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  1. LOL, ! I honestly, didn't even notice those, damn I need to change my vote now, that feature alone should ensure it's victory. That is a wicked build all in all, I think the headstock is cool, ferrules definately give it a different look from tuners and the wooden pickup cover is super clean. Good stuff!
  2. Yeah, that was an extremely tough vote for me as well! They were all amazing. In the end I had to go with the V, which is amazing as I despise V's and always have. But that V is nice I like how it all flows together from the color to inlays to pup rings. It just works for me. The Priest Tribute is also very nice, I like everything about it especially the inlays and pinstripe. The mythical dream guitar is beyond me, I could never manage something as impressive as that, the carving is amazing, and the wooden pup cover is a great look. Tims guitar is beautiful also, I can never get enough wood, so I like that one a lot as well. Jabi's guitars are very cool too, I like the bottom cut on the rose one, interesting stuff. Gotta love this site, such inspirational work all around. From the moment I found this place I was hooked on building guitars as a hobby for life and every month I get more inspired better. Good luck all. J
  3. Seriously some good pointers there! Benedryl can save your life and should be in everyones house. Recently I was real sick in the hospital and they had to give me some pain meds and to increase the effectiveness I guess they added some form of anti-anxiety med in the shot and the anxiety med immediately started having bad side effects. It got really bad because the pain med and allergic reaction combo made it so I couldn't speak or move, only just barely. After 30 minutes or more of laying watching people go in and out I was finally able to convey that I was having problems. Immediately they saw I was really red and hot and knew it was an allergic reaction, to my amazment they gave me a form of benedryl in my IV and it helped very quickly and I felt much better. It will work the same for a wood reaction, even if it doesn't stop a bad reaction, it can at least slow it to the point where you can get help easily. As Mattia mentioned (I believe) it's best to do everything you can to protect yourself even if it doesn't bother you because you can become sensitive to a wood over time and have the same problems. As with the member here MP63 I was allergic to nearly every pollen, grass, mold and everything else they tested for. I reacted to a solid 95%+ of the tests, but I had shots for 5 years and multiple sinus surgeries and now things are a just tiny bit better , no worries as long as I can work on wood thoroughly protected. Again, just be careful especially when working with new woods or just starting out, better to buy some protection than a hospital bill.
  4. My vote went ot jazzclub! Not my style of guitar at all but I enjoyed the design and carve it had along with the finish. It's far from ordinary, and thats something I really like, different wood, different headstock carve and so on. Good stuff. The tele looks good but isn't too far off what Bigd does all the time, the finish color was great but I couldn't vote strictly for a finish. The odd boy is awsome and would be my second choice and made a hard decision for me. I really think it turned out great and it's a great concept, I enjoyed it from the first post. And the custom, very cool, not my style but definately well built and was in consideration. I also want to know what was contracted out, I agree that it is guitar of the month, but I think making it yourself is part of the idea, I could buy some wood and send it out and have someone make it like Perry or Myka and enter it but I wouldn't vote for anything like that. If people put on factory necks thats fine, just mention it and people will take that into consideration, but if everything is made by other people I would vote for the homemade project instead. Thats just how I am though, and everyone is different. All were good guitars though. This place is cool.
  5. I was thinking about something for a bit, has there ever been a separete Gotm for bass? I figure there hasn't or it was short lived and it was because there is never enough basses. I think maybe if someone started it people might build a few more basses because they would have a good chance of winning if there was only one or two builds in it, and basically it might cause a big increase of people building basses. I know many people would like to be a winner in GOTM, either bass or guitar. Also if it didn't seem like there was enough still maybe give an ultimate title out for the winner of a bass guitar GOTM and a guitar GOTM, like Master Project Luthier. So anyways just thought it might bring in some more bass people and cause more people already here to make a bass or two. Also if it ended up noone entered it, just put the bass entry back into the regular GOTM, I would guess that it would take a few months for the bass GOTM to catch on, but I think it would. Well just an idea that popped into my head. Unfortunately noone would have a chance against Phils bass, but at least people could try. Later. Jason
  6. I'm all about The Crucible! I feel that there was more details put into it, with inlays, overall theme, great electronics setup, very nice carve with a unique "launch pad" for the controls which turned out far better than expected, along with many other features. There are so many details but none of them stick out poorly which in my eyes means that the theme and details worked out perfectly, it all flows together so well. But they are all great guitars, and I would be a proud owner of any of them, and I wish I was a proud owner of any of them! Nice stuff guys! LAter. Jason
  7. No kidding! That made me laugh so hard!
  8. Another Toxic Wood list Here is a site from the links page over at MIMF. It has what I was talking about. It is worth it to check this out and read through it all. No point in getting sick or worse, stay safe guys. Good luck and I'll talk to you guys later. Jason
  9. I'll look for the page I read this on and post it when I find it, but it was similar to the one posted. It said sensitizers like Fryovanni mentioned mostly will not cause any reactions the first time you are exposed, but the following times you are exposed you will possibly have a bad reaction. Here's what I found interersting it said if that wood is a sensitizer for you each additional time you are exposed the reaction will get worse. And here's the worst part, it will not go away, you will always have that severe reaction to that wood and it will always get worse each time you are exposed. No matter if you didn't get near any for 20 years, the next time you touched it would still be worse than the last time you came into contact with it. Just something to think about, don't expect to be able to work with wood you've already had a bad reaction to, ever! And if you seem to be getting a more and more severe reaction you might want to stop using that wood, or attempt to use more extreme measures of protection. Well I'll look for that page now and post it when I find it. Thanks guys for the warning, this was a good idea to pin. Good luck and be careful guys. Jason
  10. Don't feel unworthy. They had to start just like you and theirs might not have been that good. But yes their work is amazing. I think it's so cool to have a place with so many great guitar builders, where they can share and help others. This is truly a great place. Later. Jason
  11. Thats cool! It might just be the pic but I think I would like a blue led. But it's your guitar and so far it's great, I would keep doing what your doing. I see that you have a number of votes already. Nice! You did a nice job, especially for your first try, it doesn't look like your first, it looks like you've built quite a few and thats why I voted for it. I must say though, Perrys guitar is more my style, if I had to buy one. I liked all of the entries though. I also really liked Maidens. It really had a great color scheme and I liked the top a lot, oh and the black neck was cool too. Stews build was great, very cool theme and features. And a few were nice and simple looking, which I always like and is sort of what I'm heading toward on my own project, although I will be finishing it with color. And thegarehanman guitar was very cool, I like how he puts a lot of cool details in his work, it really can make the guitar. I wish he had more and better pics though, because I don't think the pics he has do it justice. I think his current project will be amazing, it seems to be turning out great so far. I like them all, and I hope I will be able to contend with you guys soon. I really like seeing all these projects every month, it's very inspiring. Well I wish everyone good luck with their guitars and future guitars. Later. Jason
  12. I agree, I have yet to see anyone do it this way besides that one, which I'm sure worked fine but it seems to me that if you routed two channels one on either side of the truss rod channel that it would be far more effective, as the point is not to stiffen the truss rod which is already made of steel, but to stiffen the neck. Spacing it out like that would probably work better if you were going to go that way, but again is not necessary. Is it going to be 2 parts hard maple and one part mahogandy, or what? Good Luck! Jason
  13. There has been a few people that had that question. There are also a few people that say that they are not needed and they are not going to use one, these peoplecause big debate because this is terrible advice and can cause new builders a lot of problems and wasted money! You need one is about all there is to say. The people that say they are not going to use one seem to never come back and and say that it worked, noone evers hears from them again! I don't know if they are embarrassed about it failing or they went crazy trying to make it work or what. They were invented to help the guitar neck to function properly. Without it would bow and would either be completely ruined or so bowed or twisted that it would be difficult to play. So please trust me use a truss rod, it is the best way to go. Good luck! Jason
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