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  1. Its good to see some real spirit around PG again! Matt i think guitar awesome! Unfortunately i didn't vote for because we i did go to vote for it, the page said i had allready voted! Which i hadn't. Any mods here fix this or at least tell what has been put against my name? Best prize must go to matt for his strat tutorial, fantastic work. 2xGOTM loser is not a bad title to have with all the competion around here.
  2. Beg, borrow and steal.Dont steal though Your school/college will have a router/drill press/bandsaw etc. Friends/family and peoples dads etc will have clamps and bits and bobs. Building your own guitars is not a easy way to save money. I live in the UK too and there is plenty of places to get stuff. Check my site www.guitarbuild.co.uk for links to get specific stuff. Stew mac is a great place all the stuff you need. I placed an order on Monday at 4pm and i had i in my hands on Wednesday morning, so dont lets distant prevent you from ordering things. Using native timber from local wood yards is another one to save cash. English ash, sycamore and oak is all suitable for guitars. Any good guitar shop will be able to sort u out with fretwire and hardware. Laters
  3. Have u tried here!? http://www.mightymite.com/pickups/guitar/dc/index.html
  4. Dont set your sights too high, design something thats achieveable and not stupidly difficult to make. The next one can be better/Harder
  5. Gibson were losing money because people were buying the PRS tremonti SE over the Epiphone LP, nothing to do with the American Made ones. If a Guy wants a Gibson Les Paul because such and such uses one or because he has always wanted one hes not going to consider the PRS. In the whole time i have worked in a guitar shop we have sold 500 Gibson Les Pauls to 1, yes 1 PRS Singlecut. In the same time we went from Selling 100% Epi LP to around 50/50 Epi LP to PRS SE. Now add all that up with all the Kids around the world who are looking for a guitar in that style. A Lot of Cash. I have the Info from someone who works for Gibson BTW. If it really was about the shape then they would have gone for the likes of ESP as other have said, that actually looks like a Les Paul.
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