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  1. @ScottR I have a cat like that. mk
  2. That's not bad really. In Texas the foundation specs for inspection/engineering are 3/4" variance within every 20ft. mk
  3. Wish it was here, I want to get a video of my old fat cat rolling around in it. He loves to play in the snow. LOL. MK
  4. LMAO, yep it went South of DFW. enjoy my friend. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could be worse could be ice.
  5. F me, had to move a bunch of crap to get to my heaters. It was 40* in the shop this morning. We are supposed to get our first freeze in the morning. I like cold weather but dammit let me get done with my tedious soldering work first. It is damn hard to do when your hands are cold. LOL!!! MK
  6. It is that time of year. The holiday season is definitely in full swing. With that, I want to offer CHEERS to Everyone! I wish you all a Great Holiday Season! I pray your homes will be blessed with family, friends and joy throughout the coming days and years to follow. Mike
  7. That will work, may I suggest though using a good PVA glue with it and using a good nailing schedule. usually, on 2" to 2-1/2" centers. I know they have creasote on them but a small amount of roughing up the surface where the plates will be should be enough to allow the glue to penetrate some providing a better bond. mk
  8. you really should add some steel tie plates at those joints. Double the width to the height and at min 4 through bolts per side joint. Inside and outside plates. 1/4" plate would be more than enough. 3/16" steel would be fine mk
  9. Never fails when you don't need the damn thing. Murphys Law. LOL
  10. cnc rebuild

    F me I am starting the electronics phase of this. Damn, I sure created myself a lot of damn work. LOL!! MK
  11. cnc rebuild

    HI guys, well with all of the troubles I have had with my machine since firing it back up after 2+ years I am tearing it down and doing a rebuild. I will try and document my upgrades and. repairs a s I go along. First off I took the z axis down and promptly dropped the arbor as I removed the ball screw nut from the ball screw. yep the little balls went everywhere. So I had to take the y axis one apart to get an accurate count. Missing one ball. Finally after some time dragging a magnet around the shop floor I found the last one. WHOOPPEE!! That's good news. Will try and get some pics of the changes as they go. Need to tear down the x axis in the morning and then off to the machine shop for some new parts to be made. I guess I should draw them up first :). One thing is sure when I get this done it will be better, as I plan on making some other changes so it is easier to tram the spindle. for one.thing. until next update. MK
  12. I agree, it was a high comb stock and it fit quite well. mk
  13. I understand that very well. Funny thing, the most comfortable rifle I ever shot was my Weatherby 300 mag mark4. It was a big push, not a sharp jolt to my shoulder, neck, back. It was the only rifle besides my 22-250 that I would never lose my sight picture in the scope ever. I watched a many of deer and other animals fold up from the shot. It was a suprising thing to many that it was so comfortable for me to shoot since I have had neck and back surgeries. I even quit using a 12ga shotgun because of recoil. went to 20ga and 28ga semi autos. mk
  14. Overall a 270 is one of the best all around calibers for North America game. I have owned 22-250, 223, 25-06, 30-06 308, 7-08, 300 win mag , 300 weatherby mag, 270, 270 weatherby mag. 335 weatherby mag, 7 mag. and when it comes down to one, the 270 is by far the best all around. 22-250 is great varmit though. Just my opinion though. MK
  15. Well Im old school and have not kept up. LOL!!
  16. Most pistol rounds are subsonic. The reason a silencer has such a great effect on the sound of one in short distance. Take a supersonic round and a silencer reduces the muzzle blast sound but not the round moving through the air. which causes a sonic boom so to speak. MK
  17. cnc rebuild

    Finally, I have the Y axis ball screw mounted. I few minor adjustments to do then start the electronics. mk
  18. I suppose it was under the house. I would think that there would be at least one maybe more LOL!!. It is Texas and snakes love to be under the crawl space of rural homes. mk
  19. I hope everyone had a great T DAY? I did go to Austin and visit with my grandkids mk
  20. Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I will not be online for a few days. MK
  21. cnc rebuild

    Having a bit of backwards movement today. Been working on the Y axis and getting no where fast. Damn have to start over with the brackets for the ball screw bearing mounts. Oh well, shit happens.
  22. Yep that combo works for me. mk
  23. Thanks Wes, I worked with him for 14 years, I knew him 20+. Sorry to hear about your back, take care of yourself. MK