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  1. Bjorn218

    Church shooting in Texas

    Hey guys. Tragedy hit close to home yesterday. I found out around 4PM CST that my guitarist Ronnie in LaSanche had family which were murdered in the church shooting in Southerland Springs, Texas. His Sister in law lost her father, mother, brother, sister in law who was 8 months pregnant, 4 nieces and nephews, along with her best friend since childhood. There has been a go fund me page set up to help the family cover the costs for funeral/burial services, as well as to help them through this time of need. Page is here: Holcombe family Go Fund Me If anyone can offer anything it would be most appreciated. Ronnie says he has been pretty much in a daze and just going through motions so I'm going over a little alter to work on his car for him.
  2. Bjorn218

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    no sweat thanks though
  3. Bjorn218

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    What, no video? Come on Man..... You can't just take a photo of something like that. Seeing you're a welder. I have an old Miller Thunderbolt I bought off a guy for $25 he said it worked but the connectors where the leads connect to the box appear like they melted at one poiint. Do you mind if I PM you a few questions regarding how to test the transformer to see if it is worth me restoring to working condition?
  4. Bjorn218

    Show us your CD

    t is good stuff man regardless if it isn't you on the recordings. Would still like to be able to get a copy even if all digital. always enjoy good music of any genre that moves me. Are you in this or any of the other De Tonal State online videos? https://youtu.be/UuqmYpuon94
  5. Bjorn218

    Show us your CD

    Did you guys ever release anything officially? I like this and if nothing else would like to get a dubbed copy unless the other two tracks you posted were the rest.
  6. This is the guitar I was trying to find a work around for an action problem I had grown tired of dealing with. After I had removed some wood from the neck pocket and tremolo route, I decided that I really did not like how the guitar looked. Really I had just watched the Crimson Guitars video on Shou Sugi-Ban finish method and I thought it was an interesting method of finishing ( Read: Looks FUCKING Cool and fun ). Being the methodical person I am went and looked at how it was really done, as Ben's videos on the subject aren't as serious as I would like. I watched this video as well as reading what I could find over a couple days online. On how to properly attempt the finish. It is a modified Oil Finish and you must use your oil to build up past the charred wood that brushing did not remove. I usually apply 3-4 coats oil to a guitar before applying wax and has been good for me in the past. This finish took around 11-12 oil applications. before my wiping rag stopped picking up black residue. I do like the finish method. I would like to see if color can be applied after charring and add to the technique, or enhance what appears. I have seen other builders sand the surface smooth prior to oiling, but in my opinion, the texture is important to the technique. Otherwise, the Japanese would sand their cedar siding prior to oiling. I took these photos this evening when I got home from work so framing and colors aren't perfect. Mainly to give an idea of that the finish looks like up close as you can zoom fairly well into these.
  7. It didn't change the timbre much. Just the initial pick is a bit more pronounced, compared to before. The body is basswood which is usually rather vanilla sounding being neither bright nor warm. I would liken the pronounced pick attack now sounds more like something made from alder but retaining all the other tonal qualities of basswood. Shou Sugi-Ban changes the molecular structure of the wood somewhat (at least that is what is claimed when I was researching how to do it) causing it to become more dense, or hardening at the molecular level perhaps? Perhaps that is only to the cedar that is used in Japan for building siding. All I can say is the guitar has always sounded good unplugged, just now is a little louder than before charring it. I did the entire guitar, not just the body, so the extra presence could also be coming off the neck resonance as that is maple? I only lightly charred the neck wood as I didn't want the fret board(not done) coming loose, or cause damage to the truss rod. When I get home from work today I will post a couple photos of it. I love the color it turned out as well as the texture it got from brushing off the charr.
  8. Update on this topic. Removing wood from the neck pocket worked some what. The main problem was the tremolo anchor studs and posts. As this tremolo was retrofitted to the guitar originally, The original cavity route on the high side was too close to the body face, so when drilling the studs deeper to set the posts further into the body, I blew through the high side and had to dowel and glue it back. I attempted a second go as far as I dared due to the depth of the high side and left as is. Will redo the body eventually so I can properly get decent action. It will probably be better to just purchase a spare RG neck off the internet and make a new body from scratch. Until then, the guitar is playable, but still goofy high action. While doing all this I redid the finish using the shou-sugi-ban technique and I actually liked the way it came out. The only change I noticed using this finish was the pick attack is now really present.
  9. If any of you will be in the area on October 28, 2017 We will be playing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fest II. It will be at the White Swan down in the 5th Ward. We go on second. Unfortunately, Blood Storm had to cancel. (My band was to back the vocalist). I hope someone will be able to attend as I would like to meet all of you eventually.
  10. Bjorn218

    Guitar Strings

    Yeah this is indeed an old thread. Necrothread away we go... After many years trying the gamut of different brands and lines within the brands I have returned to D'addario XL's Just the regular plain Jane type. Not because of any perceived tonal variation they give, but the fact that they are the only ones that withstand the way I play leads. I use the tremolo bar heavily as a good portion of my technique and XL's seem to be the only brand/line that will not die out quickly, nor break like others do. Once they are properly stretched out and locked down, they just work. I can tell when they are starting to go south as one of the wound strings will start to go flat after every song until said string breaks at the top of the locking block of the saddle. I will get anywhere from 4-6 weeks a set. With strings now going for over $6/pack on up, this works out financially for me.
  11. Bjorn218

    Heavy Gauge Unwound String

    Thanks, I have only seen the D'Addario one before and that one is fairly proprietary.
  12. Bjorn218

    The Nightmare Continues

    Two years ago The drummer I was working with up and left while we were working on our debut album. I had spent a few months trying to edit this guys drum tracks and unless I was prepared to completely program ALL his tracks from scratch there was no way to finish recording. After a month of tossing the idea around, my drummer told me to program something easy and do a cover and go from there. We both love Discharge, so I came up with 4 of their songs and let him decide. He chose The Nightmare Continues. I programmed the drums in about a day, went to his house the next and recorded the guitars and bass. Told him to come over a day or two after we tracked rhythms to help run the DAW for vocals ( I was actually going to have him do them as he has a better voice for that style of music.) Once he came over, I handed him the lyric sheet, sat him down with my iPod and told him he had 15 minutes. This is the result LaSanche covering Discharge's The Nightmare Continues
  13. Bjorn218

    Show us your CD

    Digital download of our demo from 2013 here https://lasanche.bandcamp.com/releases Was also released in pro pressed cassette form via Gruft Produktion if you prefer physical copy Contact them here gruft@interia.pl I believe the physical copy is roughly $7 US + shipping
  14. Bjorn218

    Another Legend passes, RIP Tom Petty

    I just started getting into his music after watching the documentary on Netflix. I never paid much attention as his music never appealed to me. Once seeing how he was as a person and how he dealt with the behemoth known as the music industry gave me a real appreciation for him then to hear of his passing really sucks. Apparently he was just a regular guy who happened to get where he was via drive and self motivation. He wasn't a rock star, He was a working musician like many of us.
  15. Bjorn218

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Reading through the thread to see what I missed and took a sip of coffee right before I read your post resulting in a laugh that dumped half the sip down my wind pipe and the other shot out straight through my nose. Don't know which hurt worse. Sitting here trying to laugh while hot coffee burning my nasal passages and lungs.