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  1. OK here is my first entry for this month. i did this about 2 years ago, it was an old Penco bass that we put a carvin neck on, i reshaped the headstock and added an ebony venneer. with the white and black mop inlay (wich was my second one ever) its an Ash body that the customer wanted black, it also has aperloid pickguard and a humbucker pickup, this thing sounds great! i might be adding another one of my originals also but im not sure
  2. streamline dont get bumbed dude, your guitar is very sweet! they are all very cool this month! i think next month is gonna be a tuff one to! i hope i will be able to enter something? i think i will, i just need to make some flamed pup rings then intsall the hard ware and im good to go on my solid body! cant wait!
  3. wow there are alot of cool guitars this month! i really like that cloth top! its got a cool look to it, and goats is a pretty blue! i love blue! hey goat we got to get together and jam since we live near each other! um...... i dont know why there are two voting things for my guitar, i hope it doesnt disquallify me. lex that top is awsome! i think im gonna have to do another flame top soon!
  4. i agree, i dont want to lose a great guitar site cause of pirated software, thats why im not gonna take up the offer, sorry nordic
  5. Here is another pic, sorry they are soooo big! i am getting photo shop soon so then i can shrink them down. thanks wes for telling me how to do this.
  6. OK this is my OFFICIAL entry for this month! This is my RH1 prototype- IT is a hollow Mahogany carve top, with walnut back. Three layer binding work wich consists of maple/black walnut/bass wood. the fret board, pup rings and truss rod cover are all Wenge. i used a Gotoh 510 bridge and Vintagevibe humbucker sized soapbars. two volumes and one three way switch. grover tuners and erinie ball reg. slinky strings. this guitar has a very nice med. hollow sound with a little bit of a growl when really driven. the neck pup is placed so that it does not have to much low end wich i find really annoying, this has a very nice warm neck position though, and the bridge possition sounds very SG ish but with the hollow tones too. (ive never played a 335 so i cant compare to that?) i finished this off with Behlen nitro laquer i think it was 14 coats? i lost count!lol i also included a "signature" logo out of one peice of ebony, i dont think this is gonna be my final design though? and i also used a graph-tech nut. the Wenge fret board is very nice! it has an ebony feel but looks beutiful! Wenge is close to the same density as ebony so its a nice alternativei hope you enjoy the pics as much as i enjoy this instrument! Oh and if your wondering how it plays? well i leave my PRS at home now when i do shows, so that should give you an idea!
  7. sent the pics to brian, maybe he'll doctor them so im a sure win!!!!!he he i might enetr my solid bady also if i get id done in time, or i will save it for next month
  8. OK i took a bunch of better pics, i geuss i will email them to brian, i hope he gets them .
  9. do you use the vacuum bag for that thick of a top though scott? ive used them before in a cabinet shop for venneering whole sheets of ply! they work great, we also would veneer raised panel doors!
  10. Ben im lovin the mahogany tele, now who do i vote for? me or you? i really dig the perliod binding, and the only good tele is a tele with humbuckers!
  11. Here is my entry, I have taken new photos so these ones are a little better. My Webpage spec: walnut back(hollow1/4" everywhere except neck and straplock areas) carved moahogany top with f-holes( carve is 1/4" thick) three layer bindings are black walnut/maple/basswood mahogany neck with wenge fretboard. vintage vibe soapba/humbuckersized pickups with wenge trims gotoh510 bridge grover tuners lots of blood sweat and tears oh and money!
  12. ha ha to true, oh well next month i'll have about three guitars to enter!
  13. i almost started to cry, i missed the entry by two !#$$ing days! i shouldve read what the contest was gonna be earlier, i didnt even think about it until this morning and didnt read it until tonight. oh well maybe next month. the tele is nice though so i voted for that
  14. that relic is sweeeeet! i liked the tele to but i had to go with the relic!
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