good?

    That name gave me this page in hobbithouse: http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/laurel.htm SR
  8. Solly’s Guitar build diary

    I agree, that's a great looking neck. As far as whether it is okay to round over the edges and how much radius to use.....there are no rules in guitar building beyond making it structurally sound and getting the scale right. Do what pleases your eye and feels right in your hands. SR
  9. Single Humbucker Build

    Good to see you back at it. SR
  10. PRS-like project(s)

    I know I would. (crack something if I cut it out by hand). Are you planning to have an exposed neck tenon, or am I missing something? SR
  11. Bay Wood Any Good?

    My last couple of builds had myrtle burl tops from the pacific northwest of the U.S. If yours is the same it is fine stuff and similar to big leaf maple in terms of workability and sound. SR
  12. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    I tried this after seeing @sdshirtman doing it. Worked quite well, but I agree you need pressure in the center areas as well. SR
  13. 6 string roya

    You are on a multitasking roll. SR
  14. Yeah....Houston is mostly closed today. SR
  15. Welcome to our little community! We're looking forward to your tele build. SR
  16. Routers keep you humble. As you said, that will be nought but a moment to sand out. SR
  17. Cheers Stu! Thanks, and glad you are enjoying it. SR
  18. I started another project a few weeks back, and for the first time I am reprising one of my original designs; from the #4 has an F-hole build. That was my first GOTM winner, and the only one I have that my wife says I cannot get rid of. I'm sure there will be some modifications, but we'll start with the same pattern and see where it goes. This one will have a sapele body, a zebra wood top, and a neck that's zebra wood, with a Katalox center spine. Really hard, stiff stuff that is, I think it is around 3660 on the janka scale. This build is likely to have several interruptions along the way, but it will keep me amused between interruptions. I skipped the prep and body glue up shots and went straight to the neck sandwich glue up. I decided to cut a shelf for the nut below the level of the fretboard. This will add a Fender like drop off plus a headstock angle which should give plenty of breakover angle for the strings. I like the pattern and colors after cutting the headstock angle. It's almost too bad there will be a headstock cap of Katalox to cover that up. Body cut out....but not quite ready to play yet. SR
  19. Those two definitely fell from the same tree. I agree with the black rings and think you also have a little optical illusion going on caused by the angled end of your fretboard. Angles like that are always good to include so you have a built in response when the "optical illusions" kick in. SR
  20. This is my first time for Katalox too. It is also called Mexican royal ebony. The board I bought was a deep dark almost black brown. So I'm assuming that the inner color is the color of fresh cut wood and it oxidizes dark. It kind of reminds me of purple heart. The dark line is the color of the wood surface. SR
  21. 80 grit sandpaper....on a variety of shaped blocks and wrapped around dowels of various diameters. Actually a dremel with a sanding drum attachment on a flex shaft gets most of the chisel marks out, then the sanding blocks and also some scraping with utility knife blades. And a caliper is used to gauge the thickness. SR
  22. Over the last few years, I've been exploring the craft brews that are sooooo much better than the old American stand bys we grew up with. No wonder the Europeans made fun of our weak bland beer.....but we had so few options back then. Not so now. Earlier this year Maul got me on a search for Pliny the Elder. I have not found it yet. It does not come to Texas. It does come to Colorado, and I conducted a search in Crested Butte while I was there. It turns out only one place there gets it from time to time and it goes fast. They told me the keg ran dry two days before I got there. I did learn that there are many great brews out there waiting to be tried.....there are over 2000 craft brewers in the states now. So happily I am trying all that look appealing. I thought those of us that appreciate this sort of thing could post up the stuff we run across to share with the others. Maybe I've tried something you saw but hadn't checked out yet and pass on my thoughts if so asked....and vice versa. So here's the first few that I've collected: Stone IPA Stone Ruination IPA Odells IPA--one of my favorites! Lagunitas IPA SR
  23. Once the headstock carve is done it's time to add fret locator dots and side dots, and then radius and polish the fretboard. I can't remember ever having as much trouble fretting as this board gave me. I set the depth guide and dressed the slots several times as I radiused and polished the board in the hopes that I could keep it pristine, while fretting. I apparently wallowed out the ends of several slots and they wouldn't grip the tangs. I had to pull several frets and fill the slots with CA, level and re-polish the board and re-cut the slots to get them to hold the tangs. other frets didn't want to go in deep enough, even though I repeatedly checked the slot depth. Finally I set the depth just a tad deeper and life got much easier. I ran out of daylight before I could get any fret dressing done, so that will be on the agenda next weekend. SR
  24. That center stripe of Katalox is super hard....and looks like a slice of steak. SR
  25. Rabid beaver came back and finished his meal. And then he cleaned up after himself. SR