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  1. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Thanks Carl, I deleted it so as not to be a whiney ass. LOL. I'm just tired of getting screwed around by the doctors and the system. It appears all they want me to do is go away, crawl into a hole and die. mk
  2. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Never mind decided not to air my dirty laundry tonight.
  3. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Oh thanks Carl, Also he wants me to stop all alcohol intake. LOL!!! I understand what you are saying, If I quit smoking I would have to stop drinking for a while since I love a good smoke and a Scotch. LMAO!!!!
  4. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Been down for a while, My PC died, had to build a new one. I went to the Neurosurgeon yesterday. This is the one that has had me going to an infectious disease doctor for 4 months since I have had MSRA staph before and he did not want any complications when time to do surgery. Now the bastard comes up with I must lose 30lbs in 3 months, quit smoking for 3 months minimum, go to Physical therapy for at least 3 months and have steroid injections to my spine for total time 16 weeks. ( 2 injections) Then after doing all of that he MIGHT do surgery on me. WTF? This Asshole should have told me this shit from the fucking start. I have wasted 4 to 5 months waiting to get this done doing what he asked me to do, I am deteriorating at a fast rate and now this fucker wants me to do this? Needless to say, I am fucking pissed off and looking for a new Doctor. I hope that shithead burns in hell. Oh and how the hell does anyone lose 30lbs in 3 months? Even a person in great shape would have problems doing that. RANT Over!!!! MK
  5. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    and when we get old and weaker it shits on you.
  6. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Good luck with the new Job Carl as well as the move. I hope it all works out for you and family. So here's the new body in a very rough stage of rendering, still a lot to do before it's final. I am thinking of trimming the horns down some. Also will add a belly carve and more access to the lower bout.
  7. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Another OLD BRAIN FART, I ordered a new sliding door to replace a large window so we can make a new patio on the side of the house. Somehow OLD Dumbass me got the wrong size in his pea brain. Now I have a special order door that took 6 weeks to get that is too big for the opening. WTF was I thinking? I'm sure that with my back pain and meds I am not at my best game. Damn me!! This is going to be an expensive return. MK update: I didn't get it wrong they did. LOL!!! So now the PITA to return the door and get the correct one. Fuck me another 6 weeks gone unless they will expedite. Waiting for a call. So now the question is do I spend more to open the wall to install the 120" door ( means having to put in a new header which entails bracing up the outer wall/ceiling first , spend more $$$$), Send it back and wait 6 to 8weeks (will charge me for shipping), or use one sideglass and the door in the existing opening and get money back? Have to think on that.
  8. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

  9. I never said it was easy. I understand though.
  10. No problem Joe, I'm an old fart so excuse me, I would like to see the build thread on PG not somewhere else. Yes it is open to all members I commend you on a great instrument. My thoughts are in the spirit of PG that those who put the time in here, posts the good and the bad, should benefit at equal rates. Having no build thread here or at all diminishes my vote. Hopefully going forward we will see many more from you and enjoy your presence and contributions. Mike
  11. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  12. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  13. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  14. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  15. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Agree. Today will be cooler, High expected of 87*. WhooHoo!!! It is nice though after the 100+ for the past few weeks, This will only last for about 4 days though then back to the 100*+