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  1. kmensik

    Ibanez RG, my 2nd build

    Two years ago I made a trapezoidal neck profile. Nobody liked to play it, nor did I. Cut the edges to a transition between C to medium V profile, adjusted the volute and rounded the heel. Now the shellac finish is not that easy to touch up as it seemed.
  2. kmensik

    Kemp Guitars 2017-18 Build Thread

    Again. You must have a great courage to cover such nice timber in solid colour. I always retract and keep my build natural, for I love nice wood. Go for it, you heve a good eye to pick some awsome hue.
  3. kmensik

    Axim.7 by Axim guitars - progress

    You have a good taste for design. Original shapes and construction details. I maybe liked the natural ash a bit more than the solid color. The white looks perfectly done. Awsome.
  4. Wormy Birch Very wormy birch core wood, baked in kitchen oven a little, carved top and back contour, hard wachsöl finish 25,5" anigre neck (19-21mm thin C profile) with wipe on nitro + sapele fretboard 12-14" radius with hard oil, dual truss rod in heatshrink tube, bone nut 43mm, ebony side dots Framus Duncan Designed TB-6 and WSC HotRail neck pickup, one volume (hand turned sapele knob), recessed jack in strat position (almost collided with the bridge post, that is why nobody does it like this) Ibanez wraparound bridge with custom brass bushings My fifth build from scratch, hobby builder, attic workshop I wanted to build a double bed of these birch planks I had for a decade in a barn, but I realized the treasured wood is all holes, unusable for furniture. To cure my despair I drew my favourite body outline on the worst piece and started this build. I intended it to be a dirty rough build, well the process was a bit dusty, but at the end the result is quite refined. It plays very nice, very comfortable neck, the sound is firm and crisp, warmer than ash, brighter than alder. Build Thread: http://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/48952-wormy-birch/ The workbench photos look the best.
  5. kmensik

    24 Magnum

    Awsome. Like the headstock, finishes, all of it. The story leaves me speechless. You are very brave.
  6. kmensik

    Wormy Birch

    I let the body re-acclimatize for maybe three weeks. Actually the worm holes are completely filled with solid white powder, it is hard to remove. I tried 10Bar compressed air with little success, had to use steel brush to remove the powder from the surface tunnels. Only the few fly-out holed are emty. Nothing will loosen with vibration. BTW it plays like solid wood. And the neck is so nice, comfortable, and no nut buzz even without retainers. The biggest issue was hiding the lenght of pickup cables in the minimal cavities.
  7. kmensik

    Wormy Birch

    I made one quick and dirty fret bender of a broken circular saw. Nice to find the right part in my garbage after a week of thinking how to build one. Frets seated, body oiled, neck wiped with first coat of nitro.
  8. kmensik

    Renovate a Pacifica

    Interresting. Thank you. Maybe if they were a little higher above the body they could act as two friction points instead of the whole front edge of the tremolo scrubbing the body. A little trick similar to Ron Kirn's https://www.strat-talk.com/threads/callaham-floating-trem-sticks.345840/
  9. kmensik

    Renovate a Pacifica

    The two outer holes for the strat style bridge screws. I thought they are metal inserts for the special bridge you have replaced. Now I see they can not be that. Were they like that originaly fit in the factory? Or are they just dowels?
  10. kmensik

    Renovate a Pacifica

    Well done. The scratch could be hidden by some wipe on poly or nitro. I like the natural wood a lot, I believe it is alder. What screws or bolts have you put in the outer two holes with those metal bushings?
  11. kmensik

    Wormy Birch

    The neck will be afican anegre with a thin sapele fretboard. Flat headstock, two way truss rod in hetshrink tube.
  12. kmensik

    Wormy Birch

    I've had some birch planks from a tree my father cut 13 years ago, they are all too wormy now. I made a tele of it some 4 yars ago, since then the worms ate a lot of the remainig wood. Looks so bad I had to try to make something useful of it. A guitar. I let it bake in the oven to make sure there are no worms left. The board warped and shrunk a lot.
  13. kmensik

    Renovate a Pacifica

    Wrong. The loose mechanical parts - baseplate, magnet, spacers - cause more microphonics than the coil wire itself. Been there. It will come back to you later when you turn the volume up. Even when you tighten the four little screws and everything is firmly reassembled, it might vibrate and squeel at you.
  14. kmensik

    Renovate a Pacifica

    You are lucky with the cable, most mice have unshielded USB 1 cable. Some cables heve very different power wires and data wires, also not good. Now don't forget to remelt the wax by heating the baseplate gently, otherwise it would squeel badly. No neet to dip the whole pickup in wax though.
  15. kmensik

    Not a singlecut

    It is a beauty anyway. For the trem routes I usually make templates of MDF scraps, just put them on the body with double stick tape in the shape I need at the moment, no permanent templates. Your neck heel is pretty thick still. Consider sloping it towards the neck so that the offset ferrule hole would disappear, then drill a new one. That is how I fixed the same mistake, plus it is a more comfortable neck joint. http://kmensik.rajce.idnes.cz/DIY_S/#P1140800.jpg http://kmensik.rajce.idnes.cz/DIY_S/#P1140802.jpg