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  1. Actually, I'm in the Houston area. So by 'close' that's kind of a relative term. Certainly closer than Perth. That guitar is beautiful. That's kind of along the lines of my vision (just not that body shape). Use of wood grains is what I'm looking at. Your Craigslist ad has been removed.
  2. That's kind of what I was thinking myself. To me it just seems like a Saga kit, just built a heckuva lot better (not a high bar to hurdle). I was looking for a bit more out of the instruction though.
  3. The weather, no problem. The flight is another issue though. Wouldn't mind going back to Oz though. I was a teenage banana bender.
  4. Was browsing the other day and saw this 'two day seminar' to build a guitar. Build Seminar Looks like they spend two days building (assembling) a Carvin kit. I was wondering if there is anyone else doing this? Not sure I'd want to leave my 'day job' and take a 3 month (or more) Luthier class. But I was wondering if anyone did something about a week long that might be a good learning experience and be more in depth than this thing appears to be.
  5. Anyone know where I could get some Rhoads V plans?
  6. Out of all these references, is there any one standout "Must Have" book?
  7. How did you end up saving that image. I've been trying to save one off there and can't figure that out for the life of me...........
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