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  1. Top coming out very nicely=) Looks perfect. I must start following this build.
  2. Looking darn good Have you done more progress? And how are your finland trip plans going?
  3. Well good to see that you will be back soon
  4. thanks, but there are some pretty awesome guitars here Well its guitar of the month. But you should post yours in there.
  5. You will have to post it on topic called Guitar Of The Month For January. Its on top of Announcements and Test area.
  6. You got some good moneys from that Someone got very nice guitar.
  7. As I am very happy with my new build, I decided to post it to GOTM. I call it Nut Rhoads. My guitar is made from Black walnut, Neckthru construction and rosewood frettboard with dot marks. Pickup: 1kpl DR parts humbucker. Tunners and bridge are from Dr parts asswell. And pictures... Some more pictures WIP pictures also at http://s760.photobucket.com/home/Artist334/index
  8. Shape could be something like flying V or jackson RR so its really fast to sand in shape after rought cut. Just press against belt sander and its done
  9. Well... good luck for your bussines
  10. Nice to hear that. Are you setting up your own custom guitar shop?
  11. I like this one a lot, probably my favorite of yours so far and very clean. Once I get my seven string done I might do one like this you will have to send me the plans if you can. What kind of pickup is in it? I was also trying to figure out how you got this done so early in the morning since it's 7:30 a.m. here ... then I Remembered the eight hour time difference. Pickup is one of those very cheap humbuckers from brand called DR parts. But I will buy something like Emg 81 or some passive one to this later. As I scaled this from internet it might not be just exact but I can sen measurements if you want. BTW are you coming to finland next summer or...(did you say something like that few months ago)?
  12. Now... some pictures from finished guitar. pick up might be changed after few weeks of playing, becouse in local music shop there were no pickups on my price range so I had to use one left over pickup. http://s760.photobucket.com/home/Artist334/index
  13. Too late to ask... You dont have to wait long... I would post pictures now but I have to go to school
  14. Its fast and easy to make, becouse I planned everything for weeks so I can make it like on production run. Quit essential if I want to make enything on three day course
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