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  1. mistertaylor

    Lookiing for HSS Strat wiring scheme suggestions

    I think my original idea was basically to have “all the switches” and “all the tones”... having gained a few extra years, I can see it’s probably completely unnecessary (in fact nowadays give me a clean amp, a telecaster and a splash of reverb and I’m a happy chap). But... having already modified the scratch plate for two extra switches, I’d like to make use of it, only without all the unusable and duplicated tones I’d get from my original diagram. I still like the idea of switchable tone caps (not sure when I’d use the boost switch as I never play live), but the bridge+neck combo sounds cool.
  2. A while ago (ok, 20+ years) I started refinishing a strat copy I had (actually my first guitar). The project stalled as, being a teenager, sanding was too much like hard work, Fast forward to 2011 and I picked the project up again only for a change in circumstances to halt progress. So, here we are almost exactly 7 years later, restarting, again... Anyway, I'd previously cooked up some crazy wiring scheme (see my forum post here) and modified the scratchplate with two additional switches. I'm now looking for suggestions on the best way to put this all together. I think the coil tap on one switch makes sense, but what to do with the other?
  3. mistertaylor

    Hss Wiring With A Twist

    Thanks, that's certainly given me lots to think about!
  4. mistertaylor

    Hss Wiring With A Twist

    Hi borge, thanks for the reply! You prompted me to do a little more reading, and it seems that I'd got the whole phase thing mixed up... my thinking was that since the middle pickup is reversed, it would be in-phase with one coil and out of phase with the other. Clearly this isn't the case - as you say one will be hum-cancelling and the other won't. I'd still like to be able to switch between all three options on the humbucker, but could you suggest a usable way to do this? The link you provided is a much better solution to the tone switch, and one that I'll definitely adopt. Cheers, James
  5. mistertaylor

    Hss Wiring With A Twist

    Hi Guys, I'm currently working on rebuilding my first guitar (just a cheapo Legend strato-o-copy, but with a certain sentimental value) and I've been working through some ideas for wiring. Inspired by the schematics on www.gmarts.org I've come up with the following wiring diagram (apologies its hand-drawn), but would like some expert opinions! Wiring Diagram by weapologisefortheinconvenience, on Flickr If I understand it correctly (and I'm new at this) the volume, 2 x tones and 5-way switch would function as per a standard strat. The addition of the coil tap switch would enable selection of either single coils within the humbucker (labelled inner and outer) and the humbucker itself. The idea being that when the 5-way switch is set to the middle+bridge position, the coil tap will select the single coils in the humbucker (one will be out-of-phase and one will be in-phase). The second toggle will give the ability to switch-in an extra tone capaciter of large or small value (or be off). Hope this makes sense, and thanks for any suggestions/ideas! ps you can follow my progress at The Return of the Legend
  6. Hello, Just joined, so I just wanted to say hi! I've started a little project to rebuild an old strat-o-copy which has been in pieces for years - its going to be a new paint job and new electronics, wish me luck! Cheers, James