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    PRS-like project(s)

    HI just ran through your build progressing and see lots of good instruction here. I to am planning a PRS like build so this was a joy to see. I'm still a novice with 2 builds under my belt. I particularly like see how you did the body carve as well as the neck. neck building gives my extreme anxiety, especially set in necks. but you pulled it out in fine fashion. I'll continue checking your updates and look forward to the end result.
  2. HI folks, long time since i've been in the forum, but i've decided to do another build. I am by no means a professional luthier but do have experience (this is my 3rd build my third). I'm in the process of gathering material and wanted to cut slots on the finger brd by hand this time round. i'll be using a 2 piece black limba for the neck that will be a set in neck. with a rosewood finger brd. All i can get my hands on is a 1/64 increment ruler. My question is will this give me accurate enough measures for the slot spacing, or am i better off just getting a pre-cut brd. I plan to use a 24 3/4 inch scale.
  3. drivethru

    Misaligned Truss Rod Rout

    thanks very much. that's a big relief. yeah it's off center of the final contour, hence the concern. cosmetically it's not a big concern, i'm just worry it will affect how the neck performs. this is my first build so things still seem a bit more complicated then they really are. thanks again.
  4. i just routed my truss rod channel into the neck and am about a 1/16 off center. Do I scrape it and make a new neck or will I be ok?