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  1. Thanks Scott, the past 24hours have been me reliving the hell I have been through with this and the reality of not being able to do shit about it as the Malpractice laws in Texas are totally fucked up in the favor of the Dr's and Hospitals. I have only 4 months to file if I could and unless I died or lost a limb no one will even bother. It would cost me 100k to 250K just to file in those events. WTF? Yep the laws were changed about 12 years ago. mk
  2. I went to my new doctor yesterday. It was an enlightening experience. He was very matter of fact and spent 2 hours with me. We went over images going back to my original hip complaint 2 years ago. Yep it is my hip. My back was not the problem and the surgery was not needed. Therefore, I should not had the complications either. Pissed is not even close to how I feel about those assholes that led me down that path. So now I must determine when I will have my hip replaced. Fuck me!! Hopefully soon and I can move on with my life. MK
  3. Funny you all say that. I am due for a colonoscopy. LMAO!!! mk
  4. Well they finally got back to me once they found the test results. Funny, after we talked he agrees that I am on the right track with my problem. I don't have cancer or infection as best they can tell. Will meet with one more Doctor to do a few final tests to 100% rule those out and further define what is going on. LOL!!! Finally movement in the right direction. MK
  5. I like it!!!! When I get some time LMAO!!! I am going to remake my 4x12 cab. The lower got some water damage so I'm thinking just make a new one. LOL!! Low on the priority list right now. mk
  6. So the old fart in me is questioning everything. I think these doctors are all wrong? I honestly think this is Pseudo-gout. The more I think about this and what has gone on, it makes more sense to me. I have gained weight, not lost. I have not had elevated white blood cell counts, no fever or heat in the affected area. The tenderness is not there, just sharp pains when moved wrong or pressure on the area (standing, walking) The MRI shows a crystaline type of fluid in my hip obscuring x-ray imaging. Prednisone relieves the symptoms. I have had trauma to the area. I have elevated rheumatoid levels. I am getting older. All of these are consIstent with Pseudo-gout. I know I am not an MD but something about this does not compute. LOL!! Maybe I am grasping at straws to help me cope? Hopefully soon I will finally have a definitive answer?
  7. man that sucks. Hopefully it will go away? There has to be something that will get rid of it? MK
  8. I agree with you all. It appears that no matter where anyone is, the health care systems are in dire need of restructure for the patients. I just went to get some blood work done today. They could not do it because the order does not have all of the info required from the Doctor. What a bunch of crap. Now I have to wait until Monday to get the correct info which puts off results by another 2 or 3 days. DAMN!!! mk
  9. Thank you Carl, Yes I am very pissed off. I'm getting ready to go get some testing today. I personally don't think that this is cancer. I have been gaining weight and my white blood count is well within norms? Not typical for it to be a cancer. Again I'm not an MD so we will see what is going to happen. It is just frustrating as hell to be in this position. I have fought way too many battles with my health over the years and found ways to overcome with the help of caring people and now the BIG Finger of " FUCK YOU MIKE " is upon me again. I'm running on fumes and I don't like it. Mike
  10. Thank you Scott Yes Wes, this definitely sucks HUGE fuzzy donkey balls.
  11. Well guys, looks like my startup may be going to stop soon. I saw a new specialist about my Hip again today. Something I have been complaining about since Jan of 2018. As you all know everyone continued with "not your hip it is your back" Well, 1.5 years later my hip is still a problem and we may be a little late on the fix. I will know more in about a week. It appears that I have a very very high chance that this is bone cancer. Damn I am completely drained and pissed off that no one listened to me. This may be could have been diagnosed a long time ago. Best case scenario, is this is a major bone infection which is at this time about as bad as a cancer would most likely be according to the specialist. The specialist I saw today is referring me to another more specialized doctor than he is. I'm not sure how much more my body can take? So I may be selling everything very soon as this is going to get expensive quick no matter what the outcome. Fuck me, I'm not ready for this shit. Thanks for listening. Mike
  12. Yep and the Golden years are about giving it all to the Doctors.. LOL!!
  13. Well another Dr day. Let's see Dr: "you are still alive!" me: That's good? Dr: "So what brings you in today?" me: "still have pain in back and hip with other problems that continue to get worse" Dr: "So your blood work shows an elevation in this." Maybe you need to see a Rheumatologist? Me: "And what will they find that is related to my back and hip?" Dr: " well I don't know but it is most likely related." "By the way you should get a colonoscopy. We are trying to get 100% cooperation from our elderly patients." Me: "and what the hell does that have to do with my back or hip?" Dr: "nothing, I'm just saying you need to get one soon. Also it is time for your complete physical" Have a nice day sir" "let me know if there is anything else we can do for you?" Me: I leave bewildered?? WTF is happening to our health professions? So now I will have a scotch to ease my pain. ((((((( Shaking my cage ))))))) Have a great day all!!! MK
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