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  1. Youth is wasted on the young. One of my favs. Time is indeed ticking, and it's really pissing me off. Snow has already fallen, and I still have to mow, pick up the last leaves, lay some grass seed, do some small painting and caulking outside, winterizing the small machines, etc. Add life events, and a new audio install in my car, a pedal build, and the three guitar builds that i keep going back and forth on but can't seem to get any actual shop time with. I come in here periodically just to lurk and keep in touch, living vicariously until I can start posting some regular field dispatches on my own activity. I'm getting close.
  2. 6 string electric for me

    Ha! That's what I was thinking. Maybe it's a proto Ibanez monkey grip.
  3. That is a thing of beauty Scott!
  4. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @Prostheta Carl both of those beers look and sound amazing. More importantly your use of the proper glassware for each style has been noted and filed with the International Beer Agency and you should receive rewards points if you are a member.
  5. SG Respin

    OMG I'm trying SO hard to only build one, but my indecisiveness coupled with fiery imagination keeps other builds buzzing around my head and interrupting constantly. I've got little build time, so I get nothing done.
  6. Yea it's really weird. We found out our nextdoor neighbors of 20+ years are friends with Rick Wakeman. They had a dog named (Starship) Trooper haha. Once Ricks son Adam came visiting and borrowed our carseats for his kids. He's keys for Sabbath and Ozzy right now. cough cough! Anyhoo, if I get to meet Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson I'll probably poop my pants, and I'm not one to get starstruck or anything.
  7. I only did 2bout 2 coats. Just enough to soak in and seal. This doesn't have demanding needs for use. In other news, recut the LP Jr headstock face to ensure enough real estate. Final angle is 12 degrees. Also glued on ebony head plate. Found out we have backstage passes for YES this coming weekend. Gonna be hard to concentrate between now and then!!!
  8. Yea, Watco Danish oil. Sand to 220 and wipeon. Wax later after its good and dry. SOOPER easy and perfect for this.
  9. Yea headplate, solid volute (i LOVE them), and not a full 14. I need to measure again to see what it is. Plinth done, just need to rewire tonearm and reassemble. The mahogany looks like figured koa which makes me deliriously happy.
  10. Single piece! I'm debating whether to use my already done Macassar ebony fb or cut a new one from jet black gaboon. Will have TT plinth done by tomorrow.
  11. SLOW and steady. Using my "staycation" time to do multiple projects at once. Body blank glued up and hand planed because sometimes by hand is just better. Also building a turntable plinth from scratch instead of veneering. Found some killer mahogany I didn't know I had.
  12. You can ONLY get it in Wisconsin! I've got two weeks off and just finished my speaker veneering project, so let's get on with this build. Here's to it. Benefits of living in Indiana is easy access to lots of Three Floyds.
  13. Yep. For this one it would've been a smaller spread, and negligible result. Just a flight of fancy for a minute or two. For the 8-string I'd like to build it would be functional in evening string tensions and the single string bridges and pups were considered from day 1. That said, here's my "beer for doing projects other than getting on with this build."
  14. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Totally scattered thoughts: -One of my favorite quotes "youth is wasted on the young." -I've taken to putting up a manbun on the weekends out of the practical necessity to keep the hair out of the spinning tools. -my doublecut build is going to be semi-relic'd, which is a forced authenticity. BUT I know it's not real age, it's more for the sense of it as I don't have a 40 year old LP Jr and I want one. -I say all the time – you can't call yourself an artist, you just are one or someone else calls you one. We're on the same page here. -I'm an Old Man(tm) since I turned 50. But my head is and always will be a 12, 18, or 24 year old depending on the day or the trouble I am stirring up. And oh boy do I love stirring up trouble. My next post here will be a beer to make up for the diversion.