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Entry for August 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


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  1. I make ear gauges and eyelets out of my scraps. I give them to friends or sell them to piercing shops. Sold a few on ebay.
  2. Wow..... I came to this thread with a sure vote for Toddler in mind. Then saw the Rashin.... now Im stumped! In the end, the heel on the Rashin looks a bit builky for my tastes, so it goes to Toddler.
  3. Concerning design patents do RG & Soloist style bodies fall under the Strat style there for being considered "Generic" or do those guitar bodies have patetns?
  4. damn this was hard... every single guitar this month is awesome. It came down to Perry and Mattia. Im usually a sucker for a super strat but Mattia's inlay, choice of color, wood covers, & small details finally sucked me in. Nice job all around for everybody.
  5. If you need any hosting, I can host pics for you no problem.
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