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  1. pinstripe it. easy as can be. unless you realy want it to be a black line of timber. you can get pinstripe tape in most decent automotive repair shops. any decent car painter / hot rod painter could do it in minits. Its gonna be under clear coat anyway so why not cheat if you dont actually need it to be timber
  2. Things are slow, more to the point Im slow - so I dont have much time to pop on here. The arm is still fairly bangd up, no grip strenght just yet so Im dropping a lot of tools but no fallen gitirs just yet. Actually turning away work at the moment because I would never be able to get to it in a reasonable abount of time. But screw it, It will all work out soon enuf. few days off over the holidays to chill & get away from the heavy stuff will be cool. get some playing in & chek out the forum. I found micro mesh years back when I had to polish an acrylic jem I made. was recomended to me by an aircraft tech that uses it to repair windscreens on air planes - coooool
  3. pallets are usually just soft pine. I would not put much faith in its ability to handle much stress. But still, I have made an archtop out of absolute crap from a shipping pallet just to prove a point & it turned out to be a great guitar, telecasters from old scaffold boards that rocked & an acoustic from a clients old fire mantle. you never know till you try.
  4. looking good Scotty. I see you have come over to the micromesh team. great stuff - if a little time consuming. I use it on a lot of finishes up to 12000 grit, then hop onto the polishing compounds & swirl removing paste. gets that nuclear diamond shine hapnin good n propper. pitty you lost most of this thread, was a good one.
  5. I would get a plane. But then I have been using them for 25 years or so & feel very comfortable with them. But still - Id get one. A No. 5 at the least. Also get a decent rasp, maby a shinto. Some decent tool shops will have big 10 inch plus things called a bastard file. brilliant if you can fin a decent one. BTW I sent you those drawings.
  6. Hi Paulie, i haven`t found how to send a PM to you, maybe is because i`m a new member and don`t have many posts yet... anyway, my email is ivandaros@gmail.com, thanks in advance for the templates! and then we can talk about the Ibanez new and the dead guitar pile stuff! cheers!

  7. the lads are spot on with evrything here, especially the spalt issue - stay well away untill you have a few guitars built. Even then it can be a nightmare to work if you get the wrong piece that just want to fight you at every turn. I would recomend sepelle, mahogany, alder, basswood or ash to start. All nice timbers & not too hard to work. Poplar is nice aslo but can have a fluffy edging when worked that can be offputting & ruins the build for early builders. Stay away from cedar, it can break too easily if cut wrong. If you do try make a neck, get a pre radiused & slotted fretboard from stewart mcdonald. make sure the grain in the neck timber is bolt straight - or close to it. If you dont have templates yet them PM me. I will need your email address to send you some CAD & pdf drawings of RG, JEM & Universe guitars. Also strats, teles & les pauls as these will most likly be the basis for all of your setting out of hardware. A doner guitar is a good idea. just make sure you dont go too cheap on the hardware, $30.00 trems are a big no for example. get a fender or gotoh hardtail bridge, much cheaper than you would think. If you like I can have a look around here & see what is lurking in the dead guitar pile. I know I have a neck from an Ibanez S model, Im not sure what else I have. Anyway - good luck, enjoy - & make sure you ask lots of questions & put up lots of photos
  8. ha ha ha been there. ebone is a total tool killer. so god damned hard. but i find it carves nicely precisly because it is so dense. just have to not mind sharpening your chisel every 2 minits
  9. lookin good Scott. I think this is your best head stock carve so far. the darker central strip taking the SR motif & the black tuners is perfect. The rest of the guitar is realy sweet but that fookin headstock just stands out as the best feature here - for me at least.
  10. I dig how this one is comin along. I especially like the back carve, reminds me of my own alphas & lotus guitars. Except that I would never be able to pull off the mad carving you can. Man im realy starting to miss building but your threads always make my day gitir wise. So come on son MORE PIKS !!! Do as daddy says
  11. Spandex & studded codpieces ? holy batmobile Muzz what the crap do you be wearing when ur jammin ? I think you spent waaaay too much time watchin kiss & judas priest videos. as to the lasers, you just reminded me that Vai is on tour again, hope he hits Ireland but probobly wont Last time he was here the lights all went out & this big neon funkadelic robot lookin freak (steve) walks onto stage with lasers shootin outa his fingers - ha ha ha cooool. Still, just pales in comparison to my diamond encrusted chainmail kilt & bejeweled manolo blahnik stilettoes. stylin bitches
  12. Well, this carve is going to have some edges to go with the soft curves I normally carve, but everywhere it contacts your body should be smooth and comfy. As far as how this offset design fits against your leg while seated......man I have no clue. SR Not to worry Scotty. If its not too comfy on yer leg when your sitting its no big deal. Just so long as when your standing with your left foot up on a big moniter, with yer 26 Marshall stacks lined up behind you, shredding with the left hand, waving a katana over your head catching lightning bolts with the right hand, hair blasting back in the wind from your 2 36 inch fans blowing up from the stage floor - all while being cheerd on by your 700,000 strong audience of tyrannosarus rex fans who traveled thru space & time to come see you make steve vai look like an amature. then its all good.
  13. Just looking at the grain in the neck there. Thats gona look something savage, you should get some realy nice stuff going on at the headstock transition.
  14. I think I've finally gotten to the point that I agree completely. Titebond has done what the epoxy failed at....so far. SR With 3600psi quoted from the manufacturer you cant realy go wrong. From what I hear & read from other users its not too far off the mark in practice.
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