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  1. komodo

    Skinny builds

    Ergonomics of the radius Sometime in the 80's I played a 6-string guitar off the rack at a music store that was a radiused body like a Warwick, and the same rounded edges. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was, but I still remember being struck by the ergonomics of it. It was a thinner body, but with the radius it didn't feel thinner and it felt wonderful standing or sitting. Ever since then I've had designs floating in my head and vowed to do the same but never have except for a bass that was freehand carved with a flap sander. It does feel wonderful and I should explore it again. Lightweight bodies, mass, and balance The point of this actually isn't the radius, but that same bass had a very small mahogany body, and wenge neck. Coupled with the extra neck length you would think balance is an issue, but it's actually not. What IS very strange about this bass is because the mass of the body is so low, you can feel the string vibrating and whipping the body/neck around. It's so noticeable that it feels like there should be no sustain, but it's actually fine. The bass does tend to have a more punchy sound like Flea. For a 6-string guitar I's probably not nearly as noticeable, but I've considered ways of adding mass to this body to see if it changes anything.
  2. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Field Report: The coffee had little staining effect. The finish cracks are so tight that nothing really penetrates them. Even straight up dark stain had little effect. I might have to do a freeze / thaw cycle and get the stain in then. We are in uncharted territory here. The high pass filter was OK, but had way less volume. The parallel wiring is promising, but my goal was to have the switch do a single coil, and I can't figure out how to wire parallel and get single coil with the SPDT switch. The series HB wiring had a bit more punch also. Whatever happens, this thing is a beast and I can't stop playing it. I've been going back in time and learning stuff I always wish I'd learned. My first assignment with it is Zakk Wyldes solo from Ozzys No More Tears.
  3. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I feel like you are in my head. I've been looking up bass cut circuits, and also came up with a little high pass I may try. Not only that, but the bridge pickup uses a split where one coil has some low end still and it retains the humbucking in the audible range. Also, I've got some A2 and A5 mags but hadn't thought about replacing the BW mags because I figured that would add a muddier low end compared to the ceramic. I;m going to go wire the parallel right now, and try the high pass and see what I come up with. I've also got some leftover coffee from this morning and might try a little test of highlighting the crazing. I'll either come back happy or frustrated.
  4. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I've considered most of what you mention, but electronics are my weakest link. I've been reading about treble bleeds all day. Last night I put a resistor in and lowered it to about 11k but it took some sizzle off and it ended up sounding muted and back to neck pickup boominess.
  5. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    When I was considering options, that kept ringing in my head. Neck pickup shouldn't be higher gain than bridge. Why would you do a ceramic magnet with this alnico thing, blah blah. In the end, there was nothing to lose by just trying it out and boy is it interesting. The great part was googling and finding all the other people like yourself that had the same observations. Just pup height and adjusting the poles higher balanced output differences, but I'm going to try this parallel wiring tonight as it should lower output and bass some. Last option would be to try a neck version of the BW, or one of the Evo or Liquifires. Thanks for the kind words on the finish. Its great that you mention the restraint on the relicing as that was really intentional. When people do the chips and edge sanding I feel like it breaks the 4th wall and ends up just being to much. Mine is over the top aged-vibe, but was intended to be a "fictional" aesthetic from Day 1 instead of actual relic. Another builder who does a very similar thing that I really admire is Echopark.
  6. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Here's an interesting article that has some pretty good detail on intentional crazing. After contemplating a bunch of stains, I'm leaning towards a tea or coffee stain. It could be controlled really well for color and transparency. Color would be great. Not sure if lightfast or not. https://guitar.com/guides/diy-workshop/relic-nitro-finish/ Ha! The Jupiter reminds me of a car. I'm not going to do a Red Special clone, but maybe doing the Double cut LP Jr Like I was going to makes sense as it's similar to the RS. Wonder what an LP Jr with SG like bevels would look like?
  7. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I love this bridge pup, it's a Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom alnico 2. It's exactly what I was looking for. Earlier I was going to put in an old Gibson Dirty Fingers, but it's single conductor and I have another guitar I may put it in. The neck was going to be the Duncan Slash APH-2n, but it's also single conductor, and I found it was too vowely. When I popped this Black Winter in I was looking at neck alternatives, and the Liquifire came up as did the DiMarzio Evolution. What I;'d like this guitars voice to be is vintage high gain for the bridge, but crystalline modern for the neck. Especially the note definition in the low end of the neck on the bottom strings. If I can still play high gain power chords on the neck pup, that would be the ballpark. I'm going to try running the Black Winter tonight in parallel and see what that does. Remember it's a BW bridge at 16k, LOL. Scott - I apologize, I've done a horrible job updating this thread. The build stretched out to long and was done in a bunch of fits and starts and lots of midstream changes., Actually I'm THRILLED how it's come together as cohesively as it has considering all of the unplanned course changes. As I was relicing hardware, I kept thinking of how I was going to tie the finish in with the "theme". Part of it was the light burst gradient from the tinted lacquer. While I never was going to do the crazy finish sanding, dents, dings etc, I was planning on checking the finish. After doing a full clear schedule with the sand and polish out, it wasn't exactly without reservations, but figured you have to JUMP or don't. Much research led to the freeze thaw cycles - basically wrap the thing in a plastic bag for moisture protection and put it in a freezer for a few days. Take it out quickly and watch my heated shop cause checking to appear. Rinse and repeat. I've decided to stop at this point, get the rest done and se what the finish does. You can see the checking at one angle, but it can disappear COMPLETELY at another. Many will rub thinned stain (or whatever) on and wipe off allowing the stain to just penetrate the checking and highlight them. Of course once that's done, you can't take it back so I'm holding off on that for now. I can always do it in 5 minutes. Plus, what do you use? Amber stain? Dye? Brown? Black? Testing needs to be done of course. My boss keeps asking me why I don't sell guitars, and I keep explaining the level of build you have to be at to sell, and the ways you;d have to streamline production, etc. He challenged me to build another one of these, a replica as if it was a production model. While I don't need a #2 of this, I've still got those Trisonic pups, and a half built korina neck through with truss channel cut, carbon rods installed . . .Maybe a semi-hollow with those pups?
  8. komodo

    Not Quite A Tele...

    And you said you are using moisturr traps inline? I always make sure to drain the petcock on the compressor tank, and use an inline ball filter plus a dessicant filter inline. Even then I had to use blush eraser.
  9. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    This is 99% done, I'll update pics as I have them. I struggled with wiring, as I wanted two coil cuts and realized AFTER THE FACT that my neck pup is a single conductor?! Forest for the trees. Contemplating a wire swap to 4-conductor or a new pup, I wondered about that Duncan Black Winter sitting on the shelf. A 16k ceramic bridge pup as a neck?! Let's try it. I used the pup height and raised the poles to balance bridge and beck signal and holy cow I think we're on to something. The Black Winter is brighter, hi-mids, and is an amazing neck pup, and in single coil is tear inducing (good tears). All it needs is a truss cover and it's done. It plays spectacularly (thank goodness).
  10. komodo

    Not Quite A Tele...

    It'll be worth it. I had the heaviest blushing I've ever had with my last spray, and the blush eraser was like magic. Did you try erasing, letting it dry for a day or two and trying it again? Just curious. That back carve!
  11. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Rough stringup.
  12. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Thanks for the bday wishes Scott but I really hate to encourage such things, ha. At this age it should be “hope you find a cure for your birthday”. Lots of fussy crap on the guitar. Tuner holes were a tad tight so reaming those, fixing a couple small finger board edge dings (CA-ebony dust trick), fitting a rough nut - I’ll make a final one once its all setup and I’ve finetuned the trem system. I’ve fitted the new relic covers to the new pickups. Shave parafin, heat with heat gun, smash in and solder grounding edges. Keys here are wear gloves, prefit pups to covers so you KNOW they fit, end back out screws slightly to help fitting. Getting pictures of the Pau Ferro neck is really hard. Its gorgeous wood. Not a true rosewood but more rosewood than many rosewoods. I’ve been trying to think of a name for this, in a fictional relicy, retro, hot rod like vibe. It’s fictional manufacture is 1966 for sure (my birth year). Since it’s a hot rod in every way I’ll add the SS for super sport like a muscle car. Maybe just ‘66 Korina SS. Working on electronics now. Set up trem, string it and ?
  13. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    Fretting done. Taste testing Cthulhu, my 14% imperial porter, aging on burbon barrel sticks, and awaiting Madagascar vanilla bean infusion.
  14. komodo

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I’m doing my damnsest to finish this, and done a crap job on a build thread. Final sand and polishing done. (arg) Neck is done, just drilling tuner holes and fretting. Cavities have nice copper lining, still not 100% on electronics but I’ll figure it out. Birthday is tomorrow, would love to play this thing!
  15. komodo

    The Uber

    Why has this resurfaced? When I made this I said I wasn't 100% sure of the wood, but fairly certain is was Panama / Yucatan Rosewood. After looking again, I'm 99% sure this is correct. https://www.wood-database.com/yucatan-rosewood/ It's a very interesting wood, It feels and works like Mahogany, has a similar weight (which is VERY different from any other Dalbergia), almost no oil (also VERY different), large and weird open grain but still interlocked and very stable. When I finished this build, I had left the neck somewhat oversized, I figured I'd play it and refine the profile later if I felt it needed it. It;'s actually had little use as I built a strat soon after that just plays AMAZING. Anyhoo, as I made the neck in my current build I thought I should revisit this and finish the profile as I had actually left it more like a baseball bat. I shaved a lot of wood off last night, and polished it up to an absolute killer of a neck. Working so much with the wood again made me dig this up to see what it was and here we are. You can't really tell neck profiles from pictures, but believe me, it went from a "oh that's nice" to a "WOW! that is a SEXY neck." She will get a lot more play from now on.