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  1. komodo

    The Black Queen

    I’m using black and chrome open-backed Sperzels. They are lightweight and high quality, plus I had them already. Laying them down here tells me to scale up the headstock slightly. They were also used on my Dragon guitar build that I don’t dare show since they are gold - and RAD would get nauseous.
  2. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Full-sized printout at work. Super helpful to check everything. Laying down actual hardware to double check nut width, fingerboard width and string spacing with bridge and tremolo tailpiece. I can also see some centerine adjustment, maybe slight body scaling. Things get real at this point. Those blue lined boxes around the body shape, at 12”, 12.5”, and 13”. Those are locked, and when I do a body scale adjustment it’s easy to see the bout width and body length. This one is a little smaller by design. The wood is so dense and heavy and I prefer smaller sized bodys anyhoo.
  3. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Let me know how your initial tests go.
  4. komodo

    The Black Queen

    I like the sound of this, though I already have the silver wire on the way. and it wasn't inexpensive. Filling a .020 hole sounds interesting. Any recommendations for a good source of the powder?
  5. komodo

    The Black Queen

    You know, that thought had crossed through my mind when I was doing an earlier sketch of it. But, then I started wondering about size / diameters. This design is definitely one whose impact and depth relies on the totality, so I figured I better do the whole thing for real on paper first. I wanted to make sure the distribution and effect looked real, and there were no hidden shapes or weirdness. There was still much randomness when I did it. When I drill, I'll use this exact template. There are three wire gauges, 22g, 18g and 14g and the MoP inlays. The wire is silver, so I'm not sure about tarnishing. If it were anywhere else I could cover it with a finish, but I don;t think I would ever spray a fretboard. Just going with it. Once again this guitar was not meant to be a Red Special, but with the Trisonic engine and the RS tremolo build, this could also be seen as a tip of the hat to Dr. May / astrophysicist.
  6. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Fretboard inlay plan. The board I have is jet black Gaboon ebony. It took awhile to figure out just how many stars and of what diameter, and then what gauge wire that is. Then how much wire to make that many stars. A true astronomer would be able to look at that and tell you exactly where on our planet this view isn't. LOL One of my other hobbies is astronomy, so it's fun to blend the two.
  7. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Behold the core! Next to it is one of the swamp ash “body wings”. It’s the lightest swamp ash I’ve ever had, it feels almost like balsa in weight but much harder.
  8. komodo

    First neck-thru

    That's a great trick. It's best with a router made channel, but you can cut anything by hand with enough patience. You could try a smaller Forstner bit and chisel cleanup and get a good channel. Just be sure they are lined up god so you don't get an interior "ledge" that wires will hang up on, Neck though should be easier, but there are make or break issues. I'm doing my second right now. The most critical thing is to have your bridge in hand, do a full-scale drawing so you can figure out to bridge height / body height / neck angle geometry. It will be critical to having the guitar playable and the action adjustable. Here's a great vid:
  9. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Here's a better view, you can see my guidelines transfer from top view to the side. Of course distances change when angles are involved. The bottom drawing was made independently of the top, all created around a dead horizontal string. I did transfer things like nut and 12th frets, but scale length was measured. Hope that makes sense. If you see something that doesn't please ask. I've always got lots of "what if" guidelines, potential carves, measurement index shapes, and whatever all over my illustrations.
  10. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Full-sized geometry while I drank my coffee this morning. I find Adobe Illustrator useful as you can zoom WAY in, swap back and forth with inches and mm, "set the action", allow for hardware adjustments, etc, then output 1:1 templates from it. Body/neck angle is 2.5-degree, headstock is 10-degree. This doesn't reflect any of the body radius complications but it shouldn't really going to be an issue. The weirdest thing with a radius body is - if you have a radiused blank and then cut the body on a bandsaw you get weird "sidewalls" that are all vertical. If you cut 90-degree from the guitar face, it can look weird and splayed out depending on how tight of a radius you have. This radius will be subtle enough, and with the top being carved, I'm not worried about it.
  11. komodo

    The Black Queen

    Thanks @RestorationAD, that's awesome. I also contacted Adrian and asked about Trisonics, and have kicked myself ever since then for not buying a set from him as he stopped selling them. When I contacted this replica builder I found, he said "talk to Adrian, if you still can't get them, contact me in a month.". He then agreed to make a set if I didn't tell anyone the source, but I know he is building them exactly as Adrian did - and - with these Greg Fryer parts . . holy holy cow. Also, when you see the Macassar I just got for the main core of this . . . I'm very excited about it, and am going to take it slow and get it right, I'm feeling pressure to move quick though as some nice spraying weather will come quick. 8-string Trisonics?!?!? EDIT: Here is my correspondence, I had asked about overwound Trisonics, and the differences in his models. "Hi there We have supplied overwound sets in the past - a couple of USA manufacturers regularly use them. They are no louder than the standard sets - but just saturate quicker and have a bit more in the lows/mids if used with the B May type series switching. Regarding the differences in the pickup sets - the internal coils are normally supplied exactly the same in all models, with the standard BM type coils/magnets. The Classic Brit's have blank non engraved covers and no inner Araldite etc...The Ultra Sonic's have the original Vintage 60's "Flat" base plates and are ideal for restorers etc...The BM Supers are the sets supplied to Guyton/BMG with all the BM mods and have the long reach base plates, so they are fairly easy to retro-fit. These can be supplied with the "Super" engraved covers or the original 60's Burns engraved covers. [about the overwind] No there is no extra charge - just make a note at the time of ordering. The standard BM sets are around 7k - 7.3k. We are limited by the amount of room inside the covers as to how much extra wire we can physically get in there - but I think around 8k and a bit more is normally achievable. Ade."
  12. komodo

    Project - RAD Unfinished Business

    That's what I've been using. It's worked so well I see no reason to try anything else. But, I've never shot it 100% before. Fun story - on the last guitar, the weather was nice and I wanted to get a quick spray in. Autopilot kicked on and I grabbed a cup and mixed a quick 1:3 mix and scrambled to get my spray stuff setup before light faded. BUT - when I went back to my cup, I was like "why is the cup all funny looking and sorta warped"? Of course, I grabbed a clear plastic cup because thats what was right there instead of the paper cups 1 foot away. Can I GENTLY pick it up and pour it into the paper cup? Please?! No. No you can't. The cup just went away like a popped bubble, or a wisp of smoke that never existed. The next 15 minutes were spent cleaning all the lacquer from my table saw top, and the floor, and the . . . . . .
  13. komodo

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    In "Unchained", there is that flangey bit, rising and falling. But ONLY in that one part. After consulting the Google, and some live vids, it's clear that it was a studio effect, and many times live he didn't even do it. He uses that effect in more recent videos and apparently has a flanger on some kind of momentary switch that he hits just for those chug chugs. I've successfully replicated in my studio (garage), and it's a hoot to play when you get the settings right. My son has already asked my wife "why does he keep playing that song over and over?"
  14. komodo

    Project - RAD Unfinished Business

    What are you using for sealer here?
  15. komodo

    Not Quite A Tele...

    That's incredible, your finishes are always show car glossy and deep. I love how it looks kinda traditional but very modern. It would be at home in nearly any situation, playing anything. When I was shooting pics of my tele I had the same thing with it looking really different from different angles.