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  1. i can host, forever and ever, no download limits or anything.
  2. i think it'd be great to see a wiki for this subject...my fingers are itching to make one of these, but the sheer volume of information makes it somewhat threatening
  3. The main reason that people dont distribute this information freely is because someone, somewhere will always sell work which isn't their own. Look at what happened a while ago, a load of freely available tutorials went up for sale on ebay.
  4. http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectron...-/wdu_hh3t11_01
  5. touch your headstock onto a corner of your amp. rawr
  6. i think it would be a bit more agreeable to have a size limit on sigs, i'm not disagreeing, just throwing ideas out
  7. the only ones that really annoy me are animated GIFs and huuuuuuuuge sig pictures
  8. i always thought that the bandwidth of sigs are taken by the offsite hosts not the forum itself?
  9. dude are you high? i'd say just leave it, there are no entries for a reason, so why force a guitar into it?
  10. i have about ten blues backing tracks, a bunch of queen, and guns n roses backing tracks, plus a lot of random songs that have been in guitarist magazine that i will happily upload in a few weeks when i get 1mbps adsl, if anyones interested?
  11. threesome and weiner in one post..genius, pure pure genius
  12. anywho--- always let paint/varnish coats dry rock solid before you even think about moving it ( i say this cos when refinishing at school, the rule is, move it, or have it stolen) otherwise, expect fingerprints everywhere
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