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  1. Am I reading this cad file correct? 17" at widest point and 44 3/4" at the longest point? Thanks!
  2. ooowwweeee! Forgot to wash them after putting Icey hot on my arm once, I know the feeling.
  3. Hey Drak, Im going to be using a 1/4" thick top, I have never "veneered" but I have glued lots of wood, Never a Maple Top, like my next project. My question is do I need a bigger peice to lay over it? At its thickness I was going to just use 1X2s Three places along the 16" tall X 11.25" wide body, That is what I have done with 1x12 oak on spruce to make 2xs for show tables (at work). I can cut out 3/4 partical board if needed.....
  4. And I always thought you had to get hit with the wood for it to hurt you That may explain my sinus headaches, and susceptibility to pneumonia. (just got over it last week for the 4 time in 3 years. )
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