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  1. I am trying my best to get to all of the Doctors I need to see so I can have my surgery. Many will not call me back. This is frustrating as hell. I'm in pain and need to get this done asap. To top off everything my Step dad had a stroke last night. What a cluster fuck that is my world at the moment and the insurance companies are fucking with me as well. WTF? Not sure how much more of this shit I can endure? Trying keep my head up and work through this. RANT and Venting over!!! MK
  2. Doors are a PITA to make. mk
  3. What the fuck are you talking about Carl? I have nothing to say about Duck shit ?????? Obviously I missed something here? mk
  4. cnc rebuild

    OKay here is a quick vid of X, Y and Z axis testing XYZ Test Video
  5. All of the above. Thanks everyone, I will endeavor to persevere.
  6. So i am looking at walkers. Really? Yep, I can't fucking believe this. It is almost impossible to get around now. I mean really, my wife now has to help me dress. I am no longer able to put on my socks, shoes, and pants at this time by myself. I am fucking getting really depressed at the moment. I have had a lot of medical problems over the years and have dealt with them as best I can. Not once have I let it get me down. This time is, I don't know? It really is taking a toll on me. MK
  7. Figures people just don't listen. A little goes a long way. Yep, my L2-L3 is screwed I knew that some time back about 5 years ago. It finally said FUCK YOU MIKE!! At least the newer surgeries are using the spacers and no fusion. So I should be okay once the new parts are in and get the bone off of the nerves. I wish they had progressed more with 3d vertebrae though that would be cool to get the old fused crap out and replace it to give me some mobility back. LOL!!
  8. So I am back again from the hospital. Looks like I will be having back surgery again in about 4 weeks. Fuck me I am tired of this shit.
  9. Back in the hospital again. MRI s to do as well as other test.. This feels like de'javu? mk
  10. 11:30 pm last night I wake to a fast dripping sound. Dammit my hot water heater is leaking and it is upstairs. The pan overfilled and now my closet, clothes and shit are wet. WTF? So I have ordered a new hot water heater. Waiting to see if I can get a plumber out today? Most likely not and with my back out I can't do the job myself. Fuck Me. If I didn't have bad luck ,I wouldn't have any luck at all. LOL!!! MK
  11. cnc rebuild

    physical interference. that was causing the stall. As you know sometimes it takes so little to make it go into mid-band resonance. Basically I had an end bearing that had not seated properly which was binding the ball screw. That's why I felt it was the ball screw appeared to off parallel. LOL!! It now runs@ 300ipm with zero issues. I will push it up more tomorrow. See if I can get 500IPM not that I need it. Time for a scotch.
  12. cnc rebuild

    Not a happy camper at the moment. I put the stepper on the Zaxis and dammit it is binding somewhere? I keep getting resonance stalls from binding. I have it torn down again. trying my best to find the bind? I think my ball screw is not parallel to the rails by ever so little of an RCH. Fuck ME!!! MK update: found it. all appears okay now. had a ball screw bearing that was binding
  13. +1 on using PEX, I am replacing much of our existing with it as well. mk
  14. Wow that is one heavy looking pan. I agree not the best choice for a shower pan . Don't fuck up your back Old Man. LOL!!! mk