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  1. A parallel treble bleed circuit will move the taper towards what youd like and also maintain more consistent tone. 150k in parallel with 1nF if you have a 500k pot, od use 120k with a 250k pot
  2. You might be interested to add a simple buffer stage after the pickup, then you can drive the 100k pot with no loss. You can build that with a bout $1 of components, being a resistor, a capacitor and a Junction Field Effect Transistor. have a look at the one built into a cable here: http://guitarnuts2.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=schem&action=display&thread=3150 If you build it into the guitar instead of a cable and box, you could omit R2 R3 and C3 if you wish the output would go to your volume pot and amp. Maybe make C2 about 1uF. J
  3. just on my post above - I cant seem to edit it today. The last part about coil cutting, I got the B and N wrong way round when I was talking about which centre connection gets grounded to where, since I see it is the neck pup that you want to have different coils cut to. I hope its almost clear - but the theory should be OK! J
  4. Agreed - and I just wanted to add that its just a basic Tele switch, so easily obtained. On a Tele, the other half of the switch comes into play to get the B,B+N,N.
  5. I reckon its all possible. the key to getting all the phasing to happen on one switch is to note that you never wish to have more than two pickups at a time. So, use the superswitch to select any two pickups Pickup1 Pickup2 Neck none Neck Middle Neck Bridge Middle Bridge none Bridge One pair of switch poles select pickup1, one pair selects pickup2. In each pair, one pole selects the ground side, the other the hot side of the humbucker or single-coil middle. So you end up with not three but two virtual pickups. Put the phase switch on 'pickup2' For coil cuts, use a dpdt to connect the series links in the centre of the humbucker coils to actual ground for the bridge pup and to the cold side of the neck pickup (ie where it usually is grounded. Now, to get position 3, select the neck and bridge pickups in reverse - hot to ground and cold to output. Due to the above coil cuts, the bridge coil slected will reverse but the neck single coil will remain. Both puops are reverse phase so overall phase is OK. Youll get phasing in all settings of two pickups. Also,if you select bridge only and pull the phase switch,you get to hear the other bridge coil. What Im talking about is similar to this HSS design: http://guitarnuts2.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=schem&action=display&thread=5624 You only need to change a single coil neck to a humbucker, and use the other half of the coil-cut switch as above to get your result. My design also has overall series/parallel, which you could omit. John
  6. Hi bob - Ive done pretty much what you are working on. Its all written up on Guitarnuts2: http://guitarnuts2.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=schem&action=display&thread=3718 John
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