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  1. Some of you already know, but for those who don't, about a month ago my shop was completely leveled by a fire. It was a total loss, wood, equipment, tools, everything. Recently I had a chance to buy a pretty large quantity of east indian rosewood and gabon ebony fretboards at a pretty steep discount. Under normal circumstances I would probably keep most of it, but in light of the recent shop fire I think I'm going to try selling a good chunk of it to help get some extra cash flow going. It helps me get back on my feet and saves you guys a little money, seems like a win win to me. They are all good seasoned wood that's ready to use, I bought them from another builder and some pieces were as much as 25 years old, and what I would consider first grade quality. The EIR is almost all blanks, and the avg dimensions are 2.5" at the nut end, 3" at the heel end, and 5/16" thick. Most fall between are 19.5-21.5" long. If you have any specfic dimension needs just let me know. I'm gonna ask 8 dollars a piece for the EIR blanks, 7 dollars for 10 or more. if you are interested, please use your Paypal email address and message me at petersinstruments@live.com. Please include your shipping address so I can let you know what shipping will be, the quantity you are interested in, and if you have any coloration preferences. I'll field any questions in this thread so I don't have to answer the same thing over and over again. If you want to mix and match 10 of each i'll do the discount on it that way to. Here's a few photos of avg EIR boards, they are all really nice. I also have 23 rosewood boards that are tapered, slotted for a 25.5" scale and 22 frets, and have a radius of 12" on them. They have been prepped for offset 3/32" dots, and 1/16" side dots. here is an example of one of these boards, I have quite a bit of ebony, but I don't have any blanks left, that stuff sold pretty quick. What I have are all slotted, some are radiused, some are already drilled for side dots, some are bound already, etc. So, here is everything I have at the moment, all broke down into groups. I have numbered each individual board so that you can reference specific pieces that you want. most of these slotted ones have a couple locating holes drilled in the back side, but they shouldn't hurt anything. These ebony boards are also closer 1/4" thick where as all the rosewood boards were closer to 5/16. So this first group of boards was marked as 25.5", but by my measurments they look like 25.4. All I have to check them with is a tape measure since all precision measuring tools were in the fire, but I am pretty confident they are 25.4. Four of them have 20 fret slots, one has 19, and one has 21. they are all marked in the photo. These boards also have a radius. I checked it against a sanding beam and they appear to be 12". They are a little dirty, but will clean up really nice. I'd like to get 30 a piece for these. These two are a little odd, it took me a while to figure them out. I am just about positive that these have been cut for a 25" scale, but the nut "slot" had not been cut yet, you can tell there is a lot of headroom left to make that last cut. So if you buy these you can either use them as they are which would be an 18 fret board with a 23.5ish inch scale, or you can make that last cut for the nut and have a 25" 19 fret board. these two boards are already tapered and measure 1 23/32 at the first slot, and 2 7/32 at the last slot. not drilled for side dots, and no binding. you can trim these and ad binding to make them whatever final dimensions you want. I think 22 a piece on these would be fair. These next two groups of boards have exactly the same specs as the group in the last photo except that they appear to be two thin pieces of ebony laminated together to make one board. I didnt realize there was anything like this mixed in when I bought them, but they should still make a good fretboard. I'm gonna ask 18 a piece on these since they laminates, they are still really nice looking boards. Here are four boards slotted with a 26" scale for 21 frets. There is some room left at the bottom so you could cut a few more fret slots if you wanted to. no radius, no binding, and really good dark color. I think 24 a piece on these would be fair. This group of boards has a 25.5" scale length, 12" radius, and each has been pre drilled for 1/16" side dots, and offset 3/32" face dots. They are slotted for 22 frets, but the ends have had some unique treatment, so some may find it best to trim them down for a 21 fret neck or less. these measure 1 7/8" at the nut and 2 7/16 at the last fret. I'd like 25 a piece for these. These boards are exactly the same as those photographed above except that they measure 1 23/32 at the nut and 2 5/16 at the last fret. 25 a piece for these as well Here is that unique treatment of the ends that I was talking about. This group of boards have a 25.4" scale, pearl dots, ebony binding, 22 fret slots, and no radius. they measure 1 7/8" at the nut, and 2 3/8" at the heel end. They have the same treatment of the end of the board as the last two groups did. I'd like to get 25 a piece for these. Here is another group with a 26" scale length. These have already been bound in ebony, they are flat, and have 20 fret slots. They measure 2" at the nut end and 2 7/16 at the heel end. I imagine they would probably need to have the binding trimmed off, have the board resized, and then new binding glued on unless you just wanted a really wide fretboard. 22 a piece on these These three are kind of odd balls, they are the same the other 25" scale boards in that they have been pre drilled for inlays and side dots, have a 12 radius, and have the same treatment at the heal end of the board. but one has ebony binding on it, and all three are laminated and have a mahogany strip glued to the back. I'm just gonna ask 15 a piece on these since they are kind of wierd. here are two more odd balls that didnt fit in with the other groups, both have the nut width written at the top of the board. one has rosewood binding, the other has ebony binding, the ebony bound one is flat, the other has a 12 inch radius, both have 22 frets. the rosewood bound one has been prepped for fretboard inlays. 20 a piece on these two boards.
  2. Unfortunately no, I worked out of our garage which was covered under our homeowners policy, but uknown to us our policy was written in such a way that in the case of any "bussiness activities" taking place in the structure they will not cover the building, or bussiness related contents. The insurance companies definition of "bussiness" is so broad that if I had had a garage sale out there they probably would not have covered it. Its a pretty scummy situation.
  3. Hey everyone, I have had a lot of different people tell me that they would like to help, and while unable to do so financially, would like to send tools and stuff. If anyone would like to help in this way I have compiled a list of tools that I lost in the fire that are smaller and easy to ship. This is by no means a comprehensive list, I just rattled things off as they came to mind and wrote down a couple pages worth. If you plan to send anything please put down what you will be sending in the comments section so that others can know what is being covered, and send me a pm here, or a message on Facebook and I'll get you an address. Thanks again to everyone for all the encouragement and support! we have been blown away by the generosity of people. https://www.facebook.com/notes/peter...30793400318412
  4. the worst thing I found about working with the Oak was that the pores are stinking huge! hence I think it is best suited for satin type finishes (at least for me) but the figured stuff does look beautiful. To see it in person it really even cooler, the curl creates a very unique pattern in the quarter sawn rays, and the combination of the rays and curl together is really breathtaking.
  5. this was a tough month for me to decide but ultimately I had to go with the ash/wenge guitar. nylon one was a pretty close second for that guitar is beautiful
  6. 7-string Ranger After some of the guitars entered this month I debated heavily weather or not I even wanted to take the time to enter, but I haven't finished anything new for a bit, so I figured I might as well. This is my first seven string guitar, its made from all domestic wood consisting of a curly quartersawn white oak top and neck, chambered black walnut back, curly black walnut pickup covers bridge base and knobs, and hickory fretboard. Its got dimarzio pickups, hipshot tuners, and switchcraft/cts electronics. This guitar is kinda outside the norm for me as far as style goes, but it was an interesting excursion into the world of extra strings- a good intro for the baritone 8 string hollowbody I'll be starting on soon. Just figured I'd throw it up for kicks. just to address the inevitable comment ahead of time it is not sitting on the concrete, I just like to concrete as a sort of industrial backdrop for some guitars, rest assured it is resting safely upon cork pads. ranger #4 seven string by Peters Instruments, on Flickr ranger #4 seven string by Peters Instruments, on Flickr ranger #4 seven string by Peters Instruments, on Flickr ranger #4 seven string by Peters Instruments, on Flickr
  7. I believe there has been some sort of mistake, you clearly have me confused with someone who knows what they are doing lol.
  8. I am loving this build! can't wait to see it complete
  9. I just finished this one up a couple of weeks ago so I figured I go ahead and enter this month. This is my Avenger body style, sort of my take on the modern double cut. It has a carved curly maple top, curly maple neck, eastern black walnut back, EIR fret board, and black wood for the binding, bridge base, tailpiece, truss rod cover, pickup rings, and knob tops. The pickups are p-rails, and its got a mini switch to control each on in addition to a master volume, master tone, and three way pickup selector. more photos on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/petersinstruments/with/8442391389/#photo_8442391389 avenger 1 by Peters Instruments, on Flickr avenger 1 by Peters Instruments, on Flickr avenger 1 by Peters Instruments, on Flickr avenger 1 by Peters Instruments, on Flickr
  10. Scott thanks for the kind words, I don't think I belong in the same category as david myka, but I'll take the compliment though . I have plans for some future build threads I would like to include here on project guitar. Right now I don't have much of anything that isn't already half completed and I really like to start build threads from the beggining rather than pick up half way through. I'm fairly active on several forums, and I try not to post up duplicate build threads either on different cites which makes it kinda tricky at times. I'm honored that you would like to see some of my process though, and hopefully I don't let you down when the time comes to start some new threads. I think you are probably right about that top being somewhat polarizing(and the hardware choice for that matter), but that is ok. Guitars like this seem to be that way and I really wasn't expecting to win this month (if I were I would not have voted for yours lol ), I mostly just entered to get some feedback, the guys on here are always great about that and never let me get away with anything.
  11. Tough month for me to pick, I like both Scottr's build and demonyx very much. I'm not a huge fan of the color on either of them but that is just a matter of personal taste, they were both executed very well. I'm not a huge fan of the through f-hole but I do like the body shape and the carve on Scott's a little better. For me the clincher was the back, the backside of Scott's is beautiful. For this reason it got my vote
  12. if you can find some pretty easy then I'd do that, but no harder than wooden rings are to make I would think it be quicker (at least for me) to just make a pair than to scrounge the internet trying to find the right part. Thats not so much a function of me being very quick at making pickups rings as it is being pretty slow finding stuff on the internet.
  13. I really don't have a clue, but if I were guessing I would say some type of nitro if it is supposed to be a reissue. I could be 100% wrong though.
  14. welcome from a young'n! Looking forward to learning from your years of experience.
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