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  1. Hey everyone! just thought I'd let the forum members know about my new CD "Nebraska House". It's bluegrass/americana. So some songs are more acoustic than others. The CD is doing fairly well and people seem to really enjoy the material. It's finally finished and it seemed like an eternity! feel free to stream the CD and write a review of what you think about it. http://cdbaby.com/cd/bryanclark2 Also if you want to hear straight bluegrass samplings, go here: http://www.bryanclarkmusic.com/music.html MY BLUEGRASS band Honeywagon has been on the Billboard Bluegrass chart for over 43 weeks. WE\e're #10 this week. The CD is Titles "Green Day, Blue Grass - a bluegrass tribute to Green Day". it's listed as Various Artists but we did 8 of the 14 tracks. links to that are also on my site! Cheers, Bryan
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