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  1. I guess happy for the sale but yep the packing is a bitch.
  2. MiKro

    First post

    Welcome, What is it you are trying to do would be my first question? Router bits are not always the best option for a CNC job. What is your spindle type? RPM variable speed or fixed speed? Collet type and size? What IPM or MM/min can your CNC work with correctly? mk
  3. @ScottR, happy that the cataract surgery has helped you. It made a big difference for me. MK P.S. and Fanny Mae or what ever you are calling her is looking great.
  4. Hi All, would like your help if you can please? Please help my friend Ash and his little boy. Your help in anyway will make a difference. Share it? Donate? Whatever you can do, please help this family. No parent should have to be told there baby boy has cancer on his 2nd birthday. Baby G was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. It has been found at it's early stage and is only effecting one eye. His MRI shows it has not reached the spinal cord or brain. They are going to Memphis this weekend to get him into St. Judes on Monday. There doctor in OK city has arranged this for them. My prayers to Ash, Amanda, and Gage. Go Fundme For Baby G UPDATE ON GAGE: Friday July 31st, The doctors at St. Judes will remove this little guys right eye. It appears that it is the only cancerous area. The hope is that no chemo or radiation will be needed going forward as they are catching this very early. Please continue with your prayers and any help on the GoFundme will be appreciated. Mike
  5. Once again Carl, you totally missed the point. Have a nice day! MK
  6. Now Carl, you got on my ass about being divisive, yet it is okay for you to bash another countries President. Not that we may be in agreement, but as you said it does not fit well on this forum. MK
  7. So this Burger King commercial just passed by on my screen on the TV. I had to take a Screenshot of it. WTF?
  8. No worries there I am allergic to vaping. It has something to do with the ni- chrome wire and my reactions to nickel. LOL!!
  9. So on to other things. I quit smoking cigarettes 12 weeks ago, I continued smoking my pipe though until Tuesday night when I ran out of tobacco. Day 2 (today) is a strong urge to buy more tobacco. LOL!! No, I am not going to the store, the next week or so will be hell, but I am determined to quit after 50+ years of smoking. MK
  10. Thank you Carl, I will respect your wishes. I never said it was a hoax, just that it is being miss represented to us for possible political gains. I take the threat very seriously, the virus is real and it is bad. Later, MK.
  11. @Prostheta, you totally missed the point as usual Carl. It has nothing to do with the mask. It is the puppet masters.
  12. MiKro

    More Models for CNC.

    Been working on a Tele Style neck. I have to make the head stock non conforming to keep from getting sued since the models are for sale. LOL!! I do add the 2d vectors though. Still some work to do on it but really close now.
  13. While cleaning the shop I found this. Circa 1978 found today. My wife gave me a full set of Blues harps on our first anniversary. She wanted to keep me playing. I can only think of the great musicians that playing a harp propelled me to meet and work with in the 70s and 80s. BTW who in the hell plays an A Flat harp? LOL!!! MK
  14. Smoking some meat for the weekend. 3.5lb Brisket Flat and 2 racks of spare ribs. @225* for however long it takes. mk
  15. I am truly tired of this Crap now. Whether this is conspiracy ,a real problem or both, it is time for it to fucking stop. All of the asshat government people are at WAR with each other, as well as everyone else wanting to kiss someones ass for whatever reason? There is no guidance that is consistent from anyone? Fuck This, I am going to set up a "gofundme" page to get some $$ and get the hell out of the city and find some solitude, way back where they have to pipe the sunshine in. That is all!! Damn I feel better now. MK
  16. Scotch Whiskey and feeling the groove. Booker T. Live at Daryls House in 2011 "Green Onions"
  17. Toying with another idea, Taking a PRS style body, make it a CutHorn style Archtop. This is a very very rough render. mk
  18. MiKro

    More Models for CNC.

    Will be adding a neckthorugh/ set neck model as well. This can be used for all sort of builds if you know how to manipulate the 2d files. Still some work to do on it. mk
  19. I am working on some more 3D models for CNC users. PRS and LP style. Working on neck models for these as well. mk
  20. good to hear from ya. Happy that all is well in your world. mk
  21. @soapbarstratAre you saying I sucked at being a MOD? So you must be one of those that thought I was the Nazi Mod from hell? Well damn dude All you had to do was say was something? I mean McNasty or Mcfucker what ever his name was, caused all of the problems. I just got tired of his shit and went ballistic in that sustainer thread he kept goading others in. LOL!!! Good to hear from you after 10 years. MK
  22. Mike that is not good. With your health issues you must really take this seriously. Be careful and be safe. mk
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