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  1. I drew my dinky style 335 type body a few years back and had the cad drawings printed out in a vinyl printer. I made the internal template with wire channels and the external with bidge, pots and neck pocket... I never remember to use the internal and always drill the wire channel afterward lol... Because mine is semi hollow I drill off into the cavity... But I like your spade bit idea... I'll have to keep that in mind. Neck is awesome! I know you said don't get attached, but man! those woods match so nice it would look great natural and just black grain filler... It's hard for me to picture the black when it looks so good already but with the lighter neck binding i can see the black working too.. great job so far!
  2. I ran into the same problem on the buck guitar... i'm impatient at times, so I flattened the anti rotation lug to get enough height to get the nut and washer on.... I know, it will loosen over time... but man i wanted to hear it play lol...
  3. That neck is killer! can we get a close up?
  4. wow my freehand rotes are tighter than that... id be sending it back for a replacement
  5. Thanks for the compliments! The super brite tone very well could be the treble and presence both on 10, mid at 7 and bass at 5, carvin sx-200. I'm very proud of my son, he learned well...
  6. http://youtu.be/v0-iXtIW4Uw http://youtu.be/SsH_81mn2XY
  7. Still havent finished the truss rod cover and rear panel cover but had my son demo a few things so i could get a video of the tone it has... He's not perfect but good enough to show what tone qualities oak/cedar has....
  8. Thanks for the welcome mike... I am a process specialist engineer in the aviation field... I still program but now I program EDM's, Surface grinders, robots and lasers which have their own special quirks.
  9. Action set, Wiring soldered and nut polished... Forgot the bridge ground Hole is there just forgot to put the wire... Thanks
  10. Brent I think Piercefield is thinking that you are hand routing? Mike Nah I know he's using CNC, I have been programming CNC for about 10 years now... did 5 in a furniture factory on a 4 head komo. I have learned about every trick to preventing chip out and chatter as well as some grades of maple fuzzing up... The ones that fuzz up are the pains in the ass... It's mainly all about feeds and speeds but power cut and climb cut on a CNC can be aweful if you don't you dont use some of the tricks... And anyone who climb cuts with a hand router will have disaster anyway lol
  11. I usually hand block the neck pocket if I need a little angle... I try to built in my angle on the heel of the neck. I'm not much on shims
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