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  1. Indeed. This is going to take a lot longer than it took for that picture to develop..... Now that I would find fascinating. Those things have always intrigued me. And the fact that are not real is one of the most captivating aspects. SR
  2. My first ever mod was similar to that.My buddy has a pearl white Guild with an HSS set up and a tremelo.. He wanted two humbuckers and a hardtail. I routed out the center and put in a half inch thick piece of cocobolo and matched the carve. It looked very similar to what you've depicted, and he loved it. SR
  3. I've got a 3'x4'x6' shelving unit that I stack pieces in edgewise. I usually get my pieces cut into three foot lengths before bringing them home. Still looks messy but they at least have their own spot. SR
  4. Also, if the slots were not cambered there is a small fillet (round over) where the tang joins the base of the fret that can keep it from seating flush. SR
  5. Screaming past rooftops keeps my tail feathers tightly closed as well. SR
  6. I forgot to ask you something 10P. Was Amanda there? I'm posting this one because there are two songs that I always repeat whenever I play Jason. The first one I posted- Overseas- and this one. Plus this was recorded live at Austin City Limits and they always do it right. And I love the tone of his Dusenberg. And, well, Amanda. SR
  7. More construction by reduction. We've got hardwood cabinetry with solid oak knobs! I didn't know that when you rough in the boobs on an oaken prairie gnome, it ends up looking like she's walking around with a rottweiler scrotum around her neck. Wally said he didn't know that either and thanked me all to hell for a mental image that's going to keep him up for weeks. I told him that voyeurs didn't get to complain about anything they see. Didn't he remember what happened last time? SR
  8. I truly admire your electronics acumen. That stuff is a whole 'nuther language to me. SR
  9. I tend to give my raw materials (wood) a bit bigger voice in determining its destiny. If it starts fighting me too hard, I may say, well if that's what you want to be, so be it. I's a simpler concept when working with organic shapes. On the other hand, if the wood's ideas flat don't work, if it's too contrary, it may just find itself replaced with a piece that has a better attitude. SR
  10. Been there, done that. Been without power for a week a couple of times. Sounds like you got just enough to keep you humble, which is all anyone needs. I'll bet McAllen now has close to their annual allotment of rain. When I lived down there, Falcon Lake was so low it was indistinguishable from the Rio Grande, except for the boat ramps 200 yds away from the water. SR
  11. You guys survive Hannah all right? SR
  12. Thank you sir. You're making me jealous. I didn't learn about Isbell in any depth until the end of last year. Since then I've soaked up all his music like a sponge....but the world has conspired to keep most touring musicians at home. So I'm still waiting for my first show. SR
  13. It took a while, but I got there. The white stick threw me, I kept wanting to tie it to the oak I was carving. Then the free dog made me think of a dog on a stick....lit a corn dog or a weenie roast. SR
  14. Is that more of that British humor that Yanks have no reference for again? Nevermind--I get it. Synapses are sluggish this morning. SR
  15. 32 feet?! Holy crap! I can get 8 22 fret six stringers out of that. It'll take 3 or 4 years but I could get it done. Respect. SR
  16. Thanks Mike, It's great so far. The acuity will continue to sharpen as they heal, but already the difference between what I see and what I used to (not) see is amazing! And she is called Annie (oak), and Wally hopes she continues to look good. He's a little gun shy this time around. SR
  17. How much wire did that take? SR
  18. Yep. Good stuff. Now I'm exhausted. SR
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