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    What do you think? Oh, yeah if any one wants my msn address its: stealthisename@postmaster.co.uk. (It wouldn't let me put it all in the box)
  1. I would love to make a really nice valve amp that would suit me perfect, but it's just one of those things that I'm never gonna be able to accomplish just like that, will probably be one of those kinda things that I will do when I'm 50!
  2. In the end I decided for the metal carvers, I just love it
  3. very cool! I got some big bits of teak, is it really rare?
  4. I voted for the destroyers 20th birthday make over, it rocks! Also I love setches entry, It's looking beautiful!
  5. ohh, I love rhoads56 guitar, simply beutiful! I wish that your site was updated!
  6. Ooo, that purdy have you updated your site yet, because its cool!
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