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  1. Hell, you will never catch up. by the time you reach my level I will be in Depends because I won't be able to trust a fart. LMAO!!!!
  2. No way I don't do cliquey !! I'm just an old fart!!!
  3. That really sucks Carl. What a piece of whale shit he must be. Stay the course, you will prevail.
  4. So, while I sit allowing my back to rest I penned another piece of thoughts. mk
  5. It must be the AIR.
  6. I call this AIR . This guitar is the ultimate in sound reproduction. Intonation is a breeze and anyone can play it. It is made of Oxygen, Nitrogen and other inert elements. Once you grab hold of it, you feel like GOD. Yes even Clapton would love this. (((( shaking my cage)))) Hi Carl.
  7. Yes sir you are correct, Then Old Dumbass proceeds to drill a fucking hole in his finger. Son of a Bitch that hurt.
  8. So the drill bit I could not find, I drove 40miles round trip to get one as it is a very specific stepped drill bit. Today I found the other one, it fell off of the drill stand and under the table saw. LOL!! mk
  9. That sucks big ass balls. Knowing you though, you will be fine.
  10. Works for me! Yep that old asshole in the mirror just fell down and fucked up his back again. Now he wants a scotch.
  11. I swear, my mind is fucking gone. I can't get anything to work right. Why, because I fuck it up some how with brain farts. Even the simplest things like putting a screw in or drill a hole. I can't find the screw driver or the drill? I have no clue where I put it? I know I used it yesterday? WTF? Maybe it's the meds I have been on? Been foggy brained for a few days. LOL!!! mk
  12. MiKro

    cnc rebuild

    I modified and made a new set of the dust shoe plans for my needs. Then old dumbass me uses the original plans to mill. WTF, too late at 300IPM a lot happens fast? So ordered more hdpe. Dammit I can't catch a break lately. LOL!! mk
  13. ROTLMAO!!!!! Dammit I better press the Life Alert button for help, Now I can't get up.
  14. Damn, we sound like a bunch of old fucked up men. Oh Shit, I looked in the mirror, I am an old fucked up man. LMAO!!!
  15. Sunday morning, Feel much better today. Did a 10 minute stretch on the back board last night, a few muscle relaxers and a pill for nerve pain. Slept well, 95% of the problem gone today. Now I must be vigilant not to do something stupid again. LOL!!! mk