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  1. thank you very much!You are absolutely right! i will email them because i have no shielding paint to compare !!
  2. Guys i have run out of shielding paint ,but i am planning to make a patina in bronze paint.So i thought if i could use the paint as a substite of shielding paint.I can use copper or bronze paint from sculpt nouveau... metal coating would it work??
  3. Τhe only thing i dont like is that the tuners are not aligned and complitely ugly... As far as the whole design is amazing!!
  4. I am very honoured to be endorsed by the guitar Gourou TROY STETINA from the early 90's. Speed Mechanics for lead guitar vol 1&2 helped many guitarist in the past. Now he plays his new signature model in his video clip KALEIDOSCOPE. VIDEO TROY STETINA any questions for guitar building are welcome
  5. Ι have never seen a technique that Chris used in his February model. True inspiration.Of course all guitars are of high skilled luthiers but i like to learn everyday new things...
  6. Βrazen Curves Τhis is my guitar which is for TROY STETINA! There are no pick ups because he will install them and he will make some videos with it!!So I tried to put a violin scroll in my guitar and spray it with real bronze.. The crosses are extra and will be glued on top!! Body:Rosewood and cherry top neck:padauk fingerboard:padauk/cocobolo oil finish neck nitro body finish golden hardware Sorry for bad quality of my camera..
  7. i just debate this issue,which i think i have a small problem..I think my final thickness of my last projects is big enough..So if we assume that we put the thinner as suggested(for example 10% in poly) how many hands of sealer and how many hands of clear coat you spray??every coat is sprayed once or wet on wet???i did 3 wet on wet sealer and 2 wet on wet of top coat and think it is pretty thick..can i have you opinions ???thank you in advance
  8. Μy fretboard is a mix of cocobolo and padauk....I think cocobolo is stronger than ebony...ok padauk is not...in the past i had this back bow experience...Besides i glue with super glue the frets ....
  9. That is what i usually do..!thanks!!!!!! but my idea was to simulate the strings tension with the small use of the truss rod... anyway i will go safe and follow the way you describe!!!! i think i will use the fret barber to eliminate the back bow from fret tangs!!!
  10. So you think at this point ,i could probably adjust the truss rod (without any strings of course,to simulate the tension) to straighten the fretboard and level it??? i like this idea ,i had in mind it for long ago.... or go safe traditional safe way????no truss rod adjustment....
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