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  1. Thanks. I think i should have sealed the edge first before stain but it actually looks like stain is coming from the grain inside outwards so not sure if it would have helped.
  2. Started this a week ago. Been going well but had slight bit of bleed through on edge. Oh well still looks OK to me. Kind of a tele aerodyne style body with curved top and back. Flamed maple top and poplar back, which will be done in a white wash effect.
  3. Wow I just got banned for spam at MLP, I was accused of it by a member and was in kind of an argument with the dumb**s over there trying to show that I was not the rep for this guitar kit company, oh well guess he gets the last laugh?? Who knows, any way I hope people here understand I am not selling for these guys, I work as an environmental specialist at an oil company in Alberta Canada not a guitar kit rep working for commission on a 299 dollar kit??? Oh well, as long as I can post here I will keep showing updates of the build once it starts. they should do at that price, i agree, it looks good.
  4. Just looked back at the MLP forum, man some people cannot appreciate things for what they are. this is a 299 kit and yes it may not be to exact Les Paul specs but it still looks like a decent kit that I will be able to make a decent player out of, I hope.
  5. I think I fixed it? yep a faux binding, we will see how it turns out?
  6. can you click on the link and see them? I just posted these over there as well and you can see all the pics there, not sure why this is not working?
  7. fretboard is ebony. You can get it in Rosewood, with or without binding or trapzoids. You can get body binding and I think figured top if my memory is correct, of course it all costs more.
  8. Hey folks just got a new kit from fellows over at Precision Guitar Kits in Canada ( they have a facebook page), they are making kits out of Vancouver British Columbia. I just recieved a Les Paul kit with ebony fret board, pretty nice!!. Atleast no issues I can see. I bought it to make a gold top but looking at the plain maple top I may opt to do a light desert or ice tea burst? who knows. I got one without bindings and without the trapzoids, very basic looking but seems to be put together well. 2 piece back well matched. Neck route is tight with a good angle, the bridge will not need to be set to high (top of bridge saddle will be less than 17 mm of the maple top). Not sure if the top carve is 100% true Les Paul carve but it's close. Real nice kit and only $299 plus shipping ($16). Seems they build to order and I got mine 2 weeks after the order was placed. Will be my first build so I thought a kit was the way to go. I posted this on the "mylespaul" forum without pics and boy are they hyper-sensitive, I was excited and did not know where the proper place to post it was so I posted it in a couple of different forum areas. So now they think it is spam etc, seems like a few are getting their panties in a knot. First time trying to post pics, here goes
  9. Awesome job I love the look and great idea for the neck to body attachment You are right. I used threaded inserts everywere. Here are some in the neck part
  10. What type of paint did you use for the top??
  11. Do you have sound clips for this guitar?
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