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  1. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Luckily I was outside on my Workmate! It absolutely would have been a problem with my cyclone collector.
  2. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I am! We've been mostly consumed with getting the boy moved into college, and I redid the Tolex on the new amp head. But I did manage to route an ugly channel for the truss. Alas, I didn't take pics. Working Pau Ferro is pretty nice as far as sanding and chisels, but routing was another story. I had immediate smoking from friction that didn't go away no matter how low I set the router's rpm at. At one point I actually had small EMBERS coming out of the channel. It would've been much cleaner if I had a table setup with a fence,. but I did it with my big router and an edge guide. It pulled away once or twice in the first cuts and made an ugly channel but it's serviceable and will be covered by the fingerboard. I'll glue the headstock "ears" on this week and get the neck profile rough cut. Also, I did the massively long drill bit trick to connect all the cavities. Next up is finishing the cavity covers, start filling and sanding, finish the neck (might need new fingerboard, as this one isn't perfect like I thought. The weather is getting good for spraying, so I will concentrate on the body. In the meantime (HA!) I'm doing some tube rolling on the new amp, and finishing up that mandolin I was rebuilding. Just need to re-glue the neck and do something to the finish. Once this guitar is alive I will get back to the RS tremolo and se if I can't get a working model setup to check it's geometry and action.
  3. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Mr Natural - Randy Rhodes was in mind many times while stripping this, he was one of my main influences. But then I also thought about all the later 80s garish hair metal stylings. RR white Marshall and black polka dot guitar - YES. White Marshall, pink guitar, feather boas and silver spandex - NO. I know it's only aesthetics, but just as in guitars, the aesthetics can really add or detract to the experience of the thing.
  4. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Done. Hardware laid on for effect. I’ll let it dry really well before assembly. 1000000x better IMO.
  5. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Hang in there Wes. I got the 5150 and even though its basically new, I’m giving it an overhaul. White tolex is not my thing, also don’t care about huge branding (i work in marketing). So, white Tolex is off, all knobs changed to black, front grill / EVH stripe crap is moving to the back and plain grill to the front. New Tolex is wine. Should look not unlike a custom Soldano. First pic is half knobs done, last is Tolex laid on for rough idea.
  6. I’ve got a couple squirt bottles of liquid polishing coumpound that I have no idea where they came from. Maybe LMII. The one Thing I’m going to do differently next time is to ise power somehow. My right arm became larger than my left after the last build. Edit: I just looked and sure enough they are the FCP and FFP liquid polish from LMII. They work extremely well, but there is no indication of their spproximate grit. I’m not sure at what point I used them but it was probably around after 1200 or 2000? IDK
  7. Scott - you have outdone yourself! Your work absolutely paid off and the finish is second to none. I'm not sure if I want to pick it up and eat it like a sucker or grab a towel and dive into it. How do you use your pumice and rottenstone? I've not used either and am curious as to your process.
  8. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Well I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to let go of the nagging “you should really make a neck for this” voice in my head. The Carvin neck is killer, maybe i’ll try it on my strat or sell it off, IDK. Weighing my options, I’ve got more Limba which would be a good neck through, I’ve got a half finished laminated maple neck, but the headstock is a short 3+3 modern thing. A long time ago, I was smitten by the Ibanez Voyager that Reb Beach in Winger played and swore I would build one. It had an amazing Koa body (fav wood) and a solid Pau Ferro neck. The idea of a solid Pau Ferro stuck with me and I just happen to have a wicked quartersawn neck sized piece that was destined for this. So, as Johan Segborn says . . . “Let’s go!”
  9. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    Aw that sucks but as you said, this is really good news all around. Speedy recovery. Do tell, what's your poison when it comes to video games? I'm currently ripping up Witcher 3 and loving it.
  10. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I hope I feel the same later when the dust settles. It's a new version EVH 5150 III, so I really shouldn't need ANY OD pedal. I've got a Lovepedal Eternity Burst, Weehbo Bastard, a CB Galileo clone and Skreddy P19 clone I made, plus a bunch of other noisemakers. Really - a delay and a phaser/flanger would probably do it. And I'm no EVH fan boy, it's just where I landed.
  11. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    My current build taunted me into popping for a new amp head that I can't really afford on a total whim. I've got WAY too many pedals and have to fire sale some now. yolo?
  12. The one I'm building now is a cross between a Tele and an LP. If I were you I'd consider building something similar to the pictured guitar, but make it simpler. The guitar you have pictured has a few things that would make it a more complicated first build, the semi-hollow, the double binding, the bridge and requisite neck angle geometry, most importantly, everything on it is custom and there will be no templates for it. That said, depending on your previous woodworking experience and patience, you certainly could make your own templates and do it. I guess my point is, you could build something similar looking but easier to build with a higher probability of success.
  13. komodo

    Classic Sakura

    Yeah, if it's in your head I'd do it or you will always wish you had.