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  1. I was looking at Bosch as a option... But it's difficult to choose when most reviews are done by odd-job DIYer's where their use doesn't matter if it slips a little because usually it's straight through cuts or for truing edges... But as you're a guitar maker, I'm assuming you find the Bosch accurate enough for precision jobs?
  2. Unfortunately Porter Cable are 110V products and that would mean lugging a transformer around with me wherever I needed to use it... And those things aren't light! I really need a 240V tool, shame though since the reviews on Porter Cable stuff isn't bad at all...
  3. And I cant find any Collets compatible with mine... It was a dirt cheap shops own sort of brand, So I'll still be looking for a new router.
  4. You know what... A new collet completely slipped my mind!!! I'll have to give it a go as unless I do an Ebay job a new router would cost alot more! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a hunt for some in the U.K.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before... But can you guys give some recommendations for some routers? Mine has this nasty habit of letting the bit slowly slide out of the collet so I cant possibly make a decent even cut to a specific depth and since I just got a bench planer so I can finally continue with my builds... This is holding me back. Just need a decent router so I can continue, Thanks guys!
  6. As it says in the title, I need one but cant afford a new one and ebay are pretty much all way out of my price range (most are large shop ones) or are pick-up only from miles away. Thanks.
  7. OK. Since I haven't been able to get my hands on a jointer because of lack of money... I'm going to experiment with the idea of making a jig for my electric plane using an old pine headboard I have. (I'm praying that when I measure it out later all The surfaces will be big enough and the big posts either side are perfectly square. If not, it's going to have to be square steel tubing on an MDF base. I'll let you all know how it comes out. Mike.
  8. Lol guys, Thanks for the help. I do have a power plane, just not sure I entirely trust it... But sine on this neck I have about 1.25 inches to play with I may give it a go.
  9. Right, Sorry if this has been asked before... My forum searching "skills" are non existent. How do you guys surface a neck? As in ready for a fretboard? I've considered using a router with a jig... But mine has a nasty habit of letting the bit slowly slide out of the collet... So the neck would get progressively thinner and most likely have chunks missing everywhere. So just wanted to know what you guys use as my local jointer's has decided that customers have to pay towards replacing tools if they bring in hardwoods. (which is bad business to me... Surely that should be covered in the price of getting it done anyways, not tacked on top) So yeah... Any suggestions would be great! Mike.
  10. Little bit more progress today, First is a picture to show the contrast of the colours in the wood... Still not sure if I want to stain it lightly or not... Most likely not. And here's so far on the first neck, unfortunately my router couldn't cut all the way down so I'll still have to go get it done by a jointer's shop And this is why I'll have to go to a jointer's anyways... Because I bought a cheap router and my "straight edge" isn't exactly what it stated it was when I bought it. Still... A nice join between the wood in my opinion. I had the luxury of a little slice coming off as I was routing, so I tested it... Both the maple and walnut broke before the glue join did So yeah, That's it so far. Once I get this one back from the jointer's, probably in the next few weeks as I still have 3 more to glue up, I can get working on the body and shaping the neck (Plus I get to buy nice new shiny hardware, which is always a plus) Mike.
  11. Yeah I gave it a bit of a wipe on a little before I realised it was just effort at this stage. Trust me, the glue was everywhere! On my shoes, in my hair, all over my hands, all over the patio... There was plenty
  12. Lol, that was my thinking, just didn't realise how much extra I used till I clamped it all up Haha
  13. Yeah... I may have gone a bit glue mad lol
  14. Got the first blank glued , only 3 more to go, and then the planer to get it ready for the fretboard. Got a bit close to the glue too... good to know it doesn't stick to hair too well More to come soon!
  15. Got the lams back after getting them cut . Here they are, 2 x 7string necks, a 5string bass and a 4string bass!
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