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  1. Oh shit I hope that wasn't my comment on the router thing. I pop in sporadically from lunch at work and don't follow up often. If it was, soooooorry, wasn't suggesting alternatives for you but in case someone else following along didn't have a cnc. You are right that build threads should be kept to the build thread and discussions people want to have outside of that should be different threads.
  2. Here’ my fretboard / crosscut sled. Waxed oak rails, Stewmac blade with stabilizer plates, Stewmac notched template for 25” scale. Double stick tape. One pic shows how I line up the template on the bottom and then stick the blank on from the top so I can get it square and see where the cutline is. Flip it over and cut as you move it up the notches. Perfect and fast.
  3. Slow but sure. Solid ebony neck truss channel routed and fitted. Getting ready for some inlay and fret slots. Sidetracked by a Facebook marketplace score, three old skool rack units for $25 the guy thought were dead. Replaced battery, replaced two small caps and reset a ribbon cable and all works great. Going through hundreds of presets of too much chorus, too much gated reverbs, etc. Awesome 80-90s goodness.
  4. Now what's my kinda strat. That would be at home at a country or metal show. Beautiful.
  5. Note from the field: I used a heat gun on an old Kay mandolin fretboard and the binding VAPORIZED.
  6. @ScottR said it would be an LP Jr. But there are other, even filthier scenarios. Solid neck-through white limba. But this is for another day.
  7. Bottled 6G of my imperial porter, Cask of Cthulhu. 14%, bourbon barrel aged and madagascar vanilla beans. 5G more to go.
  8. To this day, we address our cat as Mrs. Slocombe would in front of our teen boys to make them cringe.
  9. I recently pulled a mandolin neck, so it was a dovetail joint, not a longer tenon. After reading a bunch of stuff on injecting steam I decided to try it with an iron which was successful. I did it similar to how you would remove a fretboard, using lots of slow heat, a very thin bladelike tool (more blunt, like a putty knife) and working several areas until it finally started to move. If you do steam injection just be careful, it involves a pressured container and superheated vapor - don't underestimate the danger. This all assumes your neck was level before the fretboard was applied, and then the frets were leveled and dressed. Thats also critical to getting a lower and playable action.
  10. It sounds like you just don't have the neck angle required. I'd also take a careful look at your nut height / string height off the nut. You've put a lot of work into the guitar, and would like it to be super playable. The best way would be to remove the neck, recut the angle and reset it. I think many would recoil at that idea, but it's not really rocket science and more than anything takes patience and a gentle persistence. It would require steam, some form of way to inject it into the joint and a lot of time spent slowly working it until it moves. Once out, you can clean up the joint and reshape it to get the angle you need. Once finished, it would have excellent action as long as you the fretboard was flat before fretting, and the frets were leveled and dressed properly. You may consider setting it aside for a bit to read about that more (there are lots of online articles or videos on steaming joints, fretboard removal, neck resets, etc), and gather up the courage. As with any major operation, there is a chance of complications or catastrophic failure, but I guess my point is that it's totally doable.
  11. OOOoooo those will be nice! I've got a P90 set I had custom wound at 8 and 8.5 and have been dying to build something to put them in. But I don't have any more room for any more guitars! After my Trisonic build, I may try to do one as simple and clean as possible, no figured wood and use those P90s. It's what I started doing before it morphed into that metal tele.
  12. Wow, I didn't know Ola was in here, love how he lights up when he remembers it. I do remember Perry and Strandberg, and had brief chats with Melvin.
  13. Every single time I see someone resaw with a handsaw, I have an anxiety attack. Nice job! Do you have your P90s already?
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