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  1. Nice work! Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with this. There’s a lot of inspiration in the limitations you’ve imposed on yourself for this project.
  2. Nice idea. Might be good to add more platform on the top for the router to rest on.
  3. Great work, thanks for the insight into the finish.
  4. Thanks again for all the great advice. Is there a thread around here with a review of various finishes?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I think this may be alder also. It doesn't have much of grain and is fairly light weight. Would you recommend a grain filler or sealer before doing a wipe on type finish? I'm not really concerned that the wood grain is not super great. I mostly want some practice and get some understanding before applying it to the real guitar project coming up. I had been thinking of trying a minwax stain. It's all new to me so I'm looking for ideas.
  6. I really want to build a guitar from scratch, so I thought I'd start by building one from scratch for practice and experimentation. I'd like to get some advice on how to finish this. I'm unfamiliar with what types finishes are available and what the processes are. I'd like to use a wipe on type finish rather than a spray type. I'd like to keep the finish as simple as possible. What would you recommend? I'm curious about sealer, should I use a sealer, or are there finishes that do not require sealer? Tis body has been sanded down to bare wood on the top. The back looks like it has some sort of finish. Not sure if it's just a sealer or something more. The top looks like it has some water damage I'm guessing I can just sand this out. This body is from Guitar Fetish, the neck I bought many years for a project that I never finished. Here's a few pictures.
  7. Great work with the scraper. Is there a tutorial somewhere on using a scrap for this type of shaping? I feel I need to learn how to use this.
  8. Great work, you have excellent skills with the hand tools. I like you design.
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