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  1. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    We are full into summer - the grass is long AF and I've already mowed it a couple times. Last couple days its been humid and we've had huge thunder boomers that rattle the windows and walls. So jealous of people building guitars around here, I might actually get mine started this weekend. FFS.
  2. komodo

    Osorio CS 2019 Builds

    The distribution of the fissures(?) in the Eucalyptus remind me of Mappa burl in a way. Will you leave end up filling them in any way? If your Cedar is anything similar to North American cedar, it will be amazing. The best electric guitar woods I've ever used are light and resonant like pine, cedar, and swamp ash.
  3. I've done this exact thing, twice now. It actually works really well for dialing it in to be a perfect neck.
  4. komodo

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    How does it play? Still in the honeymoon? Everytime I finish one, I play for a little bit and then switch to another guitar I haven’t played in awhile and fall in love with that one. Then after some time, I revisit the new build and fall in love again. Maybe just a little time and distance apart after giving birth to it? I dunno. Maybe I’m just a little slut.
  5. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I'm old too, but starting welding in the last couple years and love it. So far it's the most basic arc welding with a crappy welder my dad had, but it's fun to be able to join metal. When I finish one I give it a hammer test to see if it stuck. I've fixed an office chair, put extenders on my brewing burner to hold bigger pots, and I'm making a tripod for a telescope out of an old basketball goal post.
  6. @ADFinlayson is right. Either use a plunge router, or start your router first then gently plunge it into the piece, and continue with the cut. The problem in the video was having the bit contacting the wood, and THEN starting it up. If total noobs watched that and did it, serious injury could occur and nobody wants that. Since the router is likely the highest RPM tool in the shop, I give it even more respect than other tools. Consider is all the stuff that can happen unexpectedly. What if the collet loosens? Maybe just a little so it's still cutting (mostly) but the bit is spinning in the collet and descending deeper in the workpiece?! At 50k rpms . . .What if a chunk gets torn / breaks loose from an edge, what if there was a piece of metal in the wood? What if you suddenly lost power? Many of those may or may not have a great effect, but I'd rather be on the safer side of disaster than the worst side. Believe me, I'm no "Safety Sam" but I do have all 10 fingers. Much respect for you doing a build and documenting it and doing video production, I'm lucky to remember to snap pics of what I'm doing. Welcome to this community, it's great to have more of us!
  7. I hope I'm not coming across as a jerk, cause I'm not. Starting the router with the bit on the workpiece is just dangerous. If it were me, I'd actually edit that out of a video hosted on youtube. This isn't preachy or pedantic, there are people using YT vids as templates for how to work. Clarksons voice is also in my head much of the day. It takes great energy to shift that to Morgan Freeman or Jeff Goldblum.
  8. @Liquorice That's a great point. You likely will not be able to decide that last thought, and you are never going to be faster than the tool, getting out of the way. Pizza guys always have a burn on their arm from reaching into a pizza oven, and then a matching one on the other side of their arm from yanking their arm up after getting burned.
  9. I’d say the majority of accidents are with hand tools. Most damage from power tools. Many / most are to hands which can be the worst for damage or healing. I nearly cut my finger off with a swiss carving knife, of course trying to do something stupid, quickly.
  10. Nice lamination. BTW- Your wood is pronounced 'wheng-eh'
  11. wow have you been busy. Nice job all around! It’s awesome when what you build is the best thing you’ve ever played. Bravo!
  12. komodo

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    Outstanding brother! If I had that I’d be playing Opeth on it all night. It has an unbelievable sophisticated savagery, at home with jazz or drop D evil! Bravo.
  13. komodo

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    That thing looks incredible. It's like it's just waiting to get out and do some damage to something. Angry blood red LP will not fail!
  14. komodo

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    Hmmm glaring error there. You signed it with your username. Now we don't know what A.D. stands for, unless that's actually the name you go by.
  15. komodo

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    Now it's looking super metal. Are you going to try sanding back the denser areas or is that the way the grain and figure is? That stone wall is SO English! We don't have residential stone work like that here.