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  1. Remind me not to enter GOTM when this one is entered. LOL!! Very Nice Scott. mk
  2. No what you are doing is removing the high spots of the gloss finish. this is normal when level sanding. Once it is all hazy so it is smooth, you should SPRAY some clear coat back on it. Use a rattle can if that is all you have. Put a few light coats on and level sand again with higher grit paper. Do this a few times increasing the the grit. once at 1200 or more then you can start to polish the finish. If need be use some mineral spirits with the higher grits (800 +) to slightly wet sand as you level and not load up the paper. keep it clean as possible. MK
  3. Patents have a lifespan of 20 years, others may make improvements but must work within the original patent and apply for the improvement to hold any water 9most times they fail in it being granted). The main patent registration can also do this to try and extend it's original patent but it only applies to the improved version and the original expires on its 20th year date. This is why Pharmas can make generics of the original after the expiration date. trademarks and copyright is different. MK
  4. Thanks Scott and Biz point taken, I will look at that. That is the type of feedback I want and need. Trying to make players guitar can be hard at times. mk
  5. Only when the CNC freaks out from I do something wrong or something breaks, I'm good. I was looking at an m&m when I came up with this shape. MK
  6. So here is one of my new 3 d models I am working on. An organic flow, tele neck through. Still have to do the neck transition. Currently placed a set neck model I made in to see what it looks like. Feedback please. MK
  7. It's more about head stock shapes with Fender and what someone calls there build. Gibson? Who knows for sure what they will do?. I mean really if Fender wants to come after me for my tele style then bring it on. I don't do Gibby stuff anyway MK
  8. If I modeled all of the hardware as well, you might not know the difference. Thanks for compliment Bizman. MK
  9. Here is a new basic set neck design I made in 3D. Hopefully will be able to mill this out soon. A slight arm carve and belly carve while trying to stay as "organic" as I can. Trying to keep the flow. The set neck will require some hand sanding to finalize it's transition. Let me know what you all think? MK
  10. Well that being said, my wife never had 20/20 vision as a child or an adult until I had her do corrective lense implants. She had 20/300 as a child, wore glasses until her late 20s then contacts with glasses. Once that happened she realized there were leaves on trees. 10 years ago I had here do the corrective implants and she still has 20/30 now. She did have 20/20 when we were done. She is now 73. So never say never. Scott. mk
  11. It was fast, and expense. $3600 per eye after insurance. Im at 20/20 in my right and 20/100 in my left and the left will get much better over the next month. It should get to 20/20 soon. The doctor said my right was abnormal to be at 20/20 so soon. LOL mk
  12. These as well "Rhoads56", Perry Ormsby, Ormsby Guitars owner of https://www.ormsbyguitars.com/ "Melvyn Hiscock": Author of "Make your own electric guitar". MK
  13. I had my left eye cataract surgery today. It went well so far, a little more discomfort than the right eye. If all goes well I will be at 20/20 vision in both eyes in the next week or so. Damn CAD program better watch out, now that I know what line I am really seeing. LOL!!! MK
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