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  1. Hi, there are only 2 ideas that come to mind, 1 glow in the dark PVC, this requires inlay work, could destroy your guitar if not done properly. 2 there is a powder you can buy and add it to white paint that makes it glow. I cant remember where I found that powder on the net, but if you look long enough you will find it. good luck with your project. rsera
  2. does anyone here have a sound card from E-MU? I want to upgrade my soundcard do to latency problems that my SC now suffers from.try recording with a half second delay, it will drive you crazy.
  3. Hi WES, you might want to have a look here. http://www.audioforums.com/forums/
  4. Hi Scott could you use bags of sand if you dont have clamps or would that not work with this thick a material?
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