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  1. How about a video showing us how she sounds?
  2. I need them to be long enough for a 34" to 35" multiscale six string bass neck. I've been having the worst time finding wood for this considering the only suppliers in my area carry pine or cedar, and online I can't find anything big/wide enough at the right price. It's my first commission, but it is for a friend, so he's not worried as far as time goes, and, I told him he could just pay me for wood/parts as they come along in the build, so he's happy about that as far as his wallet goes.
  3. I've always strongly disliked the whole Bc Rich designs, but I absolutely love this build. My favorite thing about it has to be the paint job. Reminds me of something that'd been in the background of a twilight zone episode. Awesome build, great job!
  4. What'd really be neat is if you made a ZR cover to go along with the stripes of the neck
  5. This reminds me, I need to build one of those too! I'm a big Back To The Future buff, and i've always wanted one of those for nostalgic reasons!
  6. Im not too worried about thickness, so long as its under 1/2 inch, and bubinga would be great, actually. I'm just looking for darker woods.
  7. Im looking for some Rosewood(or any dark wood) pre cut for lamination. Im not too concerned as to thickness, but I would really appreciate it if someone here could hook me up because i could easily buy long slabs of wood for laminates, but i currently have no way of slicing them up to be used as such. Any help would be much appreciated, Thank You!
  8. This is absolutely wonderful, I've never seen a second build done so methodically and precisely. That's an amazingly good idea about the walnut, I wish I'd thought of that! One question though, where do you buy your laminate woods?
  9. What kinds of auto tools are you interested in?
  10. Id say go with the ebony, it would look gorgeous with that top and would fit the design much better than a just a standard bridge. Love the way all of this is looking btw!
  11. That's very creative! The only things I have to criticize on is the paint, and in some of the pictures that truss rod route looks of center, but other than that I like it!
  12. I swear people can be so stupid sometimes.
  13. I love what you did with that African mahogany, it really makes the guitar "pop" IMO. I just recently scored a 72"x8.5"x1.25" piece of the same from the bay for just under 20 bucks, hope mine finishes as well as yours! +1 on the Floyd, btw
  14. Really coming along nicely, seeing all these seven strings is really making me want to build one for myself!
  15. That sir, is badass! I scored some nice maple some time ago, been waiting a while to put it to good use, first i need to get some new router bits, make some new jigs, templates, etc. etc.
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