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  1. Right on, thanks. Well I'm planning on replacing the body entirely, so I'll make sure to measure... a lot of times
  2. I'm looking to toss an old licensed FR trem when making a new body, and in the new guitar use a 2 point strat style trem. On the FR the studs looked to be about 2 7/8" apart. The new trem I want to use has spacing of 2 7/32" (American Strat spec?). What I am wondering, is will this cause any tuning problems? I feel like this might be somewhat of a stupid question because I wouldn't think the stud spacing really dictates a whole lot here... but then again I don't know much about this at all.
  3. Well, it was the 'direct replacement' from Dunlop. I had to clarify some stuff with the rep on the phone (the date I bought the pedal) because they changed something on them apparently. But we got it all squared away, the new switch had the same terminals and everything. Tough luck I guess.
  4. Apologize in advance for posting a question about a pedal in the guitar forum. It's a very basic problem though... I had to replace the on/off switch on my CryBaby because it broke. I wired a new one in, and it works except when in bypass mode it (the guitar) doesn't make any sound. When the wah is engaged the pedal works as usual. Sound like something easy to fix at home?
  5. I guess it is only 1/16" divided across the strings.. It makes sense that it would work, intonation was a concern too. I'll be sure to be very careful measuring before installing the LSR nut. And, thanks for the heads up!
  6. I recently bought a used Peavey Predator (strat copy) and was thinking about putting some different parts on it. One particular item was a 2 point tremolo instead of the existing vintage style trem.. I was curious about whether or not I could do this because of string spacing, on my guitar it seems to be 2 1/8". With that tremolo I thought it might be neat to throw on these roller saddles I found - This is where I came up with this concern, because at least for these saddles alone in the description they have said that the spacing must be at least 2 3/16". Another thing I might add is that I already have a Fender LSR roller nut to install on the guitar as well. Between these 3 parts, is it likely that I'll be able to get it right?
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