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  1. I see a llama, clear as day on the left side.
  2. I'm gonna build just the V part of it becuase I really like that flat part past the bridge.
  3. A guitar I really like that reminds me of those is Shawn William's. It's a custom his uncle build for him, you can see it on his myspace here: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...27-1ed340d43b6e
  4. Isn't it funny that with 6000+ members we still haven't broken 100 votes?
  5. enought color coats, WAY too few clear coats, you should probably do 10+
  6. you'd need to retop it, there are many carved top tutorials that i think would help you
  7. also, why does the wood need to be smooth if you apply a hammered finish anyway?
  8. i wouldnt imagine he did, they are in layed and therefore below (or actually above) the gluing surface so i dont think they affected anything
  9. i really like godins's and setch's but scott french's really does it for me, so that got my vote.
  10. tung or danish oil would both work, i think "raw.unfinished oiled neck" is an oxymoron
  11. i dont think so, i like it though kind of gives it that modern art look
  12. well, my inner misfits fan wants me to vote for the devastator bass but... i will
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