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  1. I guess it is only 1/16" divided across the strings.. It makes sense that it would work, intonation was a concern too. I'll be sure to be very careful measuring before installing the LSR nut. And, thanks for the heads up!
  2. I recently bought a used Peavey Predator (strat copy) and was thinking about putting some different parts on it. One particular item was a 2 point tremolo instead of the existing vintage style trem.. I was curious about whether or not I could do this because of string spacing, on my guitar it seems to be 2 1/8". With that tremolo I thought it might be neat to throw on these roller saddles I found - This is where I came up with this concern, because at least for these saddles alone in the description they have said that the spacing must be at least 2 3/16". Another thing I might add is that I already have a Fender LSR roller nut to install on the guitar as well. Between these 3 parts, is it likely that I'll be able to get it right?
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