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  1. could be the neck is quarter sawn and the body is flat sawn, the neck wood was a little darker than the body, but mostly the angle of the sun making a shadow
  2. just finished this one up this week, built from scratch Custom Jr. Special One Piece Honduran Mahogany body One Piece Honduran Mahogany Neck Indian Rosewood Fretboard Black and White Fretboard Binding Mother of Pearl Dots Two way Truss Rod Kluson Nickel Tuners ATB Aluminum Bridge Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Custom Wound Staple Pickups RS Volume Pot WB Three Way Switch Scatter Lee Custom Mixed Nitro Lacquer Finish Bone Nut Custom cut Truss Rod Cover, Jack Plate, Control Cover and Pickguards Owner wasn't sure if he wanted a Pickguard so I made One in Black and One in Cream he can put on himself if he wants to
  3. yes it is, kidney shaped pool filled with dirt
  4. yeah I'm in a poolhouse and it's filled in It is so funny I am building a lap steel and was trying to avoid the violin shape but I just couldn't even though mine really is not true to a real violin. I love that you just went for it. Kudos! one day i was looking at pics of strativarius violins and pulled up a les paul blueprint in photoshop and stuck the violin into the les paul outline and printed it out, just something that got into my head, there is a build thread for the first one over at MLP http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/luthiers-corner/100136-scattervarius.html
  5. i'll be back on the scattervarius II real soon, need to finish a couple other builds first, it's still hangin in there, it dont hurt to let the lacquer cure good either
  6. Scratch built..... for fun....... The Scatter Prototype Ash Body Maple Neck 24-3/4" string scale Flame Maple Fretboard Rosewood Dots Cherry Red Nitro Lacquer finish Custom Wound P-90 Pearliod Pickguard Gibson ABR-1 style Bridge and Tailpiece LP JR. type wiring Strat Type Output Jack >>>>>>>>>> click here for Build Video<<<<<<<<<<<<< .
  7. yeah I'm in a poolhouse and it's filled in
  8. yes thats a fret on the tailpiece, i dont want the strings digging into the ebony, and i'll drill a ferrule block out of brass for the back
  9. did some shaping on the tailpiece today sanded down the body one more time and gave it another coat of clear
  10. worked a little on the nut today, i glued on a bone nut blank and a piece of ebony left over from the fretboard took it to the belt sander and ended up with this
  11. I'll be watching, jigs, forms and moulds, cant get enough of them
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