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  1. wow.....this is weird, does anybody find 6 string sweeps easier than 3 string sweeps? :D

    Um, no B). I find the 6 string sweep more difficult.

    AHHHH! man, I want my 3 string sweeps back!!!! :D

    EDIT: Oh, and nyjbkim, do you split 6 string sweeps up into 2 - 3 string ones or do you do the finger rolly thing?.......if that makes sense.... :D

  2. Hmm... can you differentiate what you mean by lesson vs. exercise?

    oh, ok sorry, I meant that I've found all of these things that help you improve on your sweep picking but nothing that actually tells you what to do,..if that makes sense...

  3. Sweep picking in it's simplest form can be thought of as a slow strum (hold a chord and arpeggiate the notes in a strum [no alternate picking].) It's when you incorporate hammer/pull/tap that it starts to sound cool B).

    Here's one of the simplest sweep arpeggio incorporating hammer-ons/pulls-offs:


    Note that you're down picking (strum) as you ascend the arpeggio and up picking (strum) as you decend. This is the basic technique. Is this what you mean?

    that's how i started out with 5 strings ones..... they're the easiest....

    i think i made an instruction video for someone one time explaining how to play one of my songs... if you wana see?

    yea sure. send it to me or post it or whatever...my email is


    thanks for the help everybody! :D

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