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  1. @Prostheta Thanks for this. I think this would work well for me. Something like this: I'm not sure what they call that switching jack.
  2. Greets, I'm trying to figure out how to, or even if it's possible to create a dual output wiring that can also work in a more conventional way. What I want is to wire the neck and bridge pickups to individual outputs, like two lots of this: https://guitarelectronics.com/1-humbucker-1-volume/ but still be able to use it in a more conventional way with a single cable like this: http://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-lever-switch-2-volumes-1-tone/ So if I had two cables plugged in the 3-way switch would do nothing and the neck and bridge pups would go to individual outputs, but if I had one cable plugged in then the neck and bridge pups would go to one output depending on the 3-way switch position. I can't get my brain around it. I'm happy to add another switch if needed. THANKS!
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