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  1. canuckguitarist

    Les Paul Neck Blueprints

    Aren't there some in the download section? EDIT: Nevermind, those don't have the neck
  2. canuckguitarist

    Sweep Picking...

    Um, no . I find the 6 string sweep more difficult. AHHHH! man, I want my 3 string sweeps back!!!! EDIT: Oh, and nyjbkim, do you split 6 string sweeps up into 2 - 3 string ones or do you do the finger rolly thing?.......if that makes sense....
  3. canuckguitarist

    Sweep Picking...

    wow.....this is weird, does anybody find 6 string sweeps easier than 3 string sweeps?
  4. canuckguitarist

    recording equipment

    i think its over priced. add up all of the prices in the links...1299 doesn't seem like much (if any at all) of a deal.
  5. canuckguitarist

    Sweep Picking...

    oh, ok sorry, I meant that I've found all of these things that help you improve on your sweep picking but nothing that actually tells you what to do,..if that makes sense...
  6. canuckguitarist

    Sweep Picking...

    that's how i started out with 5 strings ones..... they're the easiest.... i think i made an instruction video for someone one time explaining how to play one of my songs... if you wana see? yea sure. send it to me or post it or whatever...my email is snowboarding_stinks@msn.com thanks for the help everybody!
  7. canuckguitarist

    Sweep Picking...

    Hey guys, I've been looking around on the internet for some beginner sweep picking lessons but all I've found is sweeping excercises...anybody fancy telling me exactly what to do? I'm so lost right now...
  8. canuckguitarist

    GOTM for February

    re: sexy avatars
  9. canuckguitarist

    GOTM for February

    hmmm...I wonder who you voted for, steve...
  10. canuckguitarist

    GOTM for February

    WOOHOO! Sorry Lex, I was first to vote....FOR THE SECOND MONTH IN A ROW!!!!
  11. no, a couple of them are working...check out the last page...weird
  12. I think he said something about $800 canadian in one of the eariler posts in this thread, but finding that post would be like finding a needle in a....no, nevermind.
  13. canuckguitarist

    February Guitar of the Month

    Lacewood neck!?!? COOL!
  14. canuckguitarist

    February Guitar of the Month

    looks good wes. how bout a close up of the headstock...?