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  1. RAD is that regular plain ole maple? That is just a pristine peice, never seen maple that white before, always seems to have SOME yellow tint. Just noticed it scrolling through the other forum, and it really caught my eye.
  2. I must say, that repair is top notch! If you didnt show it, no one would ever know lol. The belly cuts on the axis models are superb. They are small but very effective. Simply food for thought
  3. Right on. I used to work for my grandpa who was a master mechanic, owned a huge auto body shop. Lot of similar work for sure.
  4. Do you mean 45 minutes with each grit, or a 45 minute span with all the grits up to 320? 45 minutes with each grit is insane... I know its xcompletely overkill. My problem is that im pretty impatient. By setting a timer, i can justturn music on, grab a beer and relax. Its not too much more time, 45 on 180, 45 on 220 and 45 on 320. Its just a method I use to get things done properly. Best way? No sir. But it works for me! Demon, what are this guys qualifications with wood working? May be an investment on your end to train him to use the orbital properly? Just shooting ideas out here.
  5. He may be trying too hard. Have a talk with him about expectations and results. I He may simply be trying to gain your respect, and is taking his time to do it above and beyond what is necessary, vice filching the clock. Thats all hypothetical of course. I actually set a timer for sanding. When i get over 120 grit, i do 45 minutes with each grit up to 320.
  6. I really like the carve on the volute. Very unique and looks incredibly well done
  7. Curious, with the recessed tuners, is it more difficult to get the string in? Is there a particular reason for doing recessed tuners? Im pretty in the dark with those. Im assuming its for correct string angle and tension behind the nut without the use of staggered tuners and no string trees, but does it provide a lot of benefit?
  8. Next time I have something go wrong with one of my projects, Im blaming it on your top Scott. Don't care it if its not even related, Im still gonna do it! She looks good, a bit quirky, but at least shes unique and what you want. Id love to play her some time, bet she has some aretha going on inside.
  9. That looks great. Whered you get the hardware? Im building a headless and all i can fimd is the 300$ hipshotset! Is it too late for recessed wooden cavity covers?
  10. The real question... how many bolts are you going to use for the neck? xD
  11. Hey... dont.... lose your head over it... Ahhhh i crack myself up....
  12. Well this one is gonna be a jewlry box for the wife, ill post better pics of it later. The filler material is very fine pearl additive for paint, very pretty color all around.
  13. You're just jealous of my copper-infused-walnut-swagger....
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