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  1. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I’ve been doing nightly scuff sand and filling with Aquacoat. I’ve never used it before so the jury is still out, but it seems decent. When dry it does seem to shrink back quite a ways so we’ll just how many coats it really takes.
  2. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    I brewed 12 gallons of a 12% imperial porter. Pretty happy about as all my brew experience went into this one and its near perfect so far.
  3. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Obligatory rough hardware placement pic. Also the paper sketch / template that shows the eventual rough pick guard idea. I’m not doing a very good job documenting this build, I’ve never built something in such tiny little cobbled together moments. Goal for the day is glue in finger board, drill control holes, and get a couple thin coats of clear on. The Colortone vintage amber salvage was a success, I’ve got a few mini techniques that I’ll write up for anyone encountering the same situation.
  4. komodo

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    You guys do get through some beer. My problem is that I'm such a creature of habit, by the time I'm standing in the beer isle I'm too tired to mess with picking stuff out and go to my old standbys. Lately it's Stone Ruination IIPA. I'm not usually a huge Stone fan, but man is this stuff good. It reminds me of Sierra Torpedo but even better. That said, my beautiful wife Robin brought home a bomber from Trader Joe's "For Whom", a 10%, 22oz bomber of imperial stout with ancho chilis, cacao nibs and cinnamon for only $4. And it's AWESOME.
  5. komodo

    electric solid body mini guitar

    Not sure if I'm confusing what you are saying, but you can't just cut off frets to make it shorter. The string length from nut to bridge is the scale length. The fret positions - regardless of the length of the fretboard or how many frets there are - are in predetermined positions based on that scale length. So, if you shorten the string length from nut to bridge, a whole new fret board with proper fret positions for the shorter scale length must be used.
  6. komodo

    New Magnum build

    OMG this whole build is just off the hook. Everything is executed so beautifully.
  7. komodo

    KEA 2017 builds

    That last one is JAW DROPPING. The laminated curly neck is just sick. Total porn.
  8. komodo

    335-like guitar for the same friend :)

    I feel your pain! It is my worst fault, starting projects on top of projects until the madness becomes too much and I just have to finish one of them or I will explode. Awesome work so far on the 335.
  9. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Well I’d say that was 90% successful. With light 220 sanding and using finger pressure for very fine control you can do a pretty good job removing it evenly. Just enough orange removed to bring back a golden hue. Very careful attention to edges where sandthrough is easy, with frequent dust wiping as it obscures what is actually happening. I always use a sanding block, but here you need finer control. I’ve got an edge or two with sand through and a couple thin areas, I’ll see if I can fix those and LIGHTLY dust the thin areas. Cool thing is you can get a kind of faux sunburst / vintage edge darkening thing this way.
  10. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I don’t think it’s bad, but it’ll probably always bug me as its 10% too orange. I’m also looking at the stark change from the raw limba, and no hardware. Sand and respray never killed anyone. I’ll try some light sanding and see what happens. Stewmac says NO! so I have to try. I still want to take the dragon guitar back to bare wood and redo the stain.
  11. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Yeesh, hit it with Stewmac Colortone vintage amber. It was’t very heavy but I did make a few passes to even it out. Looks too orange in my opinion. They say don’t sand at all or you’ll see it. So, I can either 1) leave it, 2) try a light sandback, maybe with steel wool or something-worst case is fully sand and respray lighter, or 3) full sand and respray lighter.
  12. komodo

    Turner Model 1 replica

    Bravo on the radius top.
  13. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Woah I didn’t tone that photo. The light in my shop makes it look sickly greenish but it’s more straw colored. The amber should warm it up a lot.
  14. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Sanding and multiple coats of vinyl sealer, light sanding and more coats. White limba is such a strange wood. Sonically it’s incredible. Machining, it’s excellent but can chip easily. Sanding, the dist is SO fine it’s a little annoying. The wood feels soft and dents easy until you get a protective coat on it. Pau ferro (the neck), is also a killer sonic wood but is VERY hard, and the dust quite irritating. But ut cuts and carves very very nicely. Next up is an amber tint lacquer and several coats of clear. I’m keeping it relatively thin and vintage feeling. Just enough to try some crazing techniques.
  15. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Slow but sure. The cavity covers are now to thickness, the neck and fb are rough cut and truss is installed. I used too much silicone in the channel. Pfft. It's taped off so there isn't any silicone on the glue surface, but I'm afraid whats in the channel might not dry as it's practically sealed in that rosewood. I'm debating pulling the truss, trying to clean out the slot and wrapping the truss with teflon tape to keep it quiet. It's a snuggish fit, just not quite as snug as my previous. Also when I decided to swap from 25.5 to 25" I had already shaped the end of the neck. Somehow I've ended up with a slightly longer head/neck join than I like visually. Maybe I;'m overthinking it. I'll look at it again tonight and see if I'm just being sensitive to it. The body just needs a jack and final sanding and I can start finishing.