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  1. Aihe = Dolphin in Maori. I was going to wait for things to calm down, but the quality of the work pouring through the site is overwealming, so if I don't post now I never will! This is my first instrument. It's an acoustic guitar which I made for a school project, I designed it around a Dreadnought cut-away and added my own things to personalise it. SPECIFICATIONS: - European Maple neck, back, sides and binding. - Sitka Spruce top. - Rosewood detailings such as bridge, neck laminates and purfling. - Rosewood fingerboard. - Paua inlay. - Gotoh tuners. - Bone nut and saddle. - B-Band pickup and preamp. I made the guitar over 6months and then at the end of that time I had to write a 15,000 word thesis to the teachers, and do a 1hour presentation as to how I did it, to over 200 people. The guitar sounds great, its more favourable for rythm work and has a massive projection. The pick-up also sounds great. I am really happy with this instrument and look forward to making my next one. This is how it beganMaterials Whole Guitar... Back... Soundboard... Soundhole and Bridge... Headstock has an interpretation of a dolphin inlayed into it. My Maori family symbol is a dolphin.
  2. W.O.M.D is an intereting concept, but I guess I'm a traditionalist and a sucker for a good inlay. Mattia gets my vote, especially after being resourceful with the borer in the top and turning a problem into a feature....nice work!
  3. Hey my name is Paris Gleeson, Maori/Australian, I'm 18 and I live in Australia (South Australia/Mount Barker). Im doing my last year of school and instead of exams we do projects, so I made a guitar. I have almost finished my first guitar (its curing as I write this), its a cut-away steel-string based on a dreadnought body shape. Im pretty heavily into individualisation, both physically and mentally, and i think peoples guitars often reflect their personalities. I've been playing guitar for three years with on and off lessons. I've done work experience with two luthiers here in Australia, this first one is an electrictrified instrument (guitars/basses) maker called Brian West and the second is a mandolin and jazz guitar maker called John Liddy (I think he's pretty big over there in the US). I definitly want to continue this as a career (with other jobs on the side to put food on the table) (or I could marry a rich chick ) and a good mentality I think to have is a passion and a lack of greed or want for riches. I will probably eventually move to New Zealand and set up shop there (our goverments corrupt, thanks to your government ) Anywho thats me, as you can see Im fairly new to the forum and to pretty much everything, I reckon im in the hobby builder whos morphing into the wanna-bemakealivingoutofinstrumentmaking. Heres a link to a website i just set up. My Webpage
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