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  1. Really like the cutaways on the carved top. Nice and pronounced.
  2. Maybe I'm a little late to the party here but I love the threaded rod clamps.
  3. Thanks for the info that actually sparked some ideas of creating a small jig for binding head stocks. I thought that i might strip the paint off anyways just to dress it up a little. maybe veneer matching the body...
  4. Ok, just trial an error to setup the notch heights on the upright?
  5. Hey guys, I think I seen something here in the distant past. I'm pondering the design of a stage guitar that feels and plays like an electric but has only a piezo pickup in the bridge. Acoustic volume doesn't matter because it will always be plugged in when in use. I'd like to work on the sound at the bridge and hopefully find a balance with a robust real acoustic sound through the pickup. I'd like to keep it looking simple and solid even if I do relief the heck out of the body.
  6. You made me think, maybe I'll use a 13"x 13" block of plywood with a hole cut in the center the shape of the headstock. It's a good start. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks bud, there's a couple things i didn't for see. I was just picturing the chipping specially with a already painted headstock. I'm gonna give this a shot as soon as I have the binding in hand and know forsure what the nut is gonna be.
  8. Yeah, ya gotta bang it out your way. Whatever works, like those guys that play right handed guitar just flipped over... I can't watch this.
  9. I feel like the toughest part of learning guitar from scratch is the fret hand. I'm right handed and I had to train my left hand to do spectacular things. (haha) So a southpaw should catch on sooner from scratch give the same amount of exposure to the instrument no? Just a crazy idea I have.
  10. I've got a reverse pointy head stock neck that came from Stew Mac in the 90's. I'm ready to use this neck but I'd like to dress it up a little. I'm thinking of either adding binding or apply veneer to the face to dress it up a little. If decide on binding should I sand the edges back so routing the edge doesn't chip.
  11. I've got big sausage fingers and play a LTD HB-300 which is a 27" and it's beautiful, I used to buy 7str. pacs and through the .008 away. Ha Ha. just stay way from the wound G. I think 20 is the largest plain I've seen. Oh yeah I tune to droppedB or A.
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