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  1. Over the last few years, I've been exploring the craft brews that are sooooo much better than the old American stand bys we grew up with. No wonder the Europeans made fun of our weak bland beer.....but we had so few options back then. Not so now. Earlier this year Maul got me on a search for Pliny the Elder. I have not found it yet. It does not come to Texas. It does come to Colorado, and I conducted a search in Crested Butte while I was there. It turns out only one place there gets it from time to time and it goes fast. They told me the keg ran dry two days before I got there. I did learn that there are many great brews out there waiting to be tried.....there are over 2000 craft brewers in the states now. So happily I am trying all that look appealing. I thought those of us that appreciate this sort of thing could post up the stuff we run across to share with the others. Maybe I've tried something you saw but hadn't checked out yet and pass on my thoughts if so asked....and vice versa. So here's the first few that I've collected: Stone IPA Stone Ruination IPA Odells IPA--one of my favorites! Lagunitas IPA SR
  2. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    And now it's gone again. Magic! SR
  3. Fretless necktrough bass

    You've got a tongue and groove neck! Are using a piece of flooring or are you doing yourself to make glue up alignment simpler? SR
  4. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    That makes perfect sense...but now it's back. SR
  5. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Now my button is gone..... SR
  6. The Helix build (video series)

    Nice John! I like the idea of using a chalk line over your pencil line for the cutting offset. SR
  7. 24 Magnum

    That finish looks so wet I'd be afraid to tilt it for fear it would pour off. SR
  8. That could be fun. Be a hell of a commute though. SR
  9. I have a little dog named Cody. Early in his life, when he was just a pup, so to speak he looked like this. For nearly as long, I've had an ash log drying in the garage. As Cody got older his color started looking more and more like the ash log. And for some time now that log has been telling me I need to find Cody in there and set him free. The thing is Cody no longer looks like that scruffy little puppy. He looks more like a cross between a tiny haystack and an unsheared mountain sheep. So the Cody I find in the log might just be more inspired by my little dog than what he looks like just now. He may still have some of the attributes of puppy Cody. Or he may not. We'll just have to see when I get him out of the log. SR
  10. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    How come your posts don't have a like (response) button? SR
  11. Excellent choices, both. SR
  12. Andy, I'm a big fan of unique and original designs and builds...and this one stands tall in that category. I never had a doubt but that you could pull it off...with aplomb,naturally. Even your near replica builds always have some unique and original aspect to them, that AJR magic touch. This was tremendously entertaining to watch you identify and overcome each challenge present by the design. Very cool, man! Well done. SR
  13. A few months back, my buddy Hook--@skullsessions--suggested to me that he and a couple of his bandmates might be interested in electric mandolins. I was working on Cody at the time, and while I was carving I mentally designed one. I figured I ought to build one first, to sort of get the taste of it before committing to anything. They had tiny teles in mind, but what I wanted to start with is more of a nod to the F-style. So I re-sawed a zebra wood plank I had leftover, badly, and glued it up. Then I sharpened up my trusty low angle plane and got to work making shavings. Cody had to come out and see what I was doing. Then I rough cut the body to shape and started prepping the gluing surface. I wonder if they make mando sized P-90s? SR
  14. Gotta love technology. The more it does the more it doesn't. SR
  15. Wow, there's a lot of stuff going on in there, Andy. Looks like someone raised the bonnet on a Porshe. SR
  16. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    You and I may be the only two on the planet that do... That fretboard came out amazing btw. SR
  17. Welcome back Jon. I'm looking forward to seeing this come together. SR
  18. Giving it a go

    Are the slots deep enough in the center? SR
  19. 2016 Progress

    Wow, good to see you back at it, Stu. This is definitely worth continuing on with. Looks like the bastards over at photobucket are holding your pics for ransom too. SR
  20. KEA 2017 builds

    Press the little heart. And it appears to be called "reacted" now.... SR
  21. That's flippin' awesome! Thank you for that. As far as the as the short scale mando-bass goes, I'd say it doesn't have to exist to be doable. If you can dream it up and conceive of a way to build it, it can be done. In fact those are probably the most exciting builds to my mind. SR
  22. Not a singlecut

    Yeah, that's a beauty alright. And it definitely wants to be touched. SR
  23. I did build her an 8 string mandolin, but those play like 4 string instruments. I think Andrew is talking about an 8 string shredder like he's been building lately. SR
  24. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    I've often wondered if making fret dams or plugs out of plastic would be worthwhile. They would be the length of the slot and the width of the slot and stick out maybe a quarter inch above the board. Plug all the slots and glue up and then pull the lugs as the glue sets up and quits flowing. There might be a little clean left to do, but it shouldn't be much. SR
  25. Har! I am barely able to use all 6 strings....I have no clue what I'd do with two more. SR