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  1. Thanks! This should point me in the right direction for an es-335 copy.
  2. Hey there everyone, I'm new to this forum and building guitars in general. I know the anatomy of guitars and know how to wire/solder so that is not a problem. However, I could use some advice from more knowledgable folks about shortcuts I could take to make it easier on me with the structural part. I'm not sure how hard it is to build a semi-hollow body versus a solid or straight hollow but I love the sound and I'm willing to dedicate my time to it. Basically what I am hoping for is: 1) A supply checklist (what items I will need such as a router, sander, drill - things of that sort... even small stuff) 2) Places to buy expensive supplies cheaper (such as wood and maybe the router) 3) Schematics, dimensions of other hollow or semi-hollow body guitars. 4) Advice, frustrations, lectures, shortcuts. Please help me out with some pointers, I know it is going to take hours and hours of forum scouring regardless if I have shortcuts or not. Any help is appreciated. -Dan
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