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  1. Hi. I have a bunch of questions about doing inlays. Here they are: What are the best woods to practice on? What is a good/cheap inlay material to practice with? What are the minimum tools I need? Is a router/dremel essential or can you do inlay with just chisels? If you can use just chisels how do you get the bottom flat? What are the best ways to get the inlay matrerial flush with the surface of the wood? Is there a resource that can tell me what woods are toxic and should only be worked on with a breathing mask and ventilation? Thanks if you answer any of these!
  2. Thank you for the answers! I suppose if the effect is the same I will just replicate what is working now. The person who did the wiring really did something complicated. I am reluctant to mess with what I don't have to. Someday though, I would like to completely redo it and simplify it.
  3. One more question: what is going on in the purple circle in this picture? Are those wires connected or something? If not, why do they draw them like that?
  4. Hi. I am putting in some Seymour Duncan pickups into my guitar Sunday. Whenever I have replaced pickups in this guitar in the past, I have just replicated the wiring scheme of what was already in there. It looks like this: Red is hot. Black is ground. No idea what yellow is. White and green are North finish, South finish I guess. It is 2 humbuckers with a 5 way switch set up for coil splitting. What I want to know is, how is this wiring scheme different from this one which purports to do the same thing: Is this just 2 ways to do the same thing? Or is there a qualitative difference? Like I said, usually I just copy what is already there. But now that I look at it, there are all sorts of things I do not understand about how it is currently wired. Here is everything going to the volume pot: What the heck is that thing on the left that reads 250 Vdc? Could that thing be messing up my tone? Come to think of it, I almost never use my tone pot anyway. Should I take it out of the loop? Should I just rip everything out and follow the Seymour Duncan diagram? Or if it is not broke, don't fix it?
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    Thanks for the answers!
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    So you calculate the lowest the pickups can get and drill the screw hole deep enough to accommodate that? I imagine you wax the screws so they turn easier. Would the body of a guitar like that have to be thicker than one that uses mounting rings or mounts the pickups in the guitar scratch plate?
  7. Hi. Sorry for such a newb question. I am not a builder and won't be for many years. I want to know what keeps the pickups from falling out in guitars such as this: How do you secure them to the body while also allowing height adjustment?