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  1. No more milk-duds, shame...I think someone really needs to build a hershy bar, or even better, some gummy bears!
  2. An excellent GOTM this month! Well, I voted for Dan Salter's LP. A great build and its his first too. Setch's Doublecut LP - Great from the start, immense attention to detail Doeringer's Custom - Excellent, love neck-throughs, but the poorly masked binding put me off. Overall, nice job. Verhoevenc's 'Mu X' E-Series is a great result, love it, though the turquoise was not to my liking. Scott French - What more to say? A great inspiration to me, but the colour was a big nono... GodinSD's Milkdud- sorry, couldn't resist it. But yea, I have always admired your work, even though I am a few months older, I see you as a big brother in the luthiery world. However, the shape....like I said, milk-dud. Southpa's SG - Nice. Though judging from the pics, it seems that the clear could be more glossy and the burst could blend more. But I like the inlays. Dan Slater's LP - Last but not least, your work is amazing especially as a 1st! The neck joint and heel is a winner, and the detail, outstanding, not as good as setch, but better than me lol. That's not saying much...
  3. yes i have more than 1 vote! woo hoo! just that makes me glad. thanks mickguard for the brief comment. but I must admit that scott did a fab job. good work..usually awkward shapes like the SF3 puts me off, but this one really has some potential
  4. Finally, my #1 guitar is complete. There were a few mistakes and imperfections, but overall I am pleased with this build and I am learnt alot throughout the process. THe specs: Model: Rokeros AT1 Tuners: vintage grover 15:1 tuners Neck: Hard Maple neck with rosewood fretboard, MOP inlays (strat measurements) Neck parts: Jumbo frets, roller string tees, bone nut Body: Alder back, 3A maple veneer top (custom tele/prs/iceman hybrid) Knobs: Q-parts dome MOP n' chrome Switches: 3-way pickup switch and green Obtic fibre on/off switch Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB (N), Seymour Duncan 59' ( Bridge: Gotoh tune-o-matic Tailpiece: String-thru design with seperate ferrules top and back Covers: Custom mirror acrylic pickup rings and cavity cover Finish: KTM-9 gloss with blue maple top and blackback ft. white racing stripe (head to body) Electronics: Mcarty style wiring. (1 vol, 1 tone push-pull split coils, 3-way pickup switch, flush mounted jack. More images at: http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a120/rok...rogress%20Pics/ Hope you like it guys! And remember, I am 16yrs of age and this is build #1 I would be glad if I get at least more than 1 vote. lol Thanks. Ash
  5. What the hell?? I only clicked on view results to see how many people have already voted, then when I hit back it says that I have voted already??? How can I turn this around??
  6. For me, I just turn any 3D graphical or CAD drawings into stereo lineorgraphy.
  7. Anything from nitrocelluose to water-based KTM-9 will do imo
  8. every1 does, too bad if some1 were to do this, they would be broke in a week.
  9. LOVE the body of the jazzclub and the layered headstock effect. Similar to a Brian Moore. Keep up the gd work Man! HK
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