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  1. if you read the back it summons a horse.
  2. I just installed that wiring in my buddies lp with a SD jazz in the neck and a custom 5 in the bridge. It does give you a lot of options, but I didn't really like them all. really the only one I liked was the phase reversal. the rest sounded really thin, and I had to mess with the amp to make them sound ok, and it might have been the pups weren't hot enough. but versatility isn't only having options but good sound options. I'd much rather have a varitone switch. just my thoughts.
  3. at least not in public. I wanted to play zeppelin so badly in GC when I bought my first LP, until i saw like 4 others playing stairway to heaven and I realized how lame it was. I'm pretty impressed with the tone, The last thing I expected was someone to play jazz on it, and it had some great tone. I was expecting someone to come out just thrashing with insane overdrive in those vids. I didn't expect it to have that rich of a tone, most headless guitars i've played sounded so thin. Your obviously doing something right, looking forward to seeing where they go from here.
  4. I think "I" would look good, but my favorite is P, my only thing I would change is the pickguard, it might just be the rendering but it kind of covers up the really cool parts of the graphic. I think its kinda useless with a rear route.
  5. short of adding a flame-thrower, I think its as metal as can be. the chrome made it even sharper looking.
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