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  1. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 1 Piece Cherry B;ank 14.5x20
  2. Nice! but I see Gandolph the Grey!
  3. Rashin got mine, toddler 2. All were great and I loved the breadbox
  4. D-man, loved the color, RS as always your stuff is great, both basses are fantastic but I had to go with the LP. I would have voted for it twice, if only it would shine a little more. Next time spend more time at the buffing wheel!
  5. Didn't leave you out, but I am guilty of lumping you in with the other Wenge guitar.
  6. Thanks for the votes and the support, I'm very happy to get more than 1 vote with such wonderful guitars up there! Orgmorg said it best about Setch's "Exceptional detail without overstatement". My view on Wenge, even with the fantastic photography, photos don't do this wood justice, up close you just want to take a bite out of this stuff. Scott, love the design, killer workmanship and the color works for me. South, my first guitar was an SG, good work! Verh, I know some guys around town that would absolutely freak over that guitar!
  7. Hey Gang, my first GOTM, I hope you enjoy this as I had a blast building it 5pc Neck-thru Flame Maple, Mahogany and Walnut neckthru - Ebony Fretboard 22fret, 24.75 scale Mother-of -Pearl and Abalone block inlays Figured Maple top (3/4") and Mahogany back wings w/binding 3 tone custom heritage burst HH - Duncan JB (bridge) and SH1-59 (neck) Chrome Hardware, Schaller wrap around bridge(Recessed), & Tuners LP style controls Volute HeadDown Body Thanks Terry D.
  8. Good looking stuff. The shape didn't grab me at first, but I'm diggin' it as it is coming together.
  9. Ours (DGM) are still 100% handmade! Our website will be completed soon and I will post links. Currently we are building a Bass out of some Beautiful wenge with a wenge neck and black hardware, wow this is killer grain, and a semi-hollow 8 string guitar out of 35 year old ash which will have a natural to red burst. The bass is nearing the final finishing and the guitar is approaching final sanding. If interested I can send pics. Thanks Terry D.
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