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  1. komodo

    Neck angle

    Another thing is that when you do this exercise, you will be able to visualize the geometry of the guitar better. Doing topdown drawings, or even 3D CAD stuff only gets you so far. Nothing beats the real world experience of the ACTUAL angles on paper, or in the case of the body size and shaping, a full sized mockup to hold in your lap and see how it feels. Hell, even a flat cutout of cardboard is better than nothing for that.
  2. Your advice should be a mantra for probably everyone in here on most operations. I'm always amazed at the self-restraint of people! My routers hate me and my demands placed on them.
  3. komodo

    Neck angle

    Most builders will not even start a build until they have the actual bridge in hand. You must already know what scale length you will use. Nothing beats an actual full scale drawing, even if it's just a side view of the intersecting planes much like the drawings on the tundraman site mentioned. Don't overlook the fact that you bridge will have some adjustment to it, but don't rely on the adjustment to reach your height. Try to hit your optimal arrangement but with a little adjustment up AND down so you can fine tune it. Hope this makes sense.
  4. every. single. time. I see that bench I'm envious. It's awesome!
  5. komodo

    Opinions on Design Direction

    You didn't mention scale length. If it's 25.5" I would think it to be everything Scott said. and if anything have a sharper slightly brighter attack.
  6. komodo

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    That looks like my yeast starters when I'm brewing.
  7. That top IS porn. nice!
  8. komodo

    your 15 island albums

    I'm a total purist. Right outa the gate or when they hit the early stride tends to be the best stuff. Plus, 15 really limits!
  9. komodo

    your 15 island albums

    No matter how many times I put these on, I do not tire of them. 1. Queen II 2. Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon 3. Floyd - Wish You Were Here 4. Iron Maiden - Killers 5. Yngwie - Rising Force 6. Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes 7. Dream Theater - Images and Words 8. Rush - Exit Stage Left (this kills many birds with one stone) 9. Metallica - Ride the Lightning 10. Yes - Classic (many birds one stone again) 11. Steely Dan - Greatest (birds . .stone,. .blah blah blah) 12. Opeth - Ghost Reveries 13. Boston - Boston 14. Radiohead - Kid A 15. Frank Black - Teenager of the Year 16. Kansas - Point of No Return
  10. komodo

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Between all of my hobbies, dealing with two teens, and then my own brewing - I just don't have the will to keep up and seek out all the craft beer anymore, but I certainly am an opportunist and will sample anything. Point is, I tend to keep Torpedo, Duvel or Old Rasputin in my fridge because it's easy and I know it's good.
  11. Youth is wasted on the young. One of my favs. Time is indeed ticking, and it's really pissing me off. Snow has already fallen, and I still have to mow, pick up the last leaves, lay some grass seed, do some small painting and caulking outside, winterizing the small machines, etc. Add life events, and a new audio install in my car, a pedal build, and the three guitar builds that i keep going back and forth on but can't seem to get any actual shop time with. I come in here periodically just to lurk and keep in touch, living vicariously until I can start posting some regular field dispatches on my own activity. I'm getting close.
  12. komodo

    6 string electric for me

    Ha! That's what I was thinking. Maybe it's a proto Ibanez monkey grip.
  13. That is a thing of beauty Scott!
  14. komodo

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @Prostheta Carl both of those beers look and sound amazing. More importantly your use of the proper glassware for each style has been noted and filed with the International Beer Agency and you should receive rewards points if you are a member.