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  1. I just started restringing and installing a bridge truss on my 12 string that I bought used a couple months ago. When I tried taking the old strings off, the old pins WOULD NOT come out. It took some humidifying, a lot of pushing and a lot of wiggling with a pair of pliers to get most of them out where my good acoustic generally takes a slight push from the inside or gentle tug to remove. Even worse, I got brass pins to put in and they sit about 5mm above the top of the bridge. I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to muscle a piece of tapered brass into the bridge so I'm assuming it needs a little modification. I know you can carefully us a round file or regular reamer in place of a bridge pin reamer, but how tight should the holes be and should there be a slight gap between the bottom of the pin head and the top of the bridge or should it fit flush against with a slightly snug fit around the edges? The pins are the round, flat top ones instead of the regular 'ball' top ones.
  2. That's pretty cool. Is the neck still pretty solid with that fancy neck joint angle thingy? I like the looks of the wraparound with the wood plate better. Would look really cool with a Dean Soltero style carve on the part where you're forearm rests. Did you find a way to wire it with quick connect pickup connections to change from the bridge HB to SC pickup when switching the bridge?
  3. That's one huge plastic backplate and a ton of controls for a 2 pickup guitar. That neck joint is pretty sick looking though. I love Sycamore guitars. Would've bought a flame sycamore acoustic but the acoustics were extremely outdated. Sounded great unplugged though. How much did this thing cost?
  4. Interesting guitar to say the least. Good idea for getting the top radiused. How much is it going to weigh? Looks heavy.
  5. Simply amazing. I'm jealous. It must take skill to take 'junk' and turn it into something awesome. The textured front and the headstock are the key features for me. Not a big fan of the pickguard (or pickguards in general), but everything else is great. The fretboard/neck will look amazing once the finish starts wearing off and you get all that grime and fading on it. Makes me want to go out to my Uncle's ranch and steal some of the wood from the old homesteads on the land.
  6. That's a very valid point. I hate a lot of pawn shops. They'll never admit to something being stolen or broken when they sell it to you. Wish they'd just man up about it.
  7. Haven't seen them but I'd recommend putting an add like this on any of the Craigslist sites for your area if you haven't already. That and the pawn shop are the two easiest places for someone to get rid of them and make money. I've seen it happen before and I say a guy get one back through Craigslist help ads. Best of luck
  8. Interesting. You're last one was so traditional now its super modern. Not the most comfortable looking shape but neither is the Halo Reaper that I want to base my next one off of. Are you just doing a natural clear finish on the whole thing or are you going to do an aged brown look like the last one?
  9. I've always kinda been one that doesn't buy a guitar unless it looks awesome. That's probably a bad thing and yours does look like it'd be easy to play with it sitting on the left leg like how I play, but I usually play standing and I really don't mind my RG's and Superstrats when sitting. Lots of people seem to be doing 'ergonomic' bodies but I still like the good ole super strats, explorers, and V's. I do have to admit that certain bodies drive me up the wall when it comes to comfort though. dang Ovations. I won one in a raffle and it's a pain to play cuz the dumb bulb shaped back sticks right into my gut. For me, the order of importance is the neck feel, a cool but balanced body, good hardware, good pickups, and then a comfortable body for sitting. Like I said, I play standing so (for me at least) an ergonomic body for sitting is not important. For some people it's probably the most important though. I like the orange though, unique in a cool way.
  10. To be totally honest, I hate the way the body looks, but it's kinda like paint splatter art, some see it as art, others see it as a horrible middle of the night, last minute decision. That red swirl body looks totally sweet though.
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