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Entry for August 2018's Guitar Of The Month contest is open to all!


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  1. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

  2. MiKro

    Guitar Of The Month vote - July 2018

    I never said it was easy. I understand though.
  3. MiKro

    Guitar Of The Month vote - July 2018

    No problem Joe, I'm an old fart so excuse me, I would like to see the build thread on PG not somewhere else. Yes it is open to all members I commend you on a great instrument. My thoughts are in the spirit of PG that those who put the time in here, posts the good and the bad, should benefit at equal rates. Having no build thread here or at all diminishes my vote. Hopefully going forward we will see many more from you and enjoy your presence and contributions. Mike
  4. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  5. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  6. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  7. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  8. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Agree. Today will be cooler, High expected of 87*. WhooHoo!!! It is nice though after the 100+ for the past few weeks, This will only last for about 4 days though then back to the 100*+
  9. MiKro

    Guitar Of The Month vote - July 2018

    Nice entries this month, unfortunately only one is a regular member. It appears the others are just wanting to get that GOTM badge. No builds posted except for one, just an entry for the others. Nice beautiful work that no one else can learn from. Oh well!! Obvious where my vote goes.
  10. MiKro

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Again another, GOTM with only one entry that is an established member. The other 2 have less than 12 posts or just 1 post, The entry. Sorry I vote for the ones that are here instead of, I need to use this to sell my product. RANT over!!! MK
  11. MiKro

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    I will have to work on that I think it is a great name. LOL. And all I was trying to do was F with you guys. LMAO!! He thought it was great. Just think Monkey Butt beer, brought to you by Jackson-MiKro Brewing Co. LOL!!
  12. MiKro

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    What no Monkey Butt Dark Ale? My Son-in-Law Crafts beer, he thought it was a great name, so I guess he will be using this name for his next Dark beer. ROTFLMAO!!!!
  13. MiKro

    Bent side ES style

    Looking good there John. MK
  14. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.

  15. MiKro

    Neck Modeling.