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  1. Hi! Here is my third build ever from France: 2tlb #03 It's a tele style guitar with a set neck, rear routing, and 2 humbuckers. Specs: Body: * Alder body, Flame Maple 5mm thick top. Neck: 5 pieces neck: Flame maple, pear, maple, pear, Flame maple. * Macassar ebony fretboard, jumbo frets, pearl dot inlays. * Flame maple headstock overlay. * Jumbo frets, graphtech nut. Kluson vintage tuners. Pickups: * Gibson Burstbuckers. * Gotoh humbucking tele bridge. * CTS and CRL electronics. Electrosocket jack plate. * Strap locks à la Anderson two nickel and a gold one. * The heel is contoured for easy access to the 22 frets. * The ferrules were messed up the first time so I drilled sweet ferrules in a brazilian rosewood piece leftover and inlaid that piece into the body. Invisible as the back is black. * The lacquer is clear with metal flakes in it. * The neck was sanded in order to feel like a music man one. The back is fat as I like 'em. * The top was stained with a blue jean and charcoal tint. I decided on a natural binding. I did a matching headstock and inlaid matching macassar stripes on the body. As I kept building guitars, I improved a lot! This one might my best one can't wait to start the next ones! Here are the pics: Here are 2tlb #01 #02 and #03: Regards. Fred
  2. WOMD Gets my vote! Great inspiration and realisation there! All the other axes were great though. Congrats! Fred
  3. Hi! Here are my comments: Bigd: sweet tele, but you didn't get my vote because you didn't build the neck. Btw, I like string thru on tellies. I would have put a pickguard on it too. Jehle: I don't like the design but there's something of a music man that I enjoy. I like the idea of the junkbox guitar. Nice initiative! Doug: I don't like the shape, The wood is amazing but the color didn't do it. What I really like is the fretboard! Awesome inlays and ebony! You get my vote for the neck!!! Jazzclub: Awesome shape! That's too bad the neck is aftermarket. I don't like the color on the closeup shot but the overall is the sweetest! Anyway! Great work all of you! Fred
  4. Here is my contribution. This is my first guitar I'm building from France. The Idea was to make a Zakk Wylde style SG with an altered body. The body itself is mahogany, the neck is hard rock maple, the fretboard is ebony with jumbo frets, the headstock is tinted flame maple inlaid as a splitted diamong. The bridge is a wilkinson wrap around seated on a makassar ebony piece. Tuners are Grover replicas. The nut is a graphtech one. Pickups are cheapos from ebay. The pinup is a sticker. There are 3 straplocks à la Tom Anderson. What you see between the pickups is the end of the neck tenon which extends under the bridge pickup. Electronics are 1 volume, 1 tone and 3 pos switch. The neck is HUGE, the hugest I've ever played, I might shave it one day. There are 26 frets, the last 4 are scalloped. The paint has been done with car paint. The neck joint has been shaped to look like a thunderbolt, in reverence to AC / DC. That's all I believe! Regards. Fred
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